Feeling Springy

Finally, the weather angels have decided to bless women all over New York City with good weather. For a fashion savvy female, good weather is the equivalent of a shot of expresso in the morning for coffee enthusiasts; she’s on ootd overdose.

Untitled1I just got done watching Billions, “Golden Frog Time”, S2 E11. Is that a cool name for an episode or what? I love love LOVE this show. I don’t know if it’s because of my affection for the “Bobby Axel Rods” in my life or just the drive it gives me for wanting so much more! Unlike these finance wizards, I’m not one for numbers or analytics. Even though I took 9 CXC subjects in high school in Jamaica, additional Mathematics being one of them, I never took a finance course in my life. Unless I guess Economics 101 counts, which was to fulfill a GER requirement. Useful nonetheless because the law of supply and demand is one of the fundamentals of life in New York City.

IMG_3167 IMG_3205 IMG_3360

This show reminds me every Sunday to always have a plan and set out goals for myself. It doesn’t matter how small or large they are. I like to list things I’m good at other than the skill set I gained at university. Being creative is a passion for me. Whether I’m planning an event, doing wardrobe styling for a client’s upcoming vacation, choosing fabric for a custom design, or just working on my look for my next blog post, I feel deeply rewarded with the result. According to Taylor ( Axel’s new prodigy ) “action, purpose and the challenges that come along with these things” are what dictate our core or soul so to speak.

IMG_3342IMG_3349Ok, so what’s the point of my great big monologue on Billions?

My point is that I need to work on my core.

IMG_3236Sometimes I get so caught up with my responsibilities and my day to day routine that I give little attention to the things that I’m most passionate about. Case in point blogging more. Five of my readers have recently reached out via email and Instagram requesting more posts because they enjoy reading them and that sincerely warmed my heart and put a whole lot of pep in my step.

IMG_3286 IMG_3297Now let us get back to me feeling springy.

IMG_3237IMG_3368I’m eternally obsessed with colour, so colour blocking is always my go to palette when it comes to wearing my feelings on my sleeve. It was a 70 degree Sunday, so this was my look for brunch with a girlfriend who became my on the spot photographer¬† while we waited for our table at While We Were Young.

PRO : Extremely cute, stylish crowd, yummy instagram-ready food
CON: small, long wait for a table.

IMG_3103 IMG_3111IMG_3155
I guess the wait was worth it as she did a great job for a first-time photographer. Thanks again girl.

IMG_3222Trousers are my thing now. I’m a SERIOUS skirt girl; I probably own over 12 dozen different skirts, no really, I do. Now by the grace of good old age and my bad eating habits, I’ve somehow come to inherit a BUTT, naturally increasing my affinity to pants.

IMG_3417There is a huge variety of styles to choose from now in stores with the whole 70’s and 80’s trends. So this is just one of many more pants appearances to come. Stay Tuned and Happy Monday my lovies.


THANK YOU: A big thank you to my dear friend who got me this purse as a Christmas gift. Without my pretty pink pouch, I doubt that this look would have come together nearly as good as it has. You’re a great friend, and this was a GREAT gift, much better than the Swarovski crystal tree ornaments I gave you, lol. The best gifts are the unexpected ones; the best people are the ones who cherish you and your friendship as a gift in itself. xoxoSB

IMG_3390 IMG_3405


Zara yellow wool coat

Topshop green cigarette pants

H&M sweater

Gucci padlock signature shoulder bag

Topshop cherry necklace (old)

BCBG silver slingback pumps (old)

Photographer: Audit_Instyle


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