My Culotte Made The Cut

I’ve been so excited to wear these new trousers since I bought them last November. Upon purchasing, I envisioned myself wearing them with an architectural crop top in the summer . . . but summer was too far away.  I decided that I should not let Fall Fashion Week go by without partaking in this new pants trend, the culotte.  Unfortunately for me I chose the last day of Fashion Week, Feb 19, 2015, which was also one of  coldest and windiest days of the year in New York. Temp reading 27°, but the windchill made it feel like 8!


When I first saw these pants, I was like “is wah kinda short pants dem dis” (in ma Jamaican voice).  Nonetheless I wanted in on this look.  My waist is tiny, so I’m attracted to anything that’s high-waisted.  I also love garments that have a lot of structure, and these sturdy polyester culottes set a tone all by themselves. Not to mention they were pink.  Well maybe not exactly pink, more like a peachy blush, but close enough for me to LOVE! 


A turtleneck was my only option because because of the weather. I wanted to play with more texture since we were in the middle of winter. I piled on as many fluffy things as I could find. First thing I grabbed was this fringy jacket, then I tossed in a very cool oversized faux fur clutch. Usually nude pumps would be the go-to option for these hues; however, your silver stilettos can function the same as your nude pump. Silver and blush tones had a marriage circa 2014. Try it! It will give your outfit a very NOW look.


Keeping the look neutral with all the same pastel tones but playing with different textures made this an eye catching outfit at Lincoln Center. I was interviewed three times and the photographers kept on coming.   This was when I knew that my culotte made the cut.


After all the interviews and shooting, I was excited to go inside and warm up before the show.


I even got a chance to go into the MBFW Star Lounge, where all the MBFW biggest clients go to hang out. You can have cocktails at the bar or sit on the couch and conduct an interview. The decor was  amazing . . . beyond pretty.




I was sad that it was the last day of Fashion Week, but I could not have picked a better ending, thanks to my pretty-peachy-pink pants.   The culotte is a big trend this summer. So  whether you are big, small, short, tall . . . get in on the look like I did. Don’t unpack those summer “battyrider” shorts just yet!   xoxoSB



Zara turtleneck

Zara fringe jacket

Topshop culotte ( similar here and here )

Topshop fluffy clutch (similar here)

BCBG silver pumps (similar here )

Photos by: Tovah Bembridge

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