The Do’s of Valentine’s Day if you’re ValentineLESS

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1) Go watch 50 Shades of Grey if even just to see what all the fuss is about. Pick a showtime when you know you will have absolutely nothing to do.  Maybe like dinner time 8pm. Lord knows a great restaurant is the last place you want to be on Valentines Day. We’ve all seen Sex & The City The movie.  Not the best look or feeling if you don’t have a love date….no mattter how much you love your best friends. If you read the book and loved it, this is an opportunity to play out a Valentine Fantasy on the Big Screen. Buy advance tickets online and arrive early to get a good seat.  Personally this is a flick I could watch alone. Me, myself and some candy…..chocolates preferably If I haven’t already convinced you to see it, click here

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2) Buy Valentine’s Day gifts or treats for your close friends and/or your family. Just because you do not have a Valentine, do not mean that you does not have people who love you or hold you dear to their heart. Pop into your local pharmacy and pick up some candy, cards and stuffed animals. If you have the time and an extra $20, take them to the gift wrapping department at Bloomingdales and have them beautifully wrapped The thank you text messages alone will warm your heart and give a whole new meaning to this love day.

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3)Brunch at Bergdorfs. If you’re a shopaholic like I am, you know there is nothing better than having a bite to eat and a few glasses of prosecco with your favorite gal pal before burning a small hole in your wallet. On VDAY Bergdorf Goodman is the perfect place for a single gal to do that. Chances of you being surrounded by couples canoodling is zero to one. There might just be that one guy who has to take his sugar baby out for brunch on vday since he has to take the wife out at dinner.  Another reason for combining brunch with shopping I suppose. Eat, drink then splurge Seriously though, the view of Central Park is pretty amazing at brunch time and the food is delish also. Make a reservation in advance since VDAY may be a popular day for dining there.

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4) SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING! Not only is it Valentine’s Day, it’s also Fashion Week in NYC. A number of stores will be having events. Log onto your favorite stores websites, SAKS, MACY’s, Topshop etc and see what’s happening in your area. This is the perfect day to not only go shopping but also dress fab while doing it. Fashion Week is all the excuse you need. Definitely go with a friend, this way you can take each others #OOTD pics PLUS you will need someone there to talk you out of that “if nobody loves me, my credit card loves me” purchase Retail therapy is a girls best therapy. Treat yourself to something that you love   and have been coveting. Choose something that will love you back even more the more you wear it……NO IMPULSE BUYS Make sure you absolutely cannot live without it.

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5) Make time for a long bath. I’m  a huge bubble bath enthusiast. I take baths almost every night before bed because it’s my way of unwinding and relaxing. Take some time out to pamper yourself. If the bubble bath idea is totally brand new to you, here are a few bath time necessities to get acquainted with.

Bath-Time-Relax-Time Starter Kit

1) Get a bath caddy. One that will not rust  but also looks great in your bath tub when you are not using it.  Your caddy will fit anything from a book to an ipad and a glass of wine. Click here to view my favorite bath caddy.

2) Find a comfy bath pillow. If you really plan on relaxing you’re going to need some kind of cushioning for your head and back. This bath pillow was my first, I actually got it as a gift from my neighbor and I fell in love. The best part is that it cushions your head, neck and back and it’s covered in cloth on the side your head rests which only makes it more comfortable to lay on.

3) Now that you are all set up, all you need are some great bath products. I’m  a big fan of Bath & Body works because they are always inventing new fragrances for their bubble baths. I recently started exploring aromatherapy and I must say, I feel like it works.  I’ve started to supplement my usual Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath for the Bath & Body works Aromatherapy line. Their aromatherapy products are geared towards sleep and stress relief. I’ve only tried the sleep products so far since right before bed is usually when I have time for a long bath. I feel very relaxed and soothed after a long soak. Your bath essentials are one of the luxuary bubble baths plus the bath soak crystals. For me the bath crystals enhance the scent more than anything else. While the tap is running just add a cap full or two cap fulls. Either one works and the scent is never too overwhelming. Next, sit back relax, enjoy and unwind. You’re sure to feel the soothing effects of these fragrances.

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