Saying goodbye to Summer in the Hamptons


Happy Labor Day, my fashionistas! It’s already the last weekend of the summer, but at least it’s a reason to celebrate and get dolled up.


Traditionally, I think people think of all white for parties or BBQ’s during Labor Day.  So I decided to wear this cute little babydoll number before the summer came and left us. White is always so easy to style because you have so many options to go with it. I found this darling dress at a boutique in Soho called Babel Fair. They have a ton of really cute and affordable items to shop.



How adorable is this little watermelon basket bag? I found it at the Charlotte Olympia  boutique in August on sale, so I had to have it! Not only is it beyond chic, but it actually has plenty of room inside to fit as much as you feel like carrying. It’s super light-weight and perfect for adding a statement to any summer outfit.




I spent most of my weekends this summer in the Hamptons. At the beginning it’s always cool to check out what new clubs, restaurants or lounges have popped up. Every summer they bring a little taste of something popular from the city out here. This summer it was Beautique in  South Hampton and Philipe Chow East Hampton. The most amazing part of being in the Hamptons for me is how laid-back and beautiful it all is. Lounging by the pool, going for sunset drives to the beach, boating, laying outside at night time and being able to see so many stars in the sky…..all of this, is like a little bite of heaven for me.  I’m extremely sad to see it go.

IMG_7020Saying goodbye to summer style is always hard for most people, but I’m pretty sure all of my fashion belles and beaus are getting their fall gear in order for fashion week next week. There’s always something to look forward to living in New York City!


I hope everyone had a fantastic summer filled with lots of joy and happy memories. My summer was filled with all of the above but also a tremendous amount of hurt and loss with the passing of my beloved Xanu. Tiny little  chihuahua, but much like my love child and life companion because of how much joy and love she poured into my life and heart. With the help of my family, friends and loved ones, I’m well on my way to much  happier days. xoxoSB



Dress from Babel Fair

Charlotte Olympia watermelon bag

Miu Miu gladiator sandals

Photographer : Tatiana Brodsky


2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Summer in the Hamptons”

  1. Hey Sherece,

    Thanks for giving me tips on how to style a similar dress .I hope I am able to pull it off this fall. your sense of style is in a class by itself, far from traditional and super classy

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