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Looked at the date on my phone today and it felt like New Years was literally just two weeks ago. The year is just flying by event after event. Sundance Film Festival, SuperBowl weekend, followed by The Grammys, Fashion Week,  Valentine’s Day and now President’s Weekend. Life in New York City can start to feel like a TV series that you keep replaying for the really good parts, unless you add change and try to figure out the things that are truly meaningful to you.


My recent shift towards a social media hiatus has left me feeling like I’ve become a whole new human in a matter of 2 months. I really didn’t realize how much of my life I Instagrammed until I just stopped sharing it. Now when I go out to dinner, I actually take my time and eat my food, instead of unenthusiastically picking at my entree and filling up with champagne/cocktails trying to get to that perfectly “instgrammable” dessert moment.  I feel as though I’m living life in slow motion, on my own clock solely focused on getting through the to-do list I’ve made for myself each day.



Quality time with friends and my loved ones feel super relaxed. It feels really good to submerse myself in each and every second of the things that I do and the people around me. I’m talking about simple things like watching The Grammy’s on my couch with my grandparents and just talking about our fave outfits and performances of the evening or reminiscing about songs/artists that brings back great memories for all of us. Instead of watching the show unfold down my timeline.  It’s been an incredible beginning to my new year.VD2

VD18This is not to say that I don’t care about what’s happening around me or social media. I’ve just found a new sense of appreciation for life. It’s super easy to feel unsatisfied or in my case just take everything that you have for granted simply because when you log on to instagram your life is comparable to the people you follow and find inspiring. In turn our personal life experiences can start to feel expected since it all happens so routinely. You dine at the best restaurants, shop all the luxy trends, vacation at the best hotels all over the globe and never really take a moment to take it all in and feel really thankful to be in that place at that moment.

The social and political climate in the U.S. feels very broken to say the least. We entered the new year in a government shutdown, followed by a lot of racial conflict surrounding the SuperBowl. Now last week there was a lot of outrage towards some really offensive blackface merchandise produced by Gucci, Prada and Moncler. A number of popular celebs and influencers are now calling for a boycott of these brands. Similarly a few weeks ago a number of celebs, athletes and media personalities called for a boycott of the SuperBowl and encouraged people not to watch the game. The SuperBowl is a major event nationwide and these brands are Global Fashion Houses so naturally, these individual events affect everyone’s opinion. We all start to think of our position and where we stand on all these issues. My break from social media during all this racial and political conflict, allowed me to think as an individual on all these topics. Verses being caught up in popular opinion or whats circulating on my feed.
For me it’s interesting that trending away from instagram a place that was created for people to express their uniqueness and personal aesthetics has turned into me preserving my individuality. My own mind, my own thoughts, my own decisions.

VD1Social media has a huge impact on our lives but the most important thing we have to remember about it, is that it’s not a love language. It’s a place where everyone shares and everyone forms opinions based on what they see. So consume and share with caution. I think the most refreshing part of my hiatus is that when I meet new people and they go “whats your Instagram?’ I get to say “I’m not on Instagram at the moment” or in other words, “no you cannot try to dissect who I am or what my life is about in number of perfectly filtered squares on an app in your phone.” People seem to forget the basics of forming friendships. They don’t have to start with “I was at Burning Man or Coachella last year too,” or “oh my God I love the new Annabels!” Comments based solely on a photo on your timeline trying to find a reason to connect. Perhaps this makes me less “cool,” not sure, but not worried about it.
My only disadvantage to not being on IG at the moment is not being able to share my personal style from my blogposts with a larger audience outside of my followers. Surprisingly 6000 of you still stopped by my blog this past month. Thank you all so much for your loyalty, your support and the great emails and messages I’ve received from you all.


Now that you’re all caught up with what’s been going on in my mind, let’s talk FASHUN!
If you’re looking for a super easy way to update your look or pieces to shop to update your closet the :

1. Winter White 

2. Neon trend

are two very easy ways to step into a very NOW 2019 YOU. I decided to combine both trends because honestly, I’m lazy to go out and shoot in the cold  Pairing a neon top with a black bottom you already have in your closet or vice versa  is an easy, peasy trend update.

VD15Also, pants suits are having a moment from winter straight into spring. I love the winter white look because the best part is I can wear the entire look later on as separates, even into summer. I wear long sleeved v- neck, black bodysuits under my clothing in the winter time, so I apologize for all the V lines that you’re seeing under this top. This was all in an effort to try to stay warm.

VD103. Another major trend that’s an easy way to add a very now appeal to an outfit is the Transparent handbag.

Whether they are lucite boxes from Louis Vuitton, elegantly eclectic purses from Staud or affordable and fashion forward totes  from Topshop like the one I’m currently wearing, these handbags are a great way to add some transparency to your life.

PS. everything that could possibly happen weather-wise, happened during this shoot. Its actually pretty hilarious. The sky became overcast with clouds, we had 30 minutes of snow flurries and EXTREME winds, all in the single hour I allocated to shoot this look. However, I persevered because I knew if I didn’t get it done on Wednesday it wouldn’t happen since my plans for the remainder of my week extended into the weekend.

February is always a very big month for my blog because I launched this site Feb 14th 2015.  The Look By Sherece is now in its fourth year. I shot this look with a new Sony mirrorless camera and I’m also playing with a new look for my photos to celebrate my blogs birthday.  Would love to hear your thoughts .My next look is going be so much fun, I just hope the weather gods are with me next week

VD14I do miss my Instagram gang sliding into my DMs, so don’t be shy or afraid to slide into my comment section below. Happy Shopping Lovies. Big Kiss


Mango pin striped tailored coat ( ON SALE )

Zara crepe blazer

Zara high- waisted pants

Zara neon yellow knit top

Zara large gold hoop earrings

Topshop PU tote (sold out ) similar here and here

Maison Margiela boots (old )

Photographer : Michelle Ester

5 thoughts on “Transparency Trending”

  1. These are some very important points…happy I got the chance to read this. I’m sure alot of people will appreciate this blog post. Sometimes we need to actually hear it from someone else to truly come to realization of what Social media truly does to our livelihood. Thanks for this @thelookbyshere!

  2. So happy to see you writing again!

    I agree breaks are needed. Humans are not meant to be attached to digital devices. Social media can be rewarding and positive. However like they say too much of something is never good.

    Keep glowing!


    P.S – I would love to see you post some of your favorite work out brands/pieces. I am always looking for new pieces especially sports bras. It’s so hard when you are skinny and busty.

  3. Just read your post I wondered what happened to you but was busy at work so didn’t have a chance. Well done it’s really hard to switch off and enjoy the moment. As a rule I usually do 5mins for pics and all then the rest of the time enjoy it and most of the times I don’t post whilst it’s happening. I end up posting when I get home I found it works for me but we are happy seeing your fashion posts all the same though your free spirited , spontaneous fun videos will be missed x

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