The SoHo Launch Party

I feel like I’m always trying to come up with a new way to celebrate my birthday each year. Sometimes I want to plan an intimate event with friends where we can just drink and dance the evening away, totally unbothered. The issue is always the WHERE?

I attended the launch of a new event space called The SoHo last Thursday and absolutely fell in love. No, no new heartthrob, but rather a new fun space to love. Somewhere I could get all my friends together just for a chill evening and blast the music all night long, or even host a fancy schmancy dinner at a loft space because I can.#WishfulThinking


For the launch event, the room was set up for a party. So a lot of the dining, furniture, etc. was moved out to allow maximum room for everyone to enjoy themselves. And enjoy themselves they did!  Every time I looked around, more people kept on popping out of the elevator doors, but hardly anyone was leaving.

Every time I looked around, more people kept on popping out of the elevator doors, but hardly anyone was leaving.



The room was the perfect temperature —cool and comfortable—even though outside was a bit humid from the rain earlier. The way the space is structured gave the party a relaxed vibe. I think that’s what made people want to stay longer. It wasn’t like attending an event at a night club space or corporate space.  Definitely a “no pressure” environment. You can just party, eat, drink, relax, and schmooze. Click here to see all the other possibilities for layout as well as services offered.

Definitely a “no pressure” environment.



The downtown space had that characteristic Soho loft hominess about it.



Everything from the mega high ceilings, the choice of finishes and furniture, to the colorful inner sides of the  elevator doors as you went from floor to floor gave the space the quintessential SoHo vibe.






Maybe no one wanted to leave because of the never-ending pour of red or white wine  from the charismatic and candid staff.


Not to mention the delicious hors d’oeuvres and tantalizing tasty preparations by the chef that circulated the room all night. It wasn’t my event but I could see myself hosting a party just like this. #Fancy


You’re probably wondering what was missing . . . or what the space lacked. Let’s see . . . an outdoor space? Absolutely not. There was indeed an 800 square foot outdoor space complete with furniture and nice views. Perfect for socializing with the girls or the guys on a cool summer afternoon.

You’re probably wondering what was missing . . . or what the space lacked.









I spent most of the evening talking to interesting people and taking a few flicks here and there. It was an excellent networking event. One minute you could be talking to a super successful media consultant , or taking a jello shot…



…and the next minute talking up an entrepreneur like Joseph Pinion, the owner of these yummy alcohol-infused popsicles everyone was eating. They were a big hit at the party. (What’s not to love about a champagne-flavored popsicle?!)


One of my personal favorite things about this event space is that it had three rooms at the back that could be used for anything from a bedroom to a viewing room for a film.


I was definitely impressed with the versatility of the space. It made me want to have a party ASAP! 

Whether you are looking to host a fun after hours, engagement party,  bridal shower or corporate  business dinner or presentation, The Soho is definitely a space to keep in mind for your next intimate function.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my look at The SoHo.


For more information and booking, visit www.TheSoho.NYC.

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