Time and how it defines you

Already the eighth month of the year is upon us. For me, August brings thoughts about time.
What have I done with it all?
How much have I accomplished so far?
Have any of my goals for this year reached a check mark?
As imminent as winter in an episode of Game of Thrones likewise is my progression into the latter part of 2017. Ready or not, here it comes.

If we ask our dictionary about time, it tells us it’s “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

Optimists will say time is abundant, time is a gift but the definition of time that resonates most violently within me is a “stubbornly persistent illusion” – Einstein.

I suppose it all depends on how time goes by for you. Do you count it as minutes and hours, work accomplishments, successful and failed relationships or the number of zeroes at the end of your bank statement?

I quantify time according to events in my life. Completing each task or event sets the pace. Therefore if I’m not getting things done, then I feel like time is almost at a standstill regardless of the minutes or the hours ticking by.

The point of all this philosophical banter is to set a personal pace for your life. If you try to keep up with everyone else around you, something once so abundant and fluid will feel burdensome.
There’s little or no happiness in a life where you’re always playing catch up. Your journey is special and unique; there’s no reward or distinction in trying to be like someone else or in living your life to please someone else. Try not to lose the authentic tick of your built in drum.

Speaking of individuality, how about this look? I was a one of a kind woman walking around the Miami design district in six-inch heels and embellished denim pants.


My hair was the ultimate accessory for the day.


IMG_4945I  never thought I would love having braids so much. The low hair maintenance while visiting Miami for Swim Week, made it all worth the 4hours I sat in the chair to get it done.

The Design District in Miami is what Williamsburg is to NYC. Overpriced real estate, high-end designer stores mixed in with trending emerging designer boutiques and tonnes of ART…. and taco places for some reason.



IMG_4865 After checking it all out, taking it all in and having a biker chick try to caress me with her pet boa constrictor, I ate my weight in Tacos and hopped in an Uber to South Beach to catch my next Swim Miami show at the W Hotel.


Happy to be a big titty, eclectic Upper East Side Jamaican chic.


That’s my story, and I’m ticking with it!



Dolce Gabbana Bodysuit ( similar here )

Topshop patchwork embellished denim (old)

Topshop socks (old)

ETRO  earrings provided by DesignerPopShop

Gucci sunglasses

Gucci Sylvie mini bag

Gucci platforms shoes ( Sold out on Matchesfashion )

Photographer : Camesha Powell

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