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Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic : The Details #VCPC10

Do you like to kick start your summer with a bang?
Well if you do this is the perfect event to get your wheels revving for some summer time fun. It’s an excellent excuse to spend quality time with your girls and just have a bubbly summer day.
This year was my first year attending the Polo Classics in NYC and boy am I glad I went. Everything about the event is exceptionally executed.


Here’s everything you need to know about attending the VC Polo Classics.

First Question: WHAT TICKET TO BUY?

I bought tickets for the Rosé Garden, and I had no regrets. Yes, the price is a bit steep being $500, but the experience you get is entirely worth it. Here are a few reasons why.


1) For starters, you get an EXPRESS lane for the ferry. Meaning priority boarding when you’re both arriving and leaving the event. This is something you will want, as all of NYC’s fashion frenzied ladies and gentlemen will ALL be there. In short, the ferry line was ridiculous, and you can’t skip it unless you have this ticket.

2) You get tables and chairs to sit on to watch the game. No camping out on the grass, no need to set up a picnic, or lug around all the things you would need to do that to the event. Everything is set up and waiting for your arrival. Tables and chairs, complete with umbrellas to protect you from the sun.
If you don’t have an umbrella at your table, you could always request one.
I’m never looking for a tan, at least not from NYC sun rays. It’s just always bad for my skin and so damaging!  UMBRELLA-ME-UP please!


3) You get a bottle of champagne of your choice with the ticket.  You’re allowed two more champagne cocktails for purchase at around $23-$26 each depending on your choice. I thought that this was a little weird. Maybe it was an incentive for you to not consume more than one entire bottle of champagne for the day. However, I still feel like since they are allowing you to have two more glasses, they should be free, or included in the $500 you spent on the ticket.

4) The lines for food and champagne are not UBER long, so there’s not much of a wait to get what you came there for, THE BOOS

But wait not so fast, let’s talk about the food. I wasn’t happy AT ALL. The only thing in my snack box that was somewhat satisfying for my palate was the watermelon and tomato salad. Not to mention the wooden spoon/fork and knife.
That was just unpleasant for me to eat with. What ever happened to good old plastic? How am I suppose to cut my beef with a wooden knife? I may look like a Barbie doll, but I’m not.  It just didn’t feel right putting wood in my mouth. It’s just not the type of wood I’m used to.

See below for the contents of my lunch box. Not a happy Jamaican girl. That leafy salad with the beef had no dressing FYI, there was just some kind of green dip for your cold beef. Yuck!

This was the only moment I had to leave the Rosè Garden. I left to buy food from the food trucks outside. I bought chicken fingers and french fries, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches with more fries and potato salad. Me and my girls ate it ALL.
Everyone who walked by our table was mesmerised by the smell and kept asking us “where did you guys get that yummy stuff?” #FoodTruck. The one with the American flags. I’m so sorry I did not have pictures of the food because they even stuck little tiny American flags in everything like thy were trying to “make food great again.”

5) I’m not sure what the bathroom situation was like on the other side. However, the restrooms in the Rosè Garden were like the Bentleys of porter potties. Complete with air conditioning, excess toilet paper and even staff to make sure that it remained squeaky clean for a pleasant bathroom experience. They had two mirrors. A huge one over the sink and then a full length one by the door so that you could make sure your makeup and #OOTD was on point before you went back to play.

6) The Rosè Garden was just INSTA-READY! The garden decor was gorgeous and there were so many cute set ups for photo opportunities, with no crazy long lines to use them. It was like Blogger Heaven.
I saw the lines outside the garden when I went to buy food. They looked like you would miss an hour or two of the party, just to get one pic.



7) You get a free pair of sunglasses with your Rosè Garden ticket. You will need them if you did not bring stylish sunnies of your own. The sun is dazzling everywhere you go.
I brought my sunglasses, but they are more of a fashion statement than protective eyewear. I still wore mine anyway and stashed the free pair in my purse. Tee-hee-hee


Everyone I came across was really friendly. It’s a great social event. I’m pretty sure this was not just in the garden but everywhere.  People greeted you with smiles and a compliment and that was a reason to start a converstaion. So much fun and some real positive vibes. I loved it! The polo match and the Alicia Keys performance was like a bonus for me because I came across so many beautiful and engaging men and women.


So if none of these reasons appeal to you, then, by all means, buy a regular ticket.
PERSONALLY the Rosè Garden ticket is just a far better experience. It made the whole event feel very LUXY and Glamorous for me, like the lifestyle that comes with polo.

Second Question: Is there anything that I need to bring to the event or anything else I need to know?

1) Flats/Flip-flops may be a good idea
The walk from the ferry to the venue is intense. It’s about a 15-minute walk. Arriving you can avoid it by getting into one those buggies as we did. They work based on tips and saved me from having to trek for 15 minutes in 6-inch platforms.

Going home however the buggies are all off duty. So you might want to bring a pair of flats or sandals to rescue you from your day of drinking in the sun. Luckily I got this memo and squeezed a pair of flats into my Peekaboo.

2) Umbrella
At some point during the game, they were closing all the umbrellas at the tables. They claimed it was because it was too windy. Whatever the reason I was happy that my girlfriend brought her umbrella because I quickly kidnapped it for a little shade.

3) Hats
So if you’re a hat person, then wear one. Here’s the con of wearing a hat. You will have a shadow over your face in every one of your photos. So then you’ll want to take it off, and then you’ll have hat hair. A hat is a good idea if you don’t mind the shadow or you’re not a picture person in general.

4) Sunscreen
I didn’t wear any, but if you get sunburn easily, you will probably need some sunscreen.  I tried to stay under an umbrella for most of the event.

Third Question: Is there anything you would do differently to enhance your Veuve Cliquot Polo Experience.

1) Arrive an hour before the event started.
This way I could walk around and take all the necessary photos with the adorable floral arrangements and then party like a rockstar for the rest of the event. I would also get choice seating when choosing tables. So worth it for me to be there before everyone else.

2) Figure out how to get an all Access Pass so that I could also explore the invitation only area. It’s always great to party with celebs because just being there you feel like you’re one of them.  Nicole Kidman and Kendall Jenner were in attendance along with many other celebs. I wonder if they had access to better food or more BOOS?


Your dresscode for  VC Polo is day time glam.

  – If you ever thought about wearing matte or daytime sequins, this would be the perfect place for it because everyone if impeccably dressed. It almost felt like more of a style event than a polo match.
–  Statement accessories are a must. It doesn’t have to be designer, but it should be eye catching, bold prints, bright colors, embroidered details are all a yes!

So lets talk about my look. I’m super excited about it because it’s  a sample of  one of my designs from my very own collection. It was a huge hit at the event, and everyone asked about it. I was happy to have my business cards on hand with all my contact info. YAAAY!

I’m  personally obsessed with this look because of the colors of the brocade. They are just unbelievablely girly and whimsical. You can’t tell from the photos, but the edges of the shorts and ruffle on top are trimmed with embroidered beads and tiny crystals. It just gives the outfit a extra life or glam if you will, without being flashy.



IMG_2642If you have any interests in placing an order, please email me for details.
The other popular question was about my heels. How do I walk in them on the grass? Answer: Unicorn Magic!   No, really the secret is that the heels are wide, they are actually about an inch thick at the base, so it prevents you from sinking into the grass. Also, they are platforms, so there was no struggle for my in-step.

IMG_2674I’m definitely attending next year unless I’m pregnant and married to someone in a foreign country.  Then and only then will a luxy event for day drinking not be on my summer event list.


Three of my photos have been entered in the Veuve Clicquot Style Contest. All you have to do is click on the links below to vote. The voting is done through your Facebook page. This is just to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

All you have to do is click each link below then click VOTE! Nothing to fill out. Just 2 clicks!

It’s takes less than a minute and it would mean so much to have your support since I designed the outfit myself. Thanks so much for your time and be sure to let me know if you vote! xoxoSB

Entry 1


Entry 2


Entry 3



Ruffle Crop Top and Shorts : Custom designed for my Collection

Fendi Can Eye sunglasses

Fendi medium embellished Peekaboo handbag ( Runway S/S 17)

Gucci leather stacked heel platform pumps

Matchesfashion Pop-up Shop in NYC

If you haven’t heard of Matchesfashion, you need to crawl slowly from under that rock and discover this online mega fashion paradise. held a three-day fashion residency in NYC at the fabulous World of McIntosh (WOM)  four-story townhouse complete with indoor swimming pool and a fantastic rooftop terrace!  Matchesfashion treated guests to brunch, cocktails, music, fashion and an up close preview of the Fall 2016 collections and vacation edit. As if this wasn’t enough to make any girl happy, you could also talk and interact with top names shaping the fashion and art world like Leandra Medine of Manrepellar, The Coveteur, Eugene Tong and Paddle8.

IMG_6393 IMG_6408 IMG_6409


IMG_6386I found my #Happyplace by the indoor swimming pool. Pristine pools of water are magnetic  for nonswimmers.  Who needs pink swans and unicorns when I can have giraffes and zebras to cuddle with me? One of the giraffes told me that I should skip kissing frogs in search of my prince charming and kiss a few giraffes and zebras on my journey instead. Agreed!

IMG_0024_1 IMG_0044_1 IMG_0048_1Now let’s get to the interesting stuff.  The Q&A with Leandra Medine and Natalie Kingham (buying director of Matchesfashion) was informative and insightful.  They discussed how social media and blogs were shaping and changing the way we digest fashion information and as a result the way we shop.
Buyers have the difficult job of creating a shopping selection that has something that speaks to the style sense of every consumer. I learned that even though a buyer’s personal taste automatically influences their style, it’s important to try to disassociate from this natural instinct and think “is there a consumer for this item, even if you wouldn’t wear it?”

image2 image1

My favorite quote by Medine was “your closet shouldn’t look like the grocery aisle in a supermarket.” As fashion savvy as the author appears on Manrepellar, she does not recommend buying things simply because they are new, hot or trending. It’s hard for us not to give in to this urge of shopping “on trend” items when they are parading down our timeline and bouncing off the glossy pages of this month’s issue of InStyle or Vogue magazine and into your subconscious. I suppose my wallet, credit limits, and monthly bills provide checks and balances when my subsconsious starts to speak to me. When I tried to splurge on $605 Aquazzura raffia pom-pom sandals, my debit card  said “you have to pay taxes this month,” then my subconscious replied “but you’ll need them if you decide to go to St. Tropez this summer. Finally, the  $495 available credit on my Amex had the last word. Boo! Anyway, I had just as much fun  exploring the  pop-up shop as I would actually shopping.


It’s super easy to get caught up in the fashion frenzy when everyone looks so perfect and chic. Leandra was super honest in saying that even though Matchesfashion decorated her in a beautiful spotted Osman coat, the price tag, in addition to not being able to wear it a gazillion times during the spring, makes it impractical if you’re ballin’ on a budget. If you feel like you absolutely need it, then you can shop it here.
Not much to say about this look other than, everything I am wearing I’ve had for over three years, except for the shoes. H&M top and Zara skirt.


I would love to prepare a similar look for you to shop but unfortunately, it’s 70 degrees outside today and mommy wants to go out for a play date. Check back this post tomorrow and I will share some faves in order to GET THE LOOK!  Happy Sunday Lovies xoxoSB


Photographer : Ramone Henry

MY RACHEL ZOE REPORT – Viewing the Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation

When I think of the brand Rachel Zoe, immediately a very polished look and cohesive ensemble with really defined shapes come to mind. Rachel Zoe is very good at doing “glam”, and this is what she brought to her Spring/Summer 2016 presentation. The supermodels of the late 70’s and early 80’s in all their glamour inspired the collection. There were blouses with exaggerated ruffles and bell sleeves that all the hip- pretty-young-things would love to wear on a daily basis. As well as floor-length dresses with detailed beading and embellishments that would glide you over the velvet ropes at Studio 54.


For the show, I was channelling my inner 70’s chic in all her glory!




I felt like a walking fall trend report. Platforms, box-purse, tie-neck blouse, paisley print, suede, fringe, mini skirt, and bell sleeves all in one cohesive yet fun ensemble.




Not quite the look described in Bette Davis Eyes, that played while the models did their finale run for the presentation. However, this look captured the attitude depicted by Kim Carnes. A woman who’s gleaming with confidence and naturally able to command the attention of a room with her look.


Singing – “And she’ll tease you, she’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious
And she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she’s a spy, she’s got Bette Davis eyes”


 You don’t need movie star genes to look amazing. You just need to dress well! Meaning loving and owning all your best features and playing them up with all the trends you love. As women we have so many different options to play with in fashion, so take advantage and get as glammed as you would like. You’re sure to find a few must-have pieces to channel your inner 70s IT Girl from the Rachel Zoe Spring/ Summer Collection, so be on the lookout for when it hits stores. xoxoSB



Zara printed blouse

Zara suede leather waistcoat

H&M embossed leather mini skirt (old)

Schutz platform (similar here )

Photographer : Ramone Henry

A Look at The Roaring Twenties at The Art for Life Party

I was beyond psyched to attend the Art for Life party in South Hampton this year. It’s always an evening filled with a lot of culture, swankiness, and fun. Everything from being shuttled to the mammoth tent on the picturesque Fairview Farms to the explosion of art, music, and fashion that you’re bombarded with upon entering makes this something to look forward to each year.


The evening marked the 20th anniversary of the Art for Life foundation and 16th anniversary of the Gala in South Hampton. The Roaring Twenties theme was beyond suitable to celebrate two decades of unlocking opportunities for young Americans through access to the art world.

The Roaring Twenties marked an era of unprecedented freedom for women as well as an increased visibility of black culture.

The Roaring Twenties marked an era of unprecedented freedom for women as well as an increased visibility of black culture. Art for Life is one of the few charity events or galas held in the Hamptons where the African American community is very visible in attendance. When I go to a lot of other parties or events in the Hamptons, I’m usually one of the few black women present, so it’s always a great feeling to walk into a room that has a more even racial and cultural distribution and an even more dominant presence of successful and influential people all under one roof.


It was like walking into a speakeasy overlooking the Bay. Wooden crates and liquor barrels were comouflaged by fringed bodices and beaded hems, and the waitstaff circulated the room offering Bombay Sapphire boos after hors d’oeuvres followed by rosé or sparkling wine.


I was beyond impressed with how great everyone looked. It seemed that all the guests were just as excited to attend a Gatsby-themed party as I was! They planned their outfits to the T!







Some couples were so cute with the theme. They looked so amazing and so perfect together. . .I was jealous!

IMG_6023b IMG_6000b

This was my favorite couple of the evening. . .how cute is he with his little hat on?!

Too adorable. #MommysLittleGentleman


While others skipped out on the Roaring Twenties theme, they did not look any less well dressed for the gala. Everyone looked beautiful.


Some patrons turned to big fashion labels like Herve Leger for their twenties-inspired looks.

IMG_6062b IMG_6113b

Angela Simmons turned to popular dress designer Jovani for her embellished number at the gala. . .


. . .While others like myself and my fellow FashionBomb blogger Claire Sulmers pulled an oldie but goodie from my closet.


My dress is from Topshop. I bought it four years ago when they opened their first location in Soho. It was from their Dress Me Up line and MAAAAN was it a hit at the party. I’ve never been more overwhelmed by compliments at any one event. People just loved this dress! #YaayMe!

IMG_5909 IMG_5937

I felt pretty and sparkly and sexy! Just call me Mrs. Va-Va-Vroom for the rest of the night.


Everyone got creative with their headpieces and accessories, turning everything from flowers to Chanel belts into flapper accessories.

IMG_6044b IMG_6084b IMG_6219b IMG_6220b

There was no element of fashion from the Roaring Twenties that was missing from this party. Like Bevy Smith said, “They nailed it!”


I took a minute to pop into a few photos with Russell Simmons, founder of the Art for Life foundation, Marc Leder of the board of directors, and some partygoers before heading into the dining room for dinner.


After the cocktail hour, it was time to head inside for dinner. The dining room was beautifully decorated and the food was divine! I felt like the menu was made specifically for me with the savory jerk chicken, plantains, and rice and black beans. #JamaicanInTheHouse There was a party in my mouth and my belly did not want it to end! #NomNom However there were also lots of vegan and gluten-free offerings for each course of the menu as well.

There was a party in my mouth and my belly did not want it to end!


Dave Chappelle was one of the honorees of the evening.


I had a chance to catch up with him after dinner. He was sitting outside on the steps watching several white swans play in the bay in the still of the night. Much unlike his vibrant and intoxincatingly comedic self on stage, he was soft spoken and sweet, and he seemed to be enjoying some of the simpler pleasures of the evening. He said it was his first time in the Hamptons and it was a great experience for him.


Amidst all the glam and the delicious entrees were displays of the artwork by children and adults who directly benefitted from this charity. While looking at the artwork, listening to the honorees’ speeches during dinner, and seeing the recipients of the Kimora Lee Simmons Scholarship and graduates of the Rush Teen Programs, you really begin to understand the objective of Art for Life.


No one really needs art to live, so of course some people may wonder: How does art help people? Access to nice artwork is typically associated with the rich and the affluent, so how can giving children access to art be beneficial to their life structure or quality of life?

How can giving children access to art be beneficial to their life structure or quality of life?

Art is necessary for our creative development. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, a comedian, a DJ, or a painter, cultivating your creative interests gives you awareness to what you like or skills you may possess that would otherwise go unnoticed without artistic programs or activities. A quote from Bevy Smith said it best: “Art for Life is about children, learning, and exploring their creativity not just learning about how to be an artist, but how to be inspired by art!”

IMG_6170b IMG_6169b IMG_6168b

There was a live auction where everything from taking over Russell Simmons’ Twitter account for a day (estimated value $15,000) to a dinner date with Selita Ebanks (estimated value $3000) was sold.


The event was everything I expected plus more. One of my favorite parts of the evening in previous years was hitting the dance floor and getting to party with the attendees. However, this year, that segment was short-lived due to the lengthy speeches. A few other patrons I spoke with complained about this and spent a lot of time outside by the bar socializing until it was time to hit the dance floor again. I was a little disappointed but not mad. We were here for a cause, not for me to get my groove on too much.

Perfect theme, perfectly dressed and fashionable attendees, a truly special cause, and a magnificent evening! Hope to see you next year at the next Art for Life gala in South Hampton. xoxoSB


Photos by Tovah-marie Bembridge

The SoHo Launch Party

I feel like I’m always trying to come up with a new way to celebrate my birthday each year. Sometimes I want to plan an intimate event with friends where we can just drink and dance the evening away, totally unbothered. The issue is always the WHERE?

I attended the launch of a new event space called The SoHo last Thursday and absolutely fell in love. No, no new heartthrob, but rather a new fun space to love. Somewhere I could get all my friends together just for a chill evening and blast the music all night long, or even host a fancy schmancy dinner at a loft space because I can.#WishfulThinking


For the launch event, the room was set up for a party. So a lot of the dining, furniture, etc. was moved out to allow maximum room for everyone to enjoy themselves. And enjoy themselves they did!  Every time I looked around, more people kept on popping out of the elevator doors, but hardly anyone was leaving.

Every time I looked around, more people kept on popping out of the elevator doors, but hardly anyone was leaving.



The room was the perfect temperature —cool and comfortable—even though outside was a bit humid from the rain earlier. The way the space is structured gave the party a relaxed vibe. I think that’s what made people want to stay longer. It wasn’t like attending an event at a night club space or corporate space.  Definitely a “no pressure” environment. You can just party, eat, drink, relax, and schmooze. Click here to see all the other possibilities for layout as well as services offered.

Definitely a “no pressure” environment.



The downtown space had that characteristic Soho loft hominess about it.



Everything from the mega high ceilings, the choice of finishes and furniture, to the colorful inner sides of the  elevator doors as you went from floor to floor gave the space the quintessential SoHo vibe.






Maybe no one wanted to leave because of the never-ending pour of red or white wine  from the charismatic and candid staff.


Not to mention the delicious hors d’oeuvres and tantalizing tasty preparations by the chef that circulated the room all night. It wasn’t my event but I could see myself hosting a party just like this. #Fancy


You’re probably wondering what was missing . . . or what the space lacked. Let’s see . . . an outdoor space? Absolutely not. There was indeed an 800 square foot outdoor space complete with furniture and nice views. Perfect for socializing with the girls or the guys on a cool summer afternoon.

You’re probably wondering what was missing . . . or what the space lacked.









I spent most of the evening talking to interesting people and taking a few flicks here and there. It was an excellent networking event. One minute you could be talking to a super successful media consultant , or taking a jello shot…



…and the next minute talking up an entrepreneur like Joseph Pinion, the owner of these yummy alcohol-infused popsicles everyone was eating. They were a big hit at the party. (What’s not to love about a champagne-flavored popsicle?!)


One of my personal favorite things about this event space is that it had three rooms at the back that could be used for anything from a bedroom to a viewing room for a film.


I was definitely impressed with the versatility of the space. It made me want to have a party ASAP! 

Whether you are looking to host a fun after hours, engagement party,  bridal shower or corporate  business dinner or presentation, The Soho is definitely a space to keep in mind for your next intimate function.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my look at The SoHo.


For more information and booking, visit www.TheSoho.NYC.

Saying Hello to SUMMER in South Hampton

Hello my fashion belles and beauts, aren’t you all ecstatic that we have finally entered the summer season? For most NYC girls, your weekends will now begin and end in the Hamptons.  Long beach days, late brunches, charity events, Saturday night parties, and after parties . Let the games begin!

IMG_4022I fell in love with the color and cut of this Zara dress. Burnt orange and sandy hues are all the rage this summer. This dress is an easy way to try out this color trend without thinking too much about it or breaking the bank. #TheLookforLe$$




My favorite thing about this dress is the  placement of the cut-outs all over, and how it cinches my waist.  It’s  flowy and pretty, yet extremely sexy. Perfect for a daytime brunch party with the girlies. I was  dressed and headed to the kick-off of the  Day & Night brunch in South Hampton.




I decided to stick to neutral tones but added a bit of va-va-vroom with these suede Miu Miu gladiator sandals from Net-a-porter.  Love! Love! Love!



This is my first time wearing them, and they were as  comfortable as can be. The heel is just the right height, and it looks like you’re walking on glass heels when you wear them. So chic!

It looks like you’re walking on glass heels when you wear them. So chic!





When dressing for the Hamptons, you want to be chic,

yet not so dressed up that you appear to be trying too hard. It can get tricky, but when in doubt, just go with what feels comfortable. If the heels are  too high to walk in,  ditch them, and if the skirt is so tight that it keeps riding up, you may want to ditch that too.

Wear accessories that accentuate your outfit, not overpower your look.




The Day & Night brunch party is DEFINITELY  “A  DO” on Saturdays if you’re out East.

The music is incredible, all the people are as well dressed as I am , and the vibe is just super fun. Beautiful people lounge on the day beds or dance in the garden, drinking rose or prosecco poolside. You’re bound to leave with a few new friends and maybe even a few telephone numbers !


One of my favorite things about the summer is all the excitement that it comes with. Everyone is looking forward to something. New parties, exciting travel plans, in my case new hangbags and shoes ……lol……for others a new lover…..maybe. Whatever you are looking forward to, make it happen, and may your summer fun never end. Namaste biotches  xoxoSB



Zara off-the shoulder dress

H&M beaded turquoise earrings ( similar here )

Miu Miu seude gladiator sandals

Chloe Drew bag

Sunday Funday

Happy Memorial Weekend my lovies.

I hope you all are having a great time. We’ve managed to avoid the rain this weekend, but the temperature readings could be a little higher today. One of my favorite things about late spring is the opening of the roof lounges for the summer season. As a Jamaican, you live for outdoor parties. Living in New York City, rooftop lounges are the closest you get to that.  Last Sunday my friend was hosting the opening of STK roof, so I got dressed and ready for a super warm #SundayFunday in meatpacking.


The secret to dressing for a #SundayFunday is what I call DAYTIME GLAM! You want to look dressed up but in an understated kind of way. I love color, beading and embellished stuff for day time. However, say NO to that shiny sequin dress.  Sundays are usually a more relaxed day in Manhattan. I’ve been raving about the tie-neck-blouse all season, and this is the perfect opportunity to get in on the trend. This style is absolutely great paired with your favorite distressed jeans and high-heels. I absolutely love destroyed denim shorts, I’ll take them in all lengths, colors and brands, THANK YOU



These shorts are from Urban Outfitters , and it is my go-to place to shop for affordable denim shorts. They have a brand called Urban Renewal that revamps vintage Levi’s into all different styles. They have short ones, boyfriend style, high waisted and low- rise options. Click  here to see more options from this brand.

I love the wash of these jeans as well as how perfectly distressed they look. They have that worn look that I love. I hate buying distressed jeans and it looks like someone just got busy with a pair of scissors yesterday. I hate anything UNauthentic!

Buy them! If for no other reason, they make your ASS  look A-MA-ZING!


IMG_3814  IMG_3831



The biggest challenge of hanging out in The Meatpacking District is walking in high heels. That cobblestone paved road is a shoe killer….lol. You have to be particularly careful! Strategically walking on the tips of your toes instead of your heels helps.  I did not want to risk getting a nasty tear or jab in the suede of these Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals. They are just TOO PRETTY  

Have you ever had something, that because you loved it too much, you almost didn’t want to wear it? I got these last year and this is their second time in the streets…

Strategically walking on the tips of your toes instead of your heels helps. 




To shoot this look, I did the walking in intervals


Walked a little…..



Talked a little ……


Then walked around a little more!



It was really nice out. All the restaurants were buzzing with people and the streets filled with people walking around. We made it all the  way up to 83 degrees, so it was a great day to sit out in the sun and sip on some ice cold rose.


The best thing about having brunch at STK Roof is your undisturbed views of the  High Line. Good music, great food, fantastic views and great shoes What more could a New York City girl ask for on a Sunday?  Oh yea….great company and that was defnitely a CHECK PLUS xoxoSB






Beaded Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals ( old, Summer 2014)

SHOES : For a similar look but affordable option, try these sandals or this beaded option both from Schutz

Urban Renewal high – waited distressed denim shorts (old , similar here)

Topshop printed tie-neck blouse

Chanel medium boy bag

Topshop wooden red earrings

BCBG beaded bracelet (old)

BCBG beaded belt

Zara  gold bracelets

H&M midi rings ( similar here )


The Little Brown Dress

Hello my spring belles and beaus, I hope you all had a fantastic week and a great weekend! Thursday is my absolute favorite day of the week, and this Thursday I got some friends together for a #GIRLSNIGHTOUT.


The Grand Salon Lounge at the newly opened Baccarat Hotel and Residences. There’s no point in having great style with no one to see it. So a girls night out anywhere that’s new and trending is always a great place to showcase your It Girl Style. I must say that I was extremely impressed

The lounge is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL;it’s shiny and decadent as though it was built for a princess.


What I wore:

This look is so affordable, yet so trendy and chic, I had to share it with you guys. (All of my photos are just iPhone pics because this post was totally unplanned).Earth tones are a big hit this season. All shades of brown, army green or clay corals are a YES! This brown H&M trend dress fits great and the texture of the fabric combined with the length gives it a very polished look.

All shades of brown, army green and clay corals are a YES!. 


Naturally , I had to add my touch  to make it a bit more glam for an evening out on the town with the ladies. I added this H&M shell necklace to give the appearance of an embellished neckline. Despite it’s size and bulkiness, it added an understated glam effect to my little brown dress. Loved that!

The shells + the brown earthy tone of this dress were a perfect pair.



And here you have it. A glammed up girls night out look all from H&M!

Yes these roses are real. Pretty amazing right!


These python print gold Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and purse gave the perfect accent to an already complete look. You guys may remember these sandals from my travel post Resort Style of a Bond Girl in St. Barth’s.I’m wearing them here in a much different setting with a very different look. They are comfortable and worth every penny. The matching purse is pretty cool too. I’m big on combining affordable clothing with high-end handbags and shoes. This way, you have the freedom of trying out as many new trends as you like and experimenting with fun outfits without breaking the bank.

20150502080325 20150502080337

Happy shopping, lovies, and be sure to check out this new lounge. Between sitting on coyote-haired chairs and dining on crystal, you are sure to become submerged in the decadent ambiance of this new lounge. Well done, Baccarat, and cheers ! xoxoSB



H&M fitted dress

H&M shell necklace

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed bag ( similar here )



Today Thursday February 12th, 2015 the The Look By Sherece is LIVE!!! I just wanted to take the time out to thank EVERYONE who supported me and pushed me to do this. Top three motivators, my mom, my aunt and Richard. It has always been an idea of mine but you all really believed in me and my sense of style. I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life and on #TEAMSHERECE. Loudest cheerleaders, ever! James, Alena and Tovah this blog and none of it’s content would not be possible with out you guys. Best team a girl could ask for. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO VERY MUCH for the time and work you put into The Look By Sherece. xoxoSB

The Do’s of Valentine’s Day if you’re ValentineLESS

Source: Digital Spy

1) Go watch 50 Shades of Grey if even just to see what all the fuss is about. Pick a showtime when you know you will have absolutely nothing to do.  Maybe like dinner time 8pm. Lord knows a great restaurant is the last place you want to be on Valentines Day. We’ve all seen Sex & The City The movie.  Not the best look or feeling if you don’t have a love date….no mattter how much you love your best friends. If you read the book and loved it, this is an opportunity to play out a Valentine Fantasy on the Big Screen. Buy advance tickets online and arrive early to get a good seat.  Personally this is a flick I could watch alone. Me, myself and some candy…..chocolates preferably If I haven’t already convinced you to see it, click here

vday gifts
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2) Buy Valentine’s Day gifts or treats for your close friends and/or your family. Just because you do not have a Valentine, do not mean that you does not have people who love you or hold you dear to their heart. Pop into your local pharmacy and pick up some candy, cards and stuffed animals. If you have the time and an extra $20, take them to the gift wrapping department at Bloomingdales and have them beautifully wrapped The thank you text messages alone will warm your heart and give a whole new meaning to this love day.

Source: The Lodown

3)Brunch at Bergdorfs. If you’re a shopaholic like I am, you know there is nothing better than having a bite to eat and a few glasses of prosecco with your favorite gal pal before burning a small hole in your wallet. On VDAY Bergdorf Goodman is the perfect place for a single gal to do that. Chances of you being surrounded by couples canoodling is zero to one. There might just be that one guy who has to take his sugar baby out for brunch on vday since he has to take the wife out at dinner.  Another reason for combining brunch with shopping I suppose. Eat, drink then splurge Seriously though, the view of Central Park is pretty amazing at brunch time and the food is delish also. Make a reservation in advance since VDAY may be a popular day for dining there.

Photo credit: The Look by Sherece

4) SHOPPING! SHOPPING! SHOPPING! Not only is it Valentine’s Day, it’s also Fashion Week in NYC. A number of stores will be having events. Log onto your favorite stores websites, SAKS, MACY’s, Topshop etc and see what’s happening in your area. This is the perfect day to not only go shopping but also dress fab while doing it. Fashion Week is all the excuse you need. Definitely go with a friend, this way you can take each others #OOTD pics PLUS you will need someone there to talk you out of that “if nobody loves me, my credit card loves me” purchase Retail therapy is a girls best therapy. Treat yourself to something that you love   and have been coveting. Choose something that will love you back even more the more you wear it……NO IMPULSE BUYS Make sure you absolutely cannot live without it.

Source: Evo Merja

5) Make time for a long bath. I’m  a huge bubble bath enthusiast. I take baths almost every night before bed because it’s my way of unwinding and relaxing. Take some time out to pamper yourself. If the bubble bath idea is totally brand new to you, here are a few bath time necessities to get acquainted with.

Bath-Time-Relax-Time Starter Kit

1) Get a bath caddy. One that will not rust  but also looks great in your bath tub when you are not using it.  Your caddy will fit anything from a book to an ipad and a glass of wine. Click here to view my favorite bath caddy.

2) Find a comfy bath pillow. If you really plan on relaxing you’re going to need some kind of cushioning for your head and back. This bath pillow was my first, I actually got it as a gift from my neighbor and I fell in love. The best part is that it cushions your head, neck and back and it’s covered in cloth on the side your head rests which only makes it more comfortable to lay on.

3) Now that you are all set up, all you need are some great bath products. I’m  a big fan of Bath & Body works because they are always inventing new fragrances for their bubble baths. I recently started exploring aromatherapy and I must say, I feel like it works.  I’ve started to supplement my usual Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath for the Bath & Body works Aromatherapy line. Their aromatherapy products are geared towards sleep and stress relief. I’ve only tried the sleep products so far since right before bed is usually when I have time for a long bath. I feel very relaxed and soothed after a long soak. Your bath essentials are one of the luxuary bubble baths plus the bath soak crystals. For me the bath crystals enhance the scent more than anything else. While the tap is running just add a cap full or two cap fulls. Either one works and the scent is never too overwhelming. Next, sit back relax, enjoy and unwind. You’re sure to feel the soothing effects of these fragrances.

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