Tis the Season to be THANKFUL

Hello my lovelies, it’s been a while, two months to be exact actually. So much has happened in the last two months that it’s a sin that I haven’t been blogging.
I’ve visited London and Amsterdam, Halloween came and went, the time went back one hour, it started getting darker earlier, H&M launched its collaboration with Balmain and most recently my birthday happened! When I list everything out quite like that it almost seems like the entire fall season has gone by without a peep from me. So let me explain.

IMG_7505 Grief has been a very new emotion for me. Not that I walk around all happy go lucky everyday or anything, but I  rarely had to go through the stages of grief. Losing my darling dog Xanu, whom I’ve had for more than 10years left me feeling really empty and unmotivated. I put my game face on for fashion week, but after that I felt like my heart skipped a beat and I needed to slow down and back track.


Luckily I have beyond amazing friends. I’m surrounded by a few special people who adore and care for me so very much that they have kept me busy and nursed me back to being Sherece. I felt like I was living in a little nest and everyday someone offered something to put a smile on my face. How ironic right? The nurse needs to be nursed. They had me dining out every evening and traveling on weekends. They constantly filled my house with more flowers than my nostrils could appreciate, HACH-CHchuuu ….lol. Nevertheless, they made my heart and my emotions bloom.


Let’s fast forward to, today. Thanksgiving Day. I’m back to blogging, YAAAY!!! It feels splendid to feel open enough to share. I have so much to be thankful for and as a result so much to tell you all. Just because I haven’t been blogging does not mean that I have not been shooting. I would never go to Europe and leave my darling readers out of the loop with what I adore and what I wore. I also had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER to write about; I’m afraid to begin because I have so much to cover.

As fashion enthusiasts when we think about thanksgiving the next thing that comes to mind is black Friday, naturally. I will be scurrying in flats to Bergdorf Goodman and possibly Barneys to see what I can get my little paws on.  Where will you be shopping? This fall the stores are filled with lots of pretty little things and romantic clothes. You do not need to be snatched-up by a lover to get in on this trend.


IMG_7575One of my favorite pieces right now is the tie-neck blouse. It’s an easy way to make a fashion statement without thinking too much about it. Pair with jeans for a casual yet on trend look or with a pleated knee length skirt like I did for a more sophisticated and feminine feel.

I did this quick shoot outside Trump Towers before grabbing my friend for lunch. Even a casual lunch date warrant high heels in this neighborhood. I call my pigalles my uniform, like school schoes I wear them EVERYWHERE!

Have a wonderful and truly blessed Thanksgiving everyone! Thankfulness and appreciation are recurring themes in my life this year. Joy and happiness are the results of me recognizing this.


Sending HUGE HUGS & BIG KISSES and special Thanksgiving wishes to Michelle, Jaynie, Debra, Lavern, Marc, Holly, Ramone, Elena, Tatiana, Cristal, Lisa, Jasmin
Thank you all so very much for EVERYTHING! I’m beyond blessed to be surrounded by such remarkable people xoxoSB


BCBG Tie-neck blouse

BCBG belt (similar here )

Zara pleated perforated leather skirt ( similiar here  and here )

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