A Sunday Funday Mother’s Day

There are many things in my life that aren’t perfect and many things in my world that aren’t the way that I would want them to be. However, my mother is the only entity in my universe that is undoubtably flawless and absolutely perfect in my eyes.



As women, a mother’s love is something that is cherished. It’s the perfect example of one of those things that you can’t live with  and can’t live without. Mothers have smiles more powerful than their will, and eyes that will move mountains if they stand in your way.


My mother calls me her second mother and husband all combined into one.  This is because I treat her like she’s the daughter I haven’t had yet and spoil her as much as she spoiled me.



I have a very youthful mom –  both in appearance as well as in spirit. She is the perfect definition of forever young or a perfect example that, “black just don’t crack


In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to do a look for moms with my own mom. So, obviously, the look had to be flirty and sexy, yet classy and elegant all in one. I loved the idea of putting her in a lacey crop top, and this black one from Zara was perfect! There is something about a midi skirt that just screams classy with an understated elegance. Paired with a crop top it’s flirty and feminine and fun!




Feminine !



Fun !


I completed the look with the Christian Louboutin pigalle 100mm. I wear only 120mm and up, but for my mommy, these are a bit too steep. At our age we’re all about looking good and being #ONTREND. However, for more mature women I believe that comfort is a big factor that goes into creating a look. Look at my mom strut down streets in her Louboutin 100mm like she was about to RIP the Runway !

Yasss Mommy Work! 




As New York City girls, we’re always on the go and have so much to think about that we sometimes lose sight and take for granted the people in our lives that are most important. It happens. It’s normal. It’s okay to forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes. However, it’s important to water them, cherish them, and  make sure they bloom.


So my take-home message this Mother’s Day is make sure the people who matter the most to you know how much they matter to you while they are  alive and still in your life.


Whether you have a dad for a mom, a stepmom or just an unblieveable mother-in-law or mother-like friend, take the time to say, “I love more than you probably know,” and “Thank You!”  for everything that you are and all that you’ve done. Keeping it in your mind doesn’t count, but saying  it  and showing it does. Happy Mother’s Day to all and most importantly Happy Mother’s Day, Lavern xoxoSB

Happy Mother’s Day, Lavern!



Zara  black lace crop top

Zara floral print pleated skirt

Christian Louboutin pigalle 100mm pumps

Photographer : Yours Truly SB

6 thoughts on “A Sunday Funday Mother’s Day”

  1. Absolutely Lovely!

    Just wanted to ask you are those the most comfortable pair of pigalles? I’m actually planning on getting a pair being that it’s my first pair?

    1. Hi Nikki, great question. The Christian Louboutin Pigalle are one of those shoes that you have to break in. They get more comfortable the more you wear them. Whether you get the patent leather or plain leather they all stretch so DO NOT get a size up if they feel a little snug a first, they’ll adjust. The pigalle spikes however do not allow much room for stretching. My mother preferred the pigalle 100mm because it’s not as steep, so this made it easier for her to walk in and as a result more comfortable. If you’re a PRO in walking in your super high heels, the pigalle 120mm will be just fine. However if you want the sexiness of a high heel but the comfort of being able to walk around in them for long periods then go with the 100mm. The difference in height is really not that noticeable.

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