The Gridlock on Fur

This winter, fur was a huge trend. Whether faux or real, you saw it on everything from shirts to sandals. This made me actually start to shift from my strict love for faux fur only and start to explore purchasing a real fur coat. I looked at it this way: the winter was brutal, and honestly the warmth you get from a fur coat just did not compare to any Moncler jacket I owned.


Whether faux or real, you saw it on everything from shirts to sandals. 


I was very excited to attend the Dennis Basso show because he’s top tier when you  talk about fur connoisseur.  The exciting part was that he now started to shift from strictly working with fur to  gowns and other pieces. I wore a faux fur coat to the show because I did not own a black fur coat.  This little Altuzarra faux number paired with some leather gloves added the right amount of warmth to my fit.


I  got the inspiration for this look from one of my favorite women Queen Bey  herself back in October 2014. She attended a London art fair in an outfit with a  similar play on black and white prints. Saw it, loved it, and knew I had to try it!

Saw it, loved it, and knew I had to try it!


I’m a huge skirt gal.  I’m not just saying this because it’s International Women’s Day Whether mini or midi, count me in!  I am, however, not a big plaid or stripe person. Polka dots yes, stripes no, not so much. I had the option of pairing this grid midi skirt with a polka dot shirt but I decided to go full on grid . . . why not? The easiest way for me to wear similar prints is to blend different shades from the same family. It’s also great if you work with a smaller print and a bold, more defined one—they pair perfectly.

I’m a huge skirt gal. 


As I watched those sable coats glide down the runway, I had a Dear Santa moment. 

All the pieces were beautiful and elegant. I was not in the least bit shocked when Beyonce’s “Flawless”  started playing.  Click here to see my live peek at the show.

The designs, the models, the looks, the music . . . everything was just that—flawless!


The take-away message from this post is that there are no rules to fur. Whether faux or real, wear pieces that you love. Stay warm! xoxoSB


Altuzarra for Target faux fur jacket (sold out, but you can probably purchase on eBay)

Topshop grid print shirt (similar here)

Topshop grid print bonded midi skirt

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

Wolford sheer stockings

Topshop black lace trim socks

Christian Louboutin pigalle

Photographer: Tovah-Marie Bembridge

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