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Herve Leger Celebrates 30 years of Timeless Glamour


The Herve Leger Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection delivered a lot more than its signature bandage construction dresses. I think it’s amazing how every season they find innovative ways to redefine feminine glamour. As most women know, there is a super thin line between exuding sexiness and being over-the-top sexy. Herve Leger has consistently provided women with attention-grabbing options that combine stylish and fashionable details to compliment the artistic nature of the female silhouette.


The brand celebrated its 30th anniversary by presenting a curated finale of signature pieces from 2009 until present. Seeing this army of Herve Leger models draped in luxurious alabaster and manila colored fabrics, adorned with intricate design, was truly a display of the legacy of Max and Lubov Azria.

Herve Leger 30th anniversary


Another great element of the brand is that the pieces are timeless. I wore a dress from several years ago, and it still managed to look and fit fantastic as well as command the attention of so many in the room. The Herve Leger woman is someone who is confident and not afraid to enhance all the positive attributes of her female figure.


image8Backstage I had the opportunity to meet and socialize with some of the executives and contributors from the brand as well as congratulate Max Azria on 30 years of creating beauty and excellence.

image5With Martine Melloul and Quad Webb-Lunceford

The show was only the beginning of the celebration. Later that day Max and Lubov hosted an exclusive event at Up and Down in NYC. Attendees included employees from all different levels of the brand, as well as longtime supporters of the Herve Leger brand. Some A-List celebrities who also attended this vibrant soiree include: Rihanna, Kanye West, and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few.


All the women came out in their favorite Herve Leger outfits, and Louboutin’s seemed to be the shoe of choice for many party-goers, myself included. I finally wore my  Christian Louboutin Hot Chic pumps. Breaking them in was a struggle but so worth it for my look I suppose there is nothing like towering heels to compliment dresses that fit like a second layer of more flattering skin.

image1_1(Stunning group of ladies )

image3Paola Ekelund and Husband


image2_1Eugenie Blackman and Tamara McGrath

I hope you enjoyed my look at the Herve Leger 30th anniversary celebration. Be on the look out for the amazing pieces from the Spring/ Summer2016 Collection, online and in stores. So much to shop and love. xoxoSB


Saying goodbye to Summer in the Hamptons


Happy Labor Day, my fashionistas! It’s already the last weekend of the summer, but at least it’s a reason to celebrate and get dolled up.


Traditionally, I think people think of all white for parties or BBQ’s during Labor Day.  So I decided to wear this cute little babydoll number before the summer came and left us. White is always so easy to style because you have so many options to go with it. I found this darling dress at a boutique in Soho called Babel Fair. They have a ton of really cute and affordable items to shop.



How adorable is this little watermelon basket bag? I found it at the Charlotte Olympia  boutique in August on sale, so I had to have it! Not only is it beyond chic, but it actually has plenty of room inside to fit as much as you feel like carrying. It’s super light-weight and perfect for adding a statement to any summer outfit.




I spent most of my weekends this summer in the Hamptons. At the beginning it’s always cool to check out what new clubs, restaurants or lounges have popped up. Every summer they bring a little taste of something popular from the city out here. This summer it was Beautique in  South Hampton and Philipe Chow East Hampton. The most amazing part of being in the Hamptons for me is how laid-back and beautiful it all is. Lounging by the pool, going for sunset drives to the beach, boating, laying outside at night time and being able to see so many stars in the sky…..all of this, is like a little bite of heaven for me.  I’m extremely sad to see it go.

IMG_7020Saying goodbye to summer style is always hard for most people, but I’m pretty sure all of my fashion belles and beaus are getting their fall gear in order for fashion week next week. There’s always something to look forward to living in New York City!


I hope everyone had a fantastic summer filled with lots of joy and happy memories. My summer was filled with all of the above but also a tremendous amount of hurt and loss with the passing of my beloved Xanu. Tiny little  chihuahua, but much like my love child and life companion because of how much joy and love she poured into my life and heart. With the help of my family, friends and loved ones, I’m well on my way to much  happier days. xoxoSB



Dress from Babel Fair

Charlotte Olympia watermelon bag

Miu Miu gladiator sandals

Photographer : Tatiana Brodsky


Wearing Zimmerman in Sunny St. Barth’s


I feel like my last few blogs have been introduced by the weather, but how can you blame me? It’s seriously annoying switching from mini’s one day to a full blown wool coat the next! Hopefully the style tips from my last post, #FiftyShadesOfPink, were useful because we are indeed experiencing a winter relapse. The weather hasn’t been fun, but as “It Girls” we need to remain cool, calm and fabulous. WOO-SAH! I figure that a great way to treat my winter woes is to revisit one of my shoots from St. Barths. A serving of turquoise waters and sunny skies…yes please! Come escape with me, while I dish the details on this look.


I purchased this Zimmerman dress towards the end of Summer 2014. It was a bit of a splurge for me with a price tag of $475. I guess I  was excited to see what their South Hampton store had to offer, and I was determined to own something #Zimmerman. What can I say? I’ve always been impressed and obsessed with the Australian designer’s use of print to create comfortable, yet beautifully detailed pieces. Everything Zimmerman is pretty. Lots of lace, tones of floral and intricate details with embroidery and crochet add the lovely details that make Zimmerman so delicious. It incorporates everything I love into stylized pieces that are both comfortable and irresistibly chic!

Zimmerman incorporates everything I love into stylized pieces that are both comfortable and irresistibly chic!


Since I did not get the opportunity to wear it in the Hamptons last summer, this dress was one of my go-to pieces when packing for my trip. It is perfect for a sunny lunch or brunch day in St. Barth’s! It’s called the cupcake halter, as it is very fluffy and bouncy and feels great against your skin.  I decided to add a belt to break things up and give the dress more shape and flow. There was no reason why something so beautiful should not be equally flattering. That said, there’s nothing more flattering on a lady to me than a cinched waistline. Here I am cinched and pretty and ready for lunch at the Sand Bar,  at Eden Rock



This Salvatore Ferragamo belt is actually one of my faves because it’s reversible. Black on one side and tan on the other. It truly is a great value for your money. It has a giant logo, but it works so well for a cinched waist on dresses, as well as an accent for skirts, to give a more polished overall look.


Say “Yes!” to the Chloe Drew shoulder bag. I’m sure you’ve seen  this little leather bag in small, medium and large, popping up on every fashion blog and in every online newsletter from net-a-porter to Bergdorf Goodman. This is one trend that you should say “Yes!” to. Pick colors like tan, black, red or nude, this way it can go with a variety of outfits and bring you from daytime to evening while being effortlessly chic.

Say “Yes!” to the Chloé  Drew shoulder bag! IMG_2306

Mine is a size medium. I’m not one of those girls that can leave the house with just my wallet and keys…I need my giant iPhone 6plus, my  makeup compact for touchups, my iPhone charger and my case for my Chloe sunnies when the sun sets. Can you believe that this bag fits it ALL with EASE?! Favorite thing about the bag. It looks small and neat but it’s extremely roomy. Score!

The return of the gladiator sandal.

A trend once popular in the 1970’s hasn’t disappeared since they made their debut return on the 2013 runways. If this trend was too bold or too new for you when you first saw it on Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian, I’m sure by now you’ll find the courage to buy yourself a pair. High-heeled or flat, they are a win-win choice for your feet. It looks great, plus they are comfortable.  Wear flat gladiator sandals casually in the summer for festival attire, or just with your favorite mini skirt or dress on any summer day.



These Zara gladiators are plain, simple and perfect!

You will get a lot of wear out of them this summer with the huge 70’s theme and Bohemian style that’s popping up everywhere from H&M to Chloe.

Untitled1aIf you are unable to afford the Valentino Aphrodite leather gladiators, then head to Zara and get these babies. I can assure you that they are equally as cool and only a fraction of the price.


If you are in love with the gladiator look, you may  also want to try these Chloe lace-up seude gladiators or  check out these leather Roman sandals from Zara for a similar steal.

Now let’s get back to these clear skies and blue water!


Eden Rock is the perfect place to stay if you want breathtaking views of the island. If you are unable to afford this luxury, you can always get your slice of its beauty by going for lunch at the Sand Bar or dinner at Jean George’s own, On The Rocks. I spent a lot less time eating and lot more time just roaming around and enjoying the scenery.


The dress was super girly and bouncy. The ocean breeze playing with its layers made me want to twirl and dance and just get wrapped up in St. Barth’s.


Seriously you cannot take me anywhere….lol. Put me on the beach in a four hundred dollar dress, and I act like it’s Christmas! I’m really a child at heart, extremely playful and easily excitable. The mature Sherece was in there, somewhere…I’m sure


See….there she goes. Chic, calm and collected! xoxoSB


For a wide variety of the Chloe Drew bags check Bergdorf Goodman and Net-a-porter

Zimmerman cupcake halter dress

Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible belt

Zara gladiator sandals


Sable + Chanel + Sheer = HAPPYGIRL!


Hey lovies, I hope you all had a fantastic week. I believe we  saw the last of snow for winter 2015 . . . finally! I had a love/hate relationship with the snow this year. On some days I liked it.  The snow created a fluffy white cloak that covered the city  streets and made NYC seem a little less busy and a lot more lovely. The hate part of the relationship arrived when the snow turned to slush.    . . .Not to mention if the slush then turned to ice and you’re indefinitely banned from high heels.

The day I did this shoot was clearly one of the days I was loving the snow. I was barely able to find any frames where I wasn’t smiling. Freezing temperatures yes, YET smiling nonetheless.
IMG_1339So remember my last post when I spoke about my fur-less-ness and  how obsessed I was with the Dennis Basso sable coats? I finally got my little paws on a sable of my own. Not Dennis Basso, but no less luxurious nor beautiful, NOT TO MENTION COZY!

I finally got my little paws on a sable of my own. 


After a bitter winter I wanted to capture some of the beauty of the snowfall, and the park in my neighborhood was the best place to do this. This is the only place on the Upper East Side where most of the snow was untouched with the exception of the paths for walking.


I got these boots  and purse as a Christmas gift.   I feel like I’ve seriously neglected the boots over the winter. I love them.  But I just did not get the opportunity to wear them as much as I would have liked to.  What’s not to love? They’re Chanel-leather, with tons of gold hardware  and over-the-knee. Pretty serious stuff.


The few times I wore them, I paired it with leggings and skirts or a long dress, which masked the added appeal of them being thigh-high. For this shoot I was exploring how a  winter glamazon  would rock them with shorts.  The result would either be fearless and fancy or crazy . . . lol.

The result would either be fearless and fancy or crazy . . .


We’ve all had those nights: when it’s snowing yet you still feel like going to the club, or you can’t wear heels but you want to be glam and sexy. Kind of like every New York City girl’s mantra this winter. This look is perfect for all of the above.  If you’re not the subject of a Dolce  & Gabbana ad, this is a way you can capture the sexiness of the black sheer dress without an overdose on trampiness. Style your sheer dress with shorts, a turtleneck,  and low heel or flat  over-the-knee boots.   #AllBlackEverything!

Style your sheer dress with shorts, a turtleneck,  and low heel or flat  over-the-knee boots.   




No necklace nor jewelery needed. However I could not resist including these fun fringe earrings. They added that fun partygirl element that you need for a nightime look.


Even though my fur coat is short, it’s UBER warm. Paired with my over-the-knee boots, everything was balanced, temperature wise, plus I also got to show off my legs in the middle of winter.


Fearless and fancy? Nightclubs, get ready.

Fearless and fancy? Nightclubs, get ready. No Prada nor heels necessary. This little devil serves in sheer and  Chanel. xoxoSB


Chanel Paris-Dallas Over-the-knee boots

Chanel boy bag

 Custom  barguzine sable coat

Topshop Boutique silk organza babydoll ( in pink )

American apparel  turtleneck

American apparel high- waisted shorts

H&M fringe tassel earrings

Photographer : Tovah-Marie Bembridge


Birthday Behavior


As we grow older, we forget the  power of dreaming and wishing and seldom believe in the law of attraction. Instead, we tend to have more faith in the power of working and doing in order to make things happen. This is why I think it’s so important to celebrate birthdays because it’s the ONLY day out of the year that we are usually forced to take the time out and make a wish for ourselves. Just wishing . . . with hopes that it will come true.

I believe in the power of having dreams for yourself and wishing for something so much and so hard that it just comes to you because you’ve wanted it so badly.

bday6It’s not just all blowing out candles, prayer, and pixie dust. You have to play the biggest role in creating a happy and authentic life for yourself—your life with your stories and events. The thing about reality is that it’s still there waiting for you the next morning…so for me personally, my happiness thrives best on authenticity.


Anyone who knows me knows my birthday is like an international holiday called SHERECE DAY!  It’s a week-long celebration, so the events make up for the lack of originality in coining a term to celebrate the day my mother gave birth to me (love you, Mommy **sends kiss**).  Yes, I’m a grown adult who still believes that birthdays are magical—you just have to play your part in creating the magic.  This year my birthday fell on Thursday,  November 13th, 2014.  Naturally, it kicked off with a little shopping at the beginning of the week.


I worked my way from the top of Madison Avenue over to Fifth Avenue,  shopping until sunset. It was a great feeling  this time in particular because the gifts were all from me. The stores of choice were Chanel Gucci and Giuseppe Zanotti 

All for me, and all from me. #HAPPYGIRL


Unfortunately my outfit is no longer available in stores, but I will be sure to list similar.  It took on a life of its own while shopping. Apart from my girlfriend taking my personal photos, people were stopping me and asking for selfies and even just to take a quick flick because they liked my outfit so much! I don’t think I could have asked for the  day to play out any better than it did, considering it was the start of Sherece Week.

I definitely had my celebrity moment and feeling PRETTY & POWERFUL IN PINK.  Two people stopped me and asked me outright if  I was a celebrity, and when I said no, they asked for a pic with me anyway!  I couldn’t decide if this was the power of my shopping bags or the magic of my outfit. For this blog’s sake, let’s just say it was OUTFIT MAGIC!


Even though I shop a lot, sometimes I’ll sit on things in my closet and not wear them for as long as a year or more after purchasing. Having this blog, however, will certainly rid me of that habit. It’s not that I have so much that I can’t wear it all—I honestly wish that were the case! The real problem is that I’m extremely picky and try to perfect each outfit. Even though this mohair sweater is three years old, I never felt moved to wear it until I purchased this  patent leather skirt in the summer. I had to wait until fall again to wear the outfit , and here you have it.

The day started great and my week ended even better. Take a peek at my Birthday Diary entry to get the deets on how Sherece Week played out. xoxoSB




H&M pink mohair sweater  (similar here)

Topshop pink vinyl pencil skirt (similar here)

BCBG shoes (similar here and here)

Christian Dior bag

Christian Dior sunglasses (similar here)

Photos by: Tovah-Marie Bembridge