Feeling PINK + Red


Happy Sunday Lovies,
What a sun-filled and glorious day it is. It hasn’t been as warm as I would like these past few days but not having torrential rainfall is a plus today. Surprisingly I’m pretty productive on rainy days; it’s the snow days that put me in slow motion. Ok, I’m not your weather woman, so let’s move on to our fashion forecast.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s impossible to avoid PINK this season. There are pink shirts, pink pants, pink dresses, pink pumps, pink purses, pretty much pink everything and I love it! I’m totally a pink person. For me, pink is not just a colour but an attitude. It’s bright, upbeat, girly and fun. All things Sherece.

IMG_3608IMG_3620If you feel like a full on pink ensemble is just way too much for you, you can get in on the pink action by incorporating pink accessories into your look. A pink purse, pink velvet mules or pink pumps will instantly recharge any basic look from your closet and give it a very now appeal.

IMG_3542I’m a lean, mean, colour combining machine, so of course, a pink top with exaggerated sleeves and a bow is not enough for me. I went ahead and added, cherry red, asymmetrical flare pants and a Gucci Dionysus covered with beaded: birds, lightening bolts and strawberries (#FAVE )

IMG_3637IMG_3639I suppose when you type it all out like this, it sounds like a lot, but sometimes a lot is so good. I can think of plenty of things that I like A LOT OF! Can you?

movingI’m obsessed with these pants and how amazing they make my new derriere look (in my Patsy Stone voice) SO VERY SMASHING!

IMG_3653As if this wasn’t enough I topped it all off with a rose pink full-length coat. LOL! So I guess for me, it’s never enough! Haha !

IMG_3747IMG_3764IMG_3711After all, I’m a young single female from Jamaica, living on the Upper East Side. What’s the fun in looking like everyone else?

IMG_3737IMG_3742I typically dress how I feel, and these colours had me and everyone along Fifth Avenue feeling very happy.  Men, women and children, cheered me on in admiration while I shot this look.
Sometimes even if you feel like an outfit is A LOT, it might just be enough to garner the attention of that next special person in your life. A fun outfit is an excellent conversation starter. Just look how much I’ve had to say about pink and red today. xoxoSB



Pink wrap shirt (old) similar here

Zara asymmetrical flare pants

Zara gold sandals

Gucci beaded Dionysus bag (Spring/Summer 2016)

Celine sunnies (old)

Photographer: Ramone Reynoneikio


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