NYFW Day 4 – How to dress for a Rachecl Zoe Fashion show on the coldest day in decades

I suppose I should start by asking everyone, how was your Valentine’s Day? Regardless of whether or not you had a Valentine, there was so much happening on Sunday, Feb. 14th. The hard part was getting the balls to go outside and face the brutal cold. I’m not exaggerating because I’m Jamaican. It really was the most frigid temperatures NYC has seen since January 15th, 1957. Temperatures fell to as low as 4 degrees. Brrr!


As the old saying goes, “the show must go on” and “ON” it did. Freakishly cold temperatures did not stop celebrities like actress Olivia Culpo and socialite Olivia Palermo from showing up at this chic fest. I was happy that I didn’t allow the cold to stop me from being fashionable because everyone in attendance looked super stylish.




As usual Rachel Zoe’s Collection never disappoints. There was something for every moment this coming fall. The collection had Looks that ranged from shiny metallic jumpsuits, fringed skirts and embellished dresses for those fun party nights, to oversized cable knit sweaters sprinkled with giant pearls all over and leather pantsuits for that eternally glam fashion girl.





Every piece had a personalized detail to make you want to look twice at the person wearing it. At first glance, you may just see a beautiful lace dress but with the second glance, you’ll notice black beads and embellished sequins trailing down the seams of her legs. If you guys love detailed and decorated pieces as much as I do, you will truly find something to appreciate in every piece from the show. This collection is for the girl who wants to get dressed and get noticed. Our modern day glamazon, not the girl next door.




My little secret for braving these arctic temperatures is layers, layers, layers. I had four layers on under this coat. With my giant cable knit scarf and gloves I was ready to take on the cold. Because of my love for all things beaded and embellished this Alice and Olivia sequin coat was a must-have for my closet. They made this jacket last season in silver, but the turquoise hues in combination with the red jewel tones made this a worthwhile splurge in my eyes this season. It was one of those pieces that had everyone asking me, where did you get that jacket? Which makes it perfect for profiling at any NYFW event despite the wicked temperatures outside.


Happy Shopping Lovies. xoxoSB


Alice + Olivia Rory sequin coat

Giambattista Valli for Seven Jeans

BCBG peplum cable knit sweater

Dior So Real with leather trim glasses

Photographer : Ramone Henry

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