Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop!


Fashion Week is over but the wheels of life are still turning, and the show must go on!

IMG_1284Sometimes it’s a little hard to jump back into the routine when unexpected surprises shift your world off balance.

I have to think to myself, what do I have to be thankful for this week? Good weather! We’ve been blessed with good weather, so it’s not all sadness and gloom in Sherece world.

IMG_1381I’ve been feeling a little heavy because a very close family friend is sick with cancer and I’m not quite sure how things are going to turn out.
This is the second time in less than three months that someone close to me is diagnosed with this life altering disease. First my bestie last November, who’s doing well with chemo THANKFULLY! Now my other best friend’s father.
I believe the thing I’m struggling most with is finding the right words. The right words to say to him and her. What do you say to someone, when you’re not entirely sure of what they’re feeling, how they’re thinking and what their outcome might be?

My advice to anyone who is faced with a similar situation is to preach positivity. No one is saying to offer false hope when there is none, but remind them that the fight is never over until you give up, or you just stop trying.

- Tell them to put on their heaviest armour and prepare to begin the biggest fight of all.
- Remind them of their accomplishments and achievements. Let them know never to give up without a fight.
- Most importantly remind them that you are there. Even when they might feel beat up or loose hope, remind them that you are thinking of them and they matter and you’re here to pick them up again to continue their journey in life.
- BE HONEST, genuine and thoughtful with your words.

Just wanted to share my thoughts, in the event that anyone else was going through a similar situation. I hope you all find the strength to keep on going. xoxoSB






Zara checked blouse with ties

Zara checked skirt with ruffle

Gucci dionysus bag

Gucci platforms

Photographer: Michelle Ester


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