The Vivienne Tam Girl

Watching the Vivienne Tam’s Spring/Summer 2016 runway show was like viewing a film you never want to come to an end. Each and every look was something unique and unexpected. The collection comprised everything from skirts with fun stripes and ruffled hems to jumpsuits with a relaxed fit and embroidery that look like both boys and girls could wear them.



My look for the show combined both feminine and boyish features as well. I paired a lace off the shoulder blouse with an androgynous cut culotte jumpsuit.



Backstage after the show I had to ask Vivienne what was her favorite aspect of incorporating street style fashion into her collection. Vivienne loved the fact that she felt limitless with what she could create. With street style, there are “no rules.” Giving her the freedom of creating the Vivienne Tam Woman as a boundless individual who could be “glamourous, or boyish, just whoever they are, without pleasing anyone.”

image1 Combining fashion trends from the 1920’s, a period when women barely had a voice of their own, with the freedom of street culture today, produced so many fun, colorful and easy to wear additions to the spring closet of both men and women, interchangeably might I add.

IMG_7082Personally I loved the freedom and fluidity of the collection. I can relate to wanting to wear a more boyish outfit but yet still adding girly elements to play up my femininity without looking like a walking sex-bomb.




The Vivienne Tam girl is unique and limitless. I am her, you could be her, or I could even be a Vivienne Tam boy, all I have to do is get dressed. I can be whoever I want to be, and so can you. xoxoSB



Zara culotte jumpsuit

H&M lace blouse

Zara box bag

Gucci sandals

Photohrapher: Alena Soboleva

MY RACHEL ZOE REPORT – Viewing the Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation

When I think of the brand Rachel Zoe, immediately a very polished look and cohesive ensemble with really defined shapes come to mind. Rachel Zoe is very good at doing “glam”, and this is what she brought to her Spring/Summer 2016 presentation. The supermodels of the late 70’s and early 80’s in all their glamour inspired the collection. There were blouses with exaggerated ruffles and bell sleeves that all the hip- pretty-young-things would love to wear on a daily basis. As well as floor-length dresses with detailed beading and embellishments that would glide you over the velvet ropes at Studio 54.


For the show, I was channelling my inner 70’s chic in all her glory!




I felt like a walking fall trend report. Platforms, box-purse, tie-neck blouse, paisley print, suede, fringe, mini skirt, and bell sleeves all in one cohesive yet fun ensemble.




Not quite the look described in Bette Davis Eyes, that played while the models did their finale run for the presentation. However, this look captured the attitude depicted by Kim Carnes. A woman who’s gleaming with confidence and naturally able to command the attention of a room with her look.


Singing – “And she’ll tease you, she’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious
And she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she’s a spy, she’s got Bette Davis eyes”


 You don’t need movie star genes to look amazing. You just need to dress well! Meaning loving and owning all your best features and playing them up with all the trends you love. As women we have so many different options to play with in fashion, so take advantage and get as glammed as you would like. You’re sure to find a few must-have pieces to channel your inner 70s IT Girl from the Rachel Zoe Spring/ Summer Collection, so be on the lookout for when it hits stores. xoxoSB



Zara printed blouse

Zara suede leather waistcoat

H&M embossed leather mini skirt (old)

Schutz platform (similar here )

Photographer : Ramone Henry