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The Build-A-Bestfriend Store


How many times have you said to yourself, “things were so much more simple when we were younger?”
Even though I embrace all the complexities of life because of the growth that comes with it, sometimes I wish things were just a bit more black and white when it comes to friendships and relationships. In Prep School, the Best Friend was:
–  the person you sat and ate lunch with every day
– the person who was always number two in your three-way telephone calls
– the person who would always know the guy you were crushing on before you even knew you had a crush
– the person who was probably a little bit more feisty and outspoken than you were, so you made a great pair.
Things were just that simple!

My Prep School best friend stayed the same until High School.
I thought that my permanent move to the U.S. was when I lost her, but in thinking back, we grew up and just grew apart.

We went from two peas in a pod to two very different girls, with different goals and different ideas of our grown-up life and achievements.

IMG_7853Have you ever seen that movie Beaches with Bette Midler? Well, let’s just say I started out as Hilary Essex but blossomed into CC Bloom, always landing on my feet. IMG_7776Currently, I have three best friends. One is a childhood friend, we grew up together because our parents are best friends to this day. Another, who I claimed because we went to St. Andrew High School for girls and formed a bond by both moving to the US right afterwards. My third best friend I stumbled upon later in life because of his outstanding loyalty and I’ve grown to realise that this is my KEY ingredient for a lasting friendship. Wait, there’s a fourth, who I met once I moved to Manhattan. She’s more like a sister, mother girlfriend combo, who’s actually taught me to be a better person. She’s living testimony to the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” so reliable and always there when I need her.

IMG_7788IMG_7813Over the years I’ve learned that you may not find every single quality that you are looking for in a best friend in one person. There isn’t a build-a-best-friend store where you just manufacture this amazing person that is going to be all that you want them to be and never let you down.

IMG_7630People are human, and the most human quality is that “we f@#k up.” There’s no other way of putting it!

IMG_7710 IMG_7711The thing that separates good people from bad people, well…..I don’t even really want to use the term “bad people,” it just sounds like it holds so much weight and judgement on my part. Instead, let’s say the distinction between people who are genuine and holds your friendship in high esteem VS. people who you should probably stay the hell away from is their ability to :
– take ownership of when they are wrong
– apologise
– take the steps necessary to move the friendship forward
– respect your choices and opinions, even if they are unable to always agree with them.

IMG_7759A friendship is a two-way street; traffic flows both ways. There are times when I’m wrong, and other times when my friends are wrong, The fundamentals of a lasting friendship is the ability to move forward. It’s impossible to move forward if :

– you escalate situations
– try to get even or malicious
– you seek to make the other person hurt because you are hurting.

IMG_7647 IMG_7747
These things may sound simple, but its a lot harder in reality when you are face to face with these options.
I’m a Scorpio woman so learning to walk away from confrontation and conflict came with weighing the value of my time against the implication of putting energy into something. I know, that sounded like a super complicated philosophical life equation.


What it boils down to is: if I put energy into something, I’m giving it life, allowing it to thrive and grow. Meaning that I care about anyone or anything that I devote my time to. Naturally I would like to see it/them grow and produce a positive result. I know it sounds a bit self-centered, but that’s the simple reality of it for me.  Dedicating your time to people who deserve it.

I’m thankful for the people I call friends and my intuition in choosing them. Not everyone is going to be a best friend and those who are may not be your BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

I’ve learnt to accept people for who they are, believe them when they show me who they are and forgive them if they’re unable to be the friend that I want them to be. It took me a while to get here, but I’m here now, and it’s a very light, airy and positive place, I’m never turning back,

Happy Monday Lovies, have a fantastic week. xoxoSB



Topshop Rainbow stripe knit sweater

Topshop Amy stud mini skirt

Topshop Boutique cobalt blue coat (old)

Gucci beaded Dionysus bag (Spring/Summer 2016)

Gucci pink oversized crystal sunglasses (  larger handles  )

Gucci stacked heel platform pumps

Photographer : Michelle Ester



Legally Brunette and Fantastic in Check


Marvellous March,
Yet it feels like my January; my year is just beginning right on the verge of my tax season nonetheless.

IMG_8527I spent 6 of the first 8 weeks out of the country. Ten days of which, was a much-needed baecationso not a completely sad story.

This season check prints are all the rage. Everything from gingham dresses, to check suits and plaid schoolgirl skirts are all an ABSOLUTE wardrobe YES this season. I’ve never really been much of a plaid person. As much as I love prints, it’s never been hot on my list. However now that I’ve tried it, I’m amazed as to how much fun check prints and plaid can be. If you haven’t thought of trying it before, I’ve added so many fun pieces to my closet that I’m sure you are bound to “check-out” sooner or later.

image6IMG_8599IMG_8594 IMG_8584I’m not sure if Cher Horowitz or Elle Woods would covet it more. LOL. This outfit made me feel like I was having a Legally Blonde and ClueLess moment all at the same time.

Here’s a little story about the best part while shooting this look on Madison Avenue. All the elegant ladies walking by in their mink and sable coats, toting their Birkins and Ostrich Ralph Lauren Ricky bags were obsessed with my look.IMG_8532More importantly, my fuzzy pink purse. Again proving that it’s not the cost of the outfit but IF you own it!

IMG_8505IMG_8621Girls will always be girls, no matter how old or how sophisticated. Pink, cute, soft and fuzzy translates into an obsession in the typical female mind.

Now here’s a little something extra.

How many of you were obsessed with the image below,

thumbnail_image2of Shionat Turner captured by @missmelanie_  in a perfectly pink Fendi coat at NYFW? This was my fave look from NYFW this past February. It was perfectly pink and also perfectly proportioned considering she was wearing a crop top too.

Meanwhile at Topshop

thumbnail_image3This little darling is currently in store for $150 bucks! Yes under $200 and it’s pretty warm too. Thank me later lovies.


The coat our Fabulous Shionat is wearing retails for a hefty $3570. OUCH!


Definitely a SERIOUS splurge!

IMG_8516If it’s lucky enough to make it to sale this summer, then 60% off may be something to consider for a designer wool coat. However at the current price I will have to gracefully bow out of this purchase. Then again, at $1500 I probably still would not buy it, I could own 10 Topshop coats at the same value ,LOL.  #DontJudgeMe

IMG_8525Here’s  another little secret?  I was actually wearing the back of the skirt on the front the entire time. I just didn’t like the idea of the skirt having a hook in the front. Although, the hook does lay really really flat. I guess I just like a little quirk or madness to my method. Also how do you guys feel about my curly hair? I’m really enoying how easy breezy it is. I’d love to hear your thoughts in my comments.

IMG_8651Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping!



Topshop Check Jacket

Topshop Check Skirt

Topshop Romance corset tee

Topshop fluffy mini cross body bag

Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps

Photographer : Michelle Ester

PS. For those of you who asked, my daddy is doing REALLY really well and he’s here now in NYC with my mom and just an uber ride away from me. xoxoSB


My Heart Belongs to Daddy


On February 14th enamoured girls all over the world peruse their address books and text messages hoping to find at the very least a dinner date to celebrate the occasion. Are you one of these flutter filled gals or are you one of the few single ladies who already have reservations booked for two at some smug Michelin Star restaurant? You lucky devil you!

For me today is not about the teddy bears, the candy or Instagram worthy gifts from romantic suitors. Today marks the 3rd birthday of my baby, The Look By Sherece and 16 days since my father had a successful surgery with no complications. This Valentine’s Day, the flutter filled feeling inside me is gratitude and deep appreciation to be able to call him and talk to him when he runs across my mind like I always do.


It’s true that you never really value what you have until you feel threatened. My father and I share an intense bond. One where if I’m hurt, depressed or just welling with tears, I’m able to pick up the phone and just cry my heart out or sit silently on the line until my trembling voice can utter a word or two.

IMG_7521My daddy knows when to sit in silence with me, when to cry with me, when to hold my hands and when to just listen to me unload everything that is wrong on his shoulders with no judgement.

The idea of anything happening to him or any of my loved ones for that matter is nothing short of heart-wrenching. Without my father, grandmother, mom and aunt I would be a tree without a trunk. My family is my core, and I’m thankful that they are my core because they let me know my inside is real and whole, without any additions, just me, by myself.



I think it’s important to show people you love that you love them when they are here to feel it, understand it and truly appreciate the depth of your affection and care.  I spent the last three and a half weeks in Jamaica with my father and my grandmother because he was preparing for surgery. It was the hardest and longest three weeks of my life. Hard because typically my life has routine and structure and for the first time in a long time, I was left feeling very uncertain of the outcome and also entirely out of control. Everything that would happen to my father was in the hands of someone else.

Since August of last year while in NYC my father complained of a pain in his mouth/throat that increased in intensity whenever he ate and swallowed. He saw a number of ENT specialists, GI specialists, had  MRI’s, CT Scans, an endoscopy, X-rays and every possible test known for probing and examining your nasal, oral and G. I. system. After doing all this, they found no answer for what was causing the problem.


When he returned to Jamaica at the end of December, he visited his primary care physician and explained to him all that was happening. In one office visit just by examining my father’s mouth using a penlight, he was able to diagnose him. My father had a salivary gland stone. Salivary gland stones can sometimes be removed without surgery, depending on the size. However, in my father’s case, the stone was about the size of a hard-boiled egg. It was a huge stone, largest the doctors who performed his surgery had seen. So in the removal of his stone, they had to cut under his jaw vs going in intraorally with smaller stones.
I’m not usually one to divulge my personal life on social media but I think it’s important to share this story for two reasons. One, to make other people aware that salivary gland stones exist and they can become a more serious problem if you do not find them in the early stages. Secondly, to highlight the gigantic holes in the standard of care in the healthcare system in the United States. My father suffered from this for so long that when he got to Jamaica, what started as a sharp pain that increased with swallowing had now turned into a massive infection.


Thankfully the worst is over, and I was able to be there for him. Every single day he spent in the hospital from his eyes opened in the am until nightfall and then every single day of his recovery until he was a brand new machine again.



So all this not to say that Cupid did not strike, and my love life isn’t buzzing and filled with romance. I may very well just be that lucky devil, strutting around today with glowing pride.  A lucky girl, whose heart is overflowing with gratitude and devotion to my God for showing me love and keeping my greatest love alive, and setting my heart ablaze!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovies. I hope you all get everything your heart desires to make it feel full and alive today.

Sneak peak of the REAL SHERECE! Took daddy for a little getaway to the countryside once he started to recover and feel like himself again. Even though he wasn’t able to swim because of his surgical sutures, it was super nice to just take him for a long ride to explore and get some fresh air.

Location: YS Falls St. Elizabeth



Topshop Colorblock dress

Gucci platform pumps

Gucci belt ( mine is the larger version from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Shop similar here )

Prada cahier bag

Photographer : Michelle Ester


Fall Frills and Thrills


Hello lovies,

I’m excited that its fall. After 20 days of traveling in Europe between Greece, Italy, and Paris I came home sincerely appreciating the art of staying home. Traveling and exploring is fun, but it can become a little exhausting. I never thought that I would be so happy to spend a night in my queen size bed in my little apartment on the Upper East Side. Five and four-star hotels are great, being able to be sucked in by breathtaking views and decadent settings day after day is enthralling, but at the end of it all, there’s no place like home.



My favorite thing about this particular vacation was that I planned the entire thing myself. I’m not entirely sure if this is highlighting the narcissist in me or rather the empowered feminist. I’m typically an accomplice on fully planned vacations with everything from chauffeurs to a daily itinerary.  So it was very different to be in the driver’s seat for a change.


It’s stressful to be the person everyone looks to, to decide where to go and what to do when you are traveling with friends. However, it further reiterated the fact that I can accomplish anything once I put my mind to it because we certainly had all the fun imaginable in Italy and Greece.

This was my first time in both countries, so not bad for a newbie. Some of my friends and followers messaged me about my insta stories and sharing the details of my trip. I will ABSOLUTELY do this in upcoming posts with outfit photos from my travels. I’ll give you the 411 on where to go, where to stay and a bunch of travel tips for getting around in Europe.



Now let’s talk about my recent hiatus. I’ve been using the time to figure out the next step for my blog and also work on the final samples for a new brand I’m launching.
One thing that I can share with you so far is that the content in my outfit posts will be a little different moving forward. I generally like to include lots of fashion advice on trends as well as references for my looks which turns into a long write up about my outfit.

I’m unfortunately not always motivated to write about fashion as you can see from my last outfit post.
Thank you all so much for the emails, DM’s and messages on My American State of Mind. All of the messages I received were private, but please, I would like to REALLY encourage you to share your reactions to my posts in the comment section because you never know who else is thinking the same thing or would just like to chime in on the topic. I would like this blog to be a place where women or anyone, can share their authentic voice and opinions on fashion or any other topic and have an active discussion with my intellectual yet stylish girl gang.



I love fashion and clothing, and I think about and create new looks every day in my mind, but they don’t always inspire me to write in detail about them.  I love writing; it’s my favorite way to express myself. I’m that girlfriend that will still send you a long ass love letter, text message or email, instead of just picking up the phone and calling.

IMG_1903I also love creating new looks and sharing them with you all and inspiring others. So from now on instead of hanging on to outfit posts until I can think of something to write about it, I’ll just post the look. The outfit post might just have some social commentary on things that are happening in New York or maybe just me venting about something personal in my life.
Outfit posts are no longer RESTRICTED to only talking about fashion and what I’m wearing.

IMG_2094There may also be some posts that are just a quick hello, my favorite quote at the moment followed by a series of photos from my shoot. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about this in my comments section below.

IMG_1922This outfit is a perfect example of me holding on to photos from a shoot until I have something to say about it. I shot this look in April, it’s now fall but surprisingly still very fashionably relevant. The oversized denim jacket is going nowhere; neither are socks and high heels.  You’ve heard of an Indian Summer well welcome to an Indian Autumn in NYC, and winter I hope. I really do not mind being trapped somewhere between summer and fall because my fashion mood board can run wild. This season lends the opportunity to juxtapose eclectic summer silks, against luxe velvets, shearling, and even denim to create an worthy autumn look.

IMG_1779IMG_1907This dress is from Patricia Fields, like circa 10 years ago. A very early Carrie Bradshaw find, and here it is today looking charmingly on trend paired with a few new updates.

IMG_2119The takeaway lesson from this look is to buy things you are drawn to, and you’ll find that you will always try to find a way to wear them. As easy as it is to gravitate to trendy and “now” items, it feels excellent to pull an old trick out of the bag and make it look brand new.




I look forward to hearing your thoughts or questions on everything above.
Oh wait…..I’ve also been thinking about adding a page to my blog where you can shop the actual pieces that I’m wearing. I’m giving new meaning to the term taking the clothes off my back ….lol. This might be a sweet treat for those of you who are a size 2,4 and fluctuate between small and xs depending on the brand. The best perk is that you’ll be getting my exact look for less.

IMG_2122Have a great second week of October. xoxoSB


( Unfortunately most of the items from this look are no longer available, so it’s much more of a fun inspirational post rather than shoppable post, xoxo )

Patricia Fields Dress

Gucci Belt

Gucci beaded dionysus bag ( Spring /Summer 2016)

Zara denim jacket

Topshop pompom socks

Christian Louboutin Hot Chick pumps

Dior Cat eye sunglasses


My American State of Mind


I never thought the day would come where my thoughts about slavery and racism would become clear and present fears. I feel like the slave movies I watched growing up are no longer the distant struggles of my ancestors but an actual cultural trajectory for the USA. I’m usually unconcerned with politics unless there is something that directly affects me. The news I pay the most attention to is written in the pages of Vogue and InStyle magazine.

The political climate in the U.S right now is STORMY, to say the least. There’s a whirlpool of chaos surrounding the human rights of people from various cultural backgrounds. The KKK and white supremacist show down in Charlottesville was a small bomb that finally went off from this uphill trend in racial crime and prejudice in the United States.

I never really understood the motivation behind racial prejudice, but this week I got it. Last Wednesday I walked into Fairways at around 12:30 am to buy some yogurt. Fairway supermarket is usually a zoo during the day time, no matter what time of day you visit, so I avoid the crowd by going right before closing. I was in line waiting to check out, and there was no one in front of me. Fully preoccupied in a phone conversation I over hear one of the cashiers say, “Mam you’re cutting the line she’s before you.” Generally, at this time of the morning, I wouldn’t mind anyone cutting in front of me, there were no lines, it’s late, and I’m tired. However, this was not how things played out.

This little woman insisted that she was before me and stepped in front of me, screaming ” I’m next! I’m next!” and proceeded to unload her shopping cart at the cashier. She was around 5ft5″, slim build, with dirty blonde hair. I don’t know what happened or where it came from, but I snapped at her saying ” This is not white America anymore, it’s our America, for all of us so back the f-ck up and wait your turn.”

I handed my yogurt to the cashier, paid and left. I left Fairway feeling my heart pounding, my blood rushing through my veins and my eyes welling with tears. I realized that the headlines printed on the pages of the New York Times and on NY 1 news in the morning and the late-night shows had seeped in my subconscious, plaguing my existence without me even knowing. It’s like my life had become a scene from the Netflix series “Dear White People. ” I don’t know what came over me.

I know it sounds lame, but I wish we could all just get along. I wish I lived in a world where there was no such thing as white privilege or a country that wanted to become great by rejecting diversity and promoting hate.

The thing about hate is, it takes you over and dictates your actions without you even realizing. Perhaps that lady at the supermarket was just intoxicated or simply had no manners. Maybe she was not trying to present herself as my superior in the lines at Fairway supermarket at 1 am. In that moment I just didn’t feel comfortable having a white person be that pushy and aggressive with me. I love all people of varying ethnicities, but I feel threatened to live in a world where people are protesting to uphold the principles of a pre Civil War America.


Encouraging someone to dislike another person because you don’t like them or trying to bully them on the internet are all forms of hate. There’s nothing good that comes out of promoting hate. People kill themselves because of self-hatred. People also kill people because of hate. I’m tired of hearing names like Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland I much rather acknowledge my African Community with names like Gabby Douglas  and Borack Obama.

It’s not easy to be strong when you are facing hate. My First Lady once said: “when they go low, we go high.” Being the bigger person or a better person is not what comes naturally, but it directly contributes to your wholistic happiness. EXHALE….. Don’t swallow. The only thing you should be taking in without questioning yourself is how to wake up and body the tracksuit trend without thinking about it.


Let’s be honest, I never thought the day would come when I would be wearing heels with jogging pants. That’s the look and trend right now. If it’s baggy and loose, elevate it with statement heels or just heels that are as high as your standards.
These heels, in particular, have become my new personal fave. As much as millennial pink is all the rage right now, watermelon pink is giving me all kinds of fever.


I originally ordered these from Matchesfashion on sale, but they did not fit. When I went to reorder they did not have my size. #BigFootPeopleLoseAgain! I eventually found them on Net-A-Porter U.K. When they showed up, I was ecstatic and overcome with LOVE! Love of the purest kind, ShoeLove.


I’ll definitely be exploring more from this brand; the velvet makes them so plush and comfy to walk in. Anyone ordering should get a half size up or go up one entire size. I originally ordered a 40.5 . Now I have the 41 which is an exact fit. I feel like I would even be ok with a 41.5.

I never thought I would get into this whole tracksuit trend, but the fact that the set is pink and floral gave an ultra feminine vibe that made me feel like yes, this can be my tracksuit moment.


Those other tracksuits with the snaps on the side are Uber cool but a bit too #OnTrend for me.  I try to buy things I will still gravitate towards to in my closet even when a trend is over.


Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Instagram photos on this look. If you enjoyed this post and can relate to my feelings or just have a story you would like to share, please leave comments, I would love to hear from you. Until next time ….. More Love, Less Hate



Zara printer trousers

Zara top

Marco De Vincenzo shoes

Gucci bag

Gucci sunglasses


Time and how it defines you


Already the eighth month of the year is upon us. For me, August brings thoughts about time.
What have I done with it all?
How much have I accomplished so far?
Have any of my goals for this year reached a check mark?
As imminent as winter in an episode of Game of Thrones likewise is my progression into the latter part of 2017. Ready or not, here it comes.

If we ask our dictionary about time, it tells us it’s “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

Optimists will say time is abundant, time is a gift but the definition of time that resonates most violently within me is a “stubbornly persistent illusion” – Einstein.

I suppose it all depends on how time goes by for you. Do you count it as minutes and hours, work accomplishments, successful and failed relationships or the number of zeroes at the end of your bank statement?

I quantify time according to events in my life. Completing each task or event sets the pace. Therefore if I’m not getting things done, then I feel like time is almost at a standstill regardless of the minutes or the hours ticking by.

The point of all this philosophical banter is to set a personal pace for your life. If you try to keep up with everyone else around you, something once so abundant and fluid will feel burdensome.
There’s little or no happiness in a life where you’re always playing catch up. Your journey is special and unique; there’s no reward or distinction in trying to be like someone else or in living your life to please someone else. Try not to lose the authentic tick of your built in drum.

Speaking of individuality, how about this look? I was a one of a kind woman walking around the Miami design district in six-inch heels and embellished denim pants.


My hair was the ultimate accessory for the day.


IMG_4945I  never thought I would love having braids so much. The low hair maintenance while visiting Miami for Swim Week, made it all worth the 4hours I sat in the chair to get it done.

The Design District in Miami is what Williamsburg is to NYC. Overpriced real estate, high-end designer stores mixed in with trending emerging designer boutiques and tonnes of ART…. and taco places for some reason.



IMG_4865 After checking it all out, taking it all in and having a biker chick try to caress me with her pet boa constrictor, I ate my weight in Tacos and hopped in an Uber to South Beach to catch my next Swim Miami show at the W Hotel.


Happy to be a big titty, eclectic Upper East Side Jamaican chic.


That’s my story, and I’m ticking with it!



Dolce Gabbana Bodysuit ( similar here )

Topshop patchwork embellished denim (old)

Topshop socks (old)

ETRO  earrings provided by DesignerPopShop

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci Sylvie mini bag

Gucci platforms shoes ( Sold out on Matchesfashion )

Photographer : Camesha Powell


Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic : The Details #VCPC10


Do you like to kick start your summer with a bang?
Well if you do this is the perfect event to get your wheels revving for some summer time fun. It’s an excellent excuse to spend quality time with your girls and just have a bubbly summer day.
This year was my first year attending the Polo Classics in NYC and boy am I glad I went. Everything about the event is exceptionally executed.


Here’s everything you need to know about attending the VC Polo Classics.

First Question: WHAT TICKET TO BUY?

I bought tickets for the Rosé Garden, and I had no regrets. Yes, the price is a bit steep being $500, but the experience you get is entirely worth it. Here are a few reasons why.


1) For starters, you get an EXPRESS lane for the ferry. Meaning priority boarding when you’re both arriving and leaving the event. This is something you will want, as all of NYC’s fashion frenzied ladies and gentlemen will ALL be there. In short, the ferry line was ridiculous, and you can’t skip it unless you have this ticket.

2) You get tables and chairs to sit on to watch the game. No camping out on the grass, no need to set up a picnic, or lug around all the things you would need to do that to the event. Everything is set up and waiting for your arrival. Tables and chairs, complete with umbrellas to protect you from the sun.
If you don’t have an umbrella at your table, you could always request one.
I’m never looking for a tan, at least not from NYC sun rays. It’s just always bad for my skin and so damaging!  UMBRELLA-ME-UP please!


3) You get a bottle of champagne of your choice with the ticket.  You’re allowed two more champagne cocktails for purchase at around $23-$26 each depending on your choice. I thought that this was a little weird. Maybe it was an incentive for you to not consume more than one entire bottle of champagne for the day. However, I still feel like since they are allowing you to have two more glasses, they should be free, or included in the $500 you spent on the ticket.

4) The lines for food and champagne are not UBER long, so there’s not much of a wait to get what you came there for, THE BOOS

But wait not so fast, let’s talk about the food. I wasn’t happy AT ALL. The only thing in my snack box that was somewhat satisfying for my palate was the watermelon and tomato salad. Not to mention the wooden spoon/fork and knife.
That was just unpleasant for me to eat with. What ever happened to good old plastic? How am I suppose to cut my beef with a wooden knife? I may look like a Barbie doll, but I’m not.  It just didn’t feel right putting wood in my mouth. It’s just not the type of wood I’m used to.

See below for the contents of my lunch box. Not a happy Jamaican girl. That leafy salad with the beef had no dressing FYI, there was just some kind of green dip for your cold beef. Yuck!

This was the only moment I had to leave the Rosè Garden. I left to buy food from the food trucks outside. I bought chicken fingers and french fries, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches with more fries and potato salad. Me and my girls ate it ALL.
Everyone who walked by our table was mesmerised by the smell and kept asking us “where did you guys get that yummy stuff?” #FoodTruck. The one with the American flags. I’m so sorry I did not have pictures of the food because they even stuck little tiny American flags in everything like thy were trying to “make food great again.”

5) I’m not sure what the bathroom situation was like on the other side. However, the restrooms in the Rosè Garden were like the Bentleys of porter potties. Complete with air conditioning, excess toilet paper and even staff to make sure that it remained squeaky clean for a pleasant bathroom experience. They had two mirrors. A huge one over the sink and then a full length one by the door so that you could make sure your makeup and #OOTD was on point before you went back to play.

6) The Rosè Garden was just INSTA-READY! The garden decor was gorgeous and there were so many cute set ups for photo opportunities, with no crazy long lines to use them. It was like Blogger Heaven.
I saw the lines outside the garden when I went to buy food. They looked like you would miss an hour or two of the party, just to get one pic.



7) You get a free pair of sunglasses with your Rosè Garden ticket. You will need them if you did not bring stylish sunnies of your own. The sun is dazzling everywhere you go.
I brought my sunglasses, but they are more of a fashion statement than protective eyewear. I still wore mine anyway and stashed the free pair in my purse. Tee-hee-hee


Everyone I came across was really friendly. It’s a great social event. I’m pretty sure this was not just in the garden but everywhere.  People greeted you with smiles and a compliment and that was a reason to start a converstaion. So much fun and some real positive vibes. I loved it! The polo match and the Alicia Keys performance was like a bonus for me because I came across so many beautiful and engaging men and women.


So if none of these reasons appeal to you, then, by all means, buy a regular ticket.
PERSONALLY the Rosè Garden ticket is just a far better experience. It made the whole event feel very LUXY and Glamorous for me, like the lifestyle that comes with polo.

Second Question: Is there anything that I need to bring to the event or anything else I need to know?

1) Flats/Flip-flops may be a good idea
The walk from the ferry to the venue is intense. It’s about a 15-minute walk. Arriving you can avoid it by getting into one those buggies as we did. They work based on tips and saved me from having to trek for 15 minutes in 6-inch platforms.

Going home however the buggies are all off duty. So you might want to bring a pair of flats or sandals to rescue you from your day of drinking in the sun. Luckily I got this memo and squeezed a pair of flats into my Peekaboo.

2) Umbrella
At some point during the game, they were closing all the umbrellas at the tables. They claimed it was because it was too windy. Whatever the reason I was happy that my girlfriend brought her umbrella because I quickly kidnapped it for a little shade.

3) Hats
So if you’re a hat person, then wear one. Here’s the con of wearing a hat. You will have a shadow over your face in every one of your photos. So then you’ll want to take it off, and then you’ll have hat hair. A hat is a good idea if you don’t mind the shadow or you’re not a picture person in general.

4) Sunscreen
I didn’t wear any, but if you get sunburn easily, you will probably need some sunscreen.  I tried to stay under an umbrella for most of the event.

Third Question: Is there anything you would do differently to enhance your Veuve Cliquot Polo Experience.

1) Arrive an hour before the event started.
This way I could walk around and take all the necessary photos with the adorable floral arrangements and then party like a rockstar for the rest of the event. I would also get choice seating when choosing tables. So worth it for me to be there before everyone else.

2) Figure out how to get an all Access Pass so that I could also explore the invitation only area. It’s always great to party with celebs because just being there you feel like you’re one of them.  Nicole Kidman and Kendall Jenner were in attendance along with many other celebs. I wonder if they had access to better food or more BOOS?


Your dresscode for  VC Polo is day time glam.

  – If you ever thought about wearing matte or daytime sequins, this would be the perfect place for it because everyone if impeccably dressed. It almost felt like more of a style event than a polo match.
–  Statement accessories are a must. It doesn’t have to be designer, but it should be eye catching, bold prints, bright colors, embroidered details are all a yes!

So lets talk about my look. I’m super excited about it because it’s  a sample of  one of my designs from my very own collection. It was a huge hit at the event, and everyone asked about it. I was happy to have my business cards on hand with all my contact info. YAAAY!

I’m  personally obsessed with this look because of the colors of the brocade. They are just unbelievablely girly and whimsical. You can’t tell from the photos, but the edges of the shorts and ruffle on top are trimmed with embroidered beads and tiny crystals. It just gives the outfit a extra life or glam if you will, without being flashy.



IMG_2642If you have any interests in placing an order, please email me for details.
The other popular question was about my heels. How do I walk in them on the grass? Answer: Unicorn Magic!   No, really the secret is that the heels are wide, they are actually about an inch thick at the base, so it prevents you from sinking into the grass. Also, they are platforms, so there was no struggle for my in-step.

IMG_2674I’m definitely attending next year unless I’m pregnant and married to someone in a foreign country.  Then and only then will a luxy event for day drinking not be on my summer event list.


Three of my photos have been entered in the Veuve Clicquot Style Contest. All you have to do is click on the links below to vote. The voting is done through your Facebook page. This is just to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

All you have to do is click each link below then click VOTE! Nothing to fill out. Just 2 clicks!

It’s takes less than a minute and it would mean so much to have your support since I designed the outfit myself. Thanks so much for your time and be sure to let me know if you vote! xoxoSB

Entry 1


Entry 2


Entry 3



Ruffle Crop Top and Shorts : Custom designed for my Collection

Fendi Can Eye sunglasses

Fendi medium embellished Peekaboo handbag ( Runway S/S 17)

Gucci leather stacked heel platform pumps


Freeing the FRO


I’ve been wearing my hair natural since February 28th. So a little over two months now, and I never thought I would fall this much in love again with my OWN hair. I started thinking about it after seeing girls like Lineisy Montero and Samile Bermannelli strut down every high-end designer runways with their tightly coiled tresses; meaning this is NOW a look.


The black girl with natural hair is now an iconic image for the runways of NYC, Paris and Milan and editorial pages of Vogue, Bazaar, W magazine. So why on earth am I covering mine with a lace closure wig/weave?

IMG_4168IMG_4172IMG_4176It’s typical for women to believe that beauty is what you see in the pages of a magazine. This is what girls aspire to, as early as their teenage years. Right now the off-the-shoulder ruffle blouse is all over magazines, the runways of Johanna Ortiz, fashion websites and on the Petersyn racks at Bloomingdales and other big retailers. So naturally it becomes a trend, and a look women aspire to own.


IMG_4063 IMG_4106 IMG_3963 The black woman has been so underrepresented in the fashion industry that it leads us to believe that our natural image is not what is considered beautiful. Even I’ve been guilty of this. It’s not necessarily that I didn’t feel beautiful, or think that I was pretty but more so that I thought to have straight hair or long hair was a better image or look.

IMG_3923 I felt that straight hair was more polished, refined or elegant as opposed to a wild, coily, fro-do typical of artists and eccentrics alike.

IMG_3850 IMG_3825 IMG_3827The question I ask myself now, is why is this bad? The answer: reiterated in an article in W magazine on Ebonee Davis. She quite eloquently states that “as black women – we live in a society based on white privilege, so all of the standards of what is beautiful starts with whiteness.”
It all comes down to wanting to feel accepted and wanting to fit in. This raised another question. How important is social acceptance for me versus being my authentic self? I’ve pretty much been a black sheep all my life, so what am I doing trying to fit in anyway?


Two months later I’m still FROtastic and having so much fun wth my look. Redefining elegance all over the streets of New York City. Having my hair this way gears my outfits towards textured skirts with longer hems, blouses with sleeves, frills and ruffles and shoes that are suitable for a princess or unicorn.

IMG_4166 IMG_4170 IMG_4195People love, love, LOVE my hair. Women and men alike, all ask me how long I’ve been wearing it this way. When I show them pictures with my hair extensions they believe the hair I have now is so much better.

IMG_3843 IMG_3802 IMG_3819One Saturday, a beautiful tall, leggy blonde at Harry Cipriani exclaimed ” I LOVE YOUR ENTIRE LOOK!” I as wearing this exact outfit.  “Your hair is so soft and pretty,” she went on, ” it’s like cotton candy, I wish I could have hair like that.”  Now isn’t that something.IMG_3937IMG_4217IMG_3936

All this isn’t to say that I won’t ever be caught dead in a wig or weave again. I love playing with fashion and experimenting with different styles or looks. It’s always great to embrace a more authentic version of yourself, and  I’m just really enjoying being fro-ly-locks right now. xoxoSB



StyleKeepers off-the shoulder ruffle blouse

H&M patent skirt

Gucci leather double G buckle belt

Christian Louboutin Explotek

Chanel Boy bag

Photographer : Ramone Reynoneiko


Feeling PINK + Red


Happy Sunday Lovies,
What a sun-filled and glorious day it is. It hasn’t been as warm as I would like these past few days but not having torrential rainfall is a plus today. Surprisingly I’m pretty productive on rainy days; it’s the snow days that put me in slow motion. Ok, I’m not your weather woman, so let’s move on to our fashion forecast.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s impossible to avoid PINK this season. There are pink shirts, pink pants, pink dresses, pink pumps, pink purses, pretty much pink everything and I love it! I’m totally a pink person. For me, pink is not just a colour but an attitude. It’s bright, upbeat, girly and fun. All things Sherece.

IMG_3608IMG_3620If you feel like a full on pink ensemble is just way too much for you, you can get in on the pink action by incorporating pink accessories into your look. A pink purse, pink velvet mules or pink pumps will instantly recharge any basic look from your closet and give it a very now appeal.

IMG_3542I’m a lean, mean, colour combining machine, so of course, a pink top with exaggerated sleeves and a bow is not enough for me. I went ahead and added, cherry red, asymmetrical flare pants and a Gucci Dionysus covered with beaded: birds, lightening bolts and strawberries (#FAVE )

IMG_3637IMG_3639I suppose when you type it all out like this, it sounds like a lot, but sometimes a lot is so good. I can think of plenty of things that I like A LOT OF! Can you?

movingI’m obsessed with these pants and how amazing they make my new derriere look (in my Patsy Stone voice) SO VERY SMASHING!

IMG_3653As if this wasn’t enough I topped it all off with a rose pink full-length coat. LOL! So I guess for me, it’s never enough! Haha !

IMG_3747IMG_3764IMG_3711After all, I’m a young single female from Jamaica, living on the Upper East Side. What’s the fun in looking like everyone else?

IMG_3737IMG_3742I typically dress how I feel, and these colours had me and everyone along Fifth Avenue feeling very happy.  Men, women and children, cheered me on in admiration while I shot this look.
Sometimes even if you feel like an outfit is A LOT, it might just be enough to garner the attention of that next special person in your life. A fun outfit is an excellent conversation starter. Just look how much I’ve had to say about pink and red today. xoxoSB



Pink wrap shirt (old) similar here

Zara asymmetrical flare pants

Zara gold sandals

Gucci beaded Dionysus bag (Spring/Summer 2016)

Celine sunnies (old)

Photographer: Ramone Reynoneikio


Feeling Springy


Finally, the weather angels have decided to bless women all over New York City with good weather. For a fashion savvy female, good weather is the equivalent of a shot of expresso in the morning for coffee enthusiasts; she’s on ootd overdose.

Untitled1I just got done watching Billions, “Golden Frog Time”, S2 E11. Is that a cool name for an episode or what? I love love LOVE this show. I don’t know if it’s because of my affection for the “Bobby Axel Rods” in my life or just the drive it gives me for wanting so much more! Unlike these finance wizards, I’m not one for numbers or analytics. Even though I took 9 CXC subjects in high school in Jamaica, additional Mathematics being one of them, I never took a finance course in my life. Unless I guess Economics 101 counts, which was to fulfill a GER requirement. Useful nonetheless because the law of supply and demand is one of the fundamentals of life in New York City.

IMG_3167 IMG_3205 IMG_3360

This show reminds me every Sunday to always have a plan and set out goals for myself. It doesn’t matter how small or large they are. I like to list things I’m good at other than the skill set I gained at university. Being creative is a passion for me. Whether I’m planning an event, doing wardrobe styling for a client’s upcoming vacation, choosing fabric for a custom design, or just working on my look for my next blog post, I feel deeply rewarded with the result. According to Taylor ( Axel’s new prodigy ) “action, purpose and the challenges that come along with these things” are what dictate our core or soul so to speak.

IMG_3342IMG_3349Ok, so what’s the point of my great big monologue on Billions?

My point is that I need to work on my core.

IMG_3236Sometimes I get so caught up with my responsibilities and my day to day routine that I give little attention to the things that I’m most passionate about. Case in point blogging more. Five of my readers have recently reached out via email and Instagram requesting more posts because they enjoy reading them and that sincerely warmed my heart and put a whole lot of pep in my step.

IMG_3286 IMG_3297Now let us get back to me feeling springy.

IMG_3237IMG_3368I’m eternally obsessed with colour, so colour blocking is always my go to palette when it comes to wearing my feelings on my sleeve. It was a 70 degree Sunday, so this was my look for brunch with a girlfriend who became my on the spot photographer  while we waited for our table at While We Were Young.

PRO : Extremely cute, stylish crowd, yummy instagram-ready food
CON: small, long wait for a table.

IMG_3103 IMG_3111IMG_3155
I guess the wait was worth it as she did a great job for a first-time photographer. Thanks again girl.

IMG_3222Trousers are my thing now. I’m a SERIOUS skirt girl; I probably own over 12 dozen different skirts, no really, I do. Now by the grace of good old age and my bad eating habits, I’ve somehow come to inherit a BUTT, naturally increasing my affinity to pants.

IMG_3417There is a huge variety of styles to choose from now in stores with the whole 70’s and 80’s trends. So this is just one of many more pants appearances to come. Stay Tuned and Happy Monday my lovies.


THANK YOU: A big thank you to my dear friend who got me this purse as a Christmas gift. Without my pretty pink pouch, I doubt that this look would have come together nearly as good as it has. You’re a great friend, and this was a GREAT gift, much better than the Swarovski crystal tree ornaments I gave you, lol. The best gifts are the unexpected ones; the best people are the ones who cherish you and your friendship as a gift in itself. xoxoSB

IMG_3390 IMG_3405


Zara yellow wool coat

Topshop green cigarette pants

H&M sweater

Gucci padlock signature shoulder bag

Topshop cherry necklace (old)

BCBG silver slingback pumps (old)

Photographer: Audit_Instyle