Birthday Behavior


As we grow older, we forget the  power of dreaming and wishing and seldom believe in the law of attraction. Instead, we tend to have more faith in the power of working and doing in order to make things happen. This is why I think it’s so important to celebrate birthdays because it’s the ONLY day out of the year that we are usually forced to take the time out and make a wish for ourselves. Just wishing . . . with hopes that it will come true.

I believe in the power of having dreams for yourself and wishing for something so much and so hard that it just comes to you because you’ve wanted it so badly.

bday6It’s not just all blowing out candles, prayer, and pixie dust. You have to play the biggest role in creating a happy and authentic life for yourself—your life with your stories and events. The thing about reality is that it’s still there waiting for you the next morning…so for me personally, my happiness thrives best on authenticity.


Anyone who knows me knows my birthday is like an international holiday called SHERECE DAY!  It’s a week-long celebration, so the events make up for the lack of originality in coining a term to celebrate the day my mother gave birth to me (love you, Mommy **sends kiss**).  Yes, I’m a grown adult who still believes that birthdays are magical—you just have to play your part in creating the magic.  This year my birthday fell on Thursday,  November 13th, 2014.  Naturally, it kicked off with a little shopping at the beginning of the week.


I worked my way from the top of Madison Avenue over to Fifth Avenue,  shopping until sunset. It was a great feeling  this time in particular because the gifts were all from me. The stores of choice were Chanel Gucci and Giuseppe Zanotti 

All for me, and all from me. #HAPPYGIRL


Unfortunately my outfit is no longer available in stores, but I will be sure to list similar.  It took on a life of its own while shopping. Apart from my girlfriend taking my personal photos, people were stopping me and asking for selfies and even just to take a quick flick because they liked my outfit so much! I don’t think I could have asked for the  day to play out any better than it did, considering it was the start of Sherece Week.

I definitely had my celebrity moment and feeling PRETTY & POWERFUL IN PINK.  Two people stopped me and asked me outright if  I was a celebrity, and when I said no, they asked for a pic with me anyway!  I couldn’t decide if this was the power of my shopping bags or the magic of my outfit. For this blog’s sake, let’s just say it was OUTFIT MAGIC!


Even though I shop a lot, sometimes I’ll sit on things in my closet and not wear them for as long as a year or more after purchasing. Having this blog, however, will certainly rid me of that habit. It’s not that I have so much that I can’t wear it all—I honestly wish that were the case! The real problem is that I’m extremely picky and try to perfect each outfit. Even though this mohair sweater is three years old, I never felt moved to wear it until I purchased this  patent leather skirt in the summer. I had to wait until fall again to wear the outfit , and here you have it.

The day started great and my week ended even better. Take a peek at my Birthday Diary entry to get the deets on how Sherece Week played out. xoxoSB




H&M pink mohair sweater  (similar here)

Topshop pink vinyl pencil skirt (similar here)

BCBG shoes (similar here and here)

Christian Dior bag

Christian Dior sunglasses (similar here)

Photos by: Tovah-Marie Bembridge


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