Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic : The Details #VCPC10

Do you like to kick start your summer with a bang?
Well if you do this is the perfect event to get your wheels revving for some summer time fun. It’s an excellent excuse to spend quality time with your girls and just have a bubbly summer day.
This year was my first year attending the Polo Classics in NYC and boy am I glad I went. Everything about the event is exceptionally executed.


Here’s everything you need to know about attending the VC Polo Classics.

First Question: WHAT TICKET TO BUY?

I bought tickets for the Rosé Garden, and I had no regrets. Yes, the price is a bit steep being $500, but the experience you get is entirely worth it. Here are a few reasons why.


1) For starters, you get an EXPRESS lane for the ferry. Meaning priority boarding when you’re both arriving and leaving the event. This is something you will want, as all of NYC’s fashion frenzied ladies and gentlemen will ALL be there. In short, the ferry line was ridiculous, and you can’t skip it unless you have this ticket.

2) You get tables and chairs to sit on to watch the game. No camping out on the grass, no need to set up a picnic, or lug around all the things you would need to do that to the event. Everything is set up and waiting for your arrival. Tables and chairs, complete with umbrellas to protect you from the sun.
If you don’t have an umbrella at your table, you could always request one.
I’m never looking for a tan, at least not from NYC sun rays. It’s just always bad for my skin and so damaging!  UMBRELLA-ME-UP please!


3) You get a bottle of champagne of your choice with the ticket.  You’re allowed two more champagne cocktails for purchase at around $23-$26 each depending on your choice. I thought that this was a little weird. Maybe it was an incentive for you to not consume more than one entire bottle of champagne for the day. However, I still feel like since they are allowing you to have two more glasses, they should be free, or included in the $500 you spent on the ticket.

4) The lines for food and champagne are not UBER long, so there’s not much of a wait to get what you came there for, THE BOOS

But wait not so fast, let’s talk about the food. I wasn’t happy AT ALL. The only thing in my snack box that was somewhat satisfying for my palate was the watermelon and tomato salad. Not to mention the wooden spoon/fork and knife.
That was just unpleasant for me to eat with. What ever happened to good old plastic? How am I suppose to cut my beef with a wooden knife? I may look like a Barbie doll, but I’m not.  It just didn’t feel right putting wood in my mouth. It’s just not the type of wood I’m used to.

See below for the contents of my lunch box. Not a happy Jamaican girl. That leafy salad with the beef had no dressing FYI, there was just some kind of green dip for your cold beef. Yuck!

This was the only moment I had to leave the Rosè Garden. I left to buy food from the food trucks outside. I bought chicken fingers and french fries, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches with more fries and potato salad. Me and my girls ate it ALL.
Everyone who walked by our table was mesmerised by the smell and kept asking us “where did you guys get that yummy stuff?” #FoodTruck. The one with the American flags. I’m so sorry I did not have pictures of the food because they even stuck little tiny American flags in everything like thy were trying to “make food great again.”

5) I’m not sure what the bathroom situation was like on the other side. However, the restrooms in the Rosè Garden were like the Bentleys of porter potties. Complete with air conditioning, excess toilet paper and even staff to make sure that it remained squeaky clean for a pleasant bathroom experience. They had two mirrors. A huge one over the sink and then a full length one by the door so that you could make sure your makeup and #OOTD was on point before you went back to play.

6) The Rosè Garden was just INSTA-READY! The garden decor was gorgeous and there were so many cute set ups for photo opportunities, with no crazy long lines to use them. It was like Blogger Heaven.
I saw the lines outside the garden when I went to buy food. They looked like you would miss an hour or two of the party, just to get one pic.



7) You get a free pair of sunglasses with your Rosè Garden ticket. You will need them if you did not bring stylish sunnies of your own. The sun is dazzling everywhere you go.
I brought my sunglasses, but they are more of a fashion statement than protective eyewear. I still wore mine anyway and stashed the free pair in my purse. Tee-hee-hee


Everyone I came across was really friendly. It’s a great social event. I’m pretty sure this was not just in the garden but everywhere.  People greeted you with smiles and a compliment and that was a reason to start a converstaion. So much fun and some real positive vibes. I loved it! The polo match and the Alicia Keys performance was like a bonus for me because I came across so many beautiful and engaging men and women.


So if none of these reasons appeal to you, then, by all means, buy a regular ticket.
PERSONALLY the Rosè Garden ticket is just a far better experience. It made the whole event feel very LUXY and Glamorous for me, like the lifestyle that comes with polo.

Second Question: Is there anything that I need to bring to the event or anything else I need to know?

1) Flats/Flip-flops may be a good idea
The walk from the ferry to the venue is intense. It’s about a 15-minute walk. Arriving you can avoid it by getting into one those buggies as we did. They work based on tips and saved me from having to trek for 15 minutes in 6-inch platforms.

Going home however the buggies are all off duty. So you might want to bring a pair of flats or sandals to rescue you from your day of drinking in the sun. Luckily I got this memo and squeezed a pair of flats into my Peekaboo.

2) Umbrella
At some point during the game, they were closing all the umbrellas at the tables. They claimed it was because it was too windy. Whatever the reason I was happy that my girlfriend brought her umbrella because I quickly kidnapped it for a little shade.

3) Hats
So if you’re a hat person, then wear one. Here’s the con of wearing a hat. You will have a shadow over your face in every one of your photos. So then you’ll want to take it off, and then you’ll have hat hair. A hat is a good idea if you don’t mind the shadow or you’re not a picture person in general.

4) Sunscreen
I didn’t wear any, but if you get sunburn easily, you will probably need some sunscreen.  I tried to stay under an umbrella for most of the event.

Third Question: Is there anything you would do differently to enhance your Veuve Cliquot Polo Experience.

1) Arrive an hour before the event started.
This way I could walk around and take all the necessary photos with the adorable floral arrangements and then party like a rockstar for the rest of the event. I would also get choice seating when choosing tables. So worth it for me to be there before everyone else.

2) Figure out how to get an all Access Pass so that I could also explore the invitation only area. It’s always great to party with celebs because just being there you feel like you’re one of them.  Nicole Kidman and Kendall Jenner were in attendance along with many other celebs. I wonder if they had access to better food or more BOOS?


Your dresscode for  VC Polo is day time glam.

  – If you ever thought about wearing matte or daytime sequins, this would be the perfect place for it because everyone if impeccably dressed. It almost felt like more of a style event than a polo match.
–  Statement accessories are a must. It doesn’t have to be designer, but it should be eye catching, bold prints, bright colors, embroidered details are all a yes!

So lets talk about my look. I’m super excited about it because it’s  a sample of  one of my designs from my very own collection. It was a huge hit at the event, and everyone asked about it. I was happy to have my business cards on hand with all my contact info. YAAAY!

I’m  personally obsessed with this look because of the colors of the brocade. They are just unbelievablely girly and whimsical. You can’t tell from the photos, but the edges of the shorts and ruffle on top are trimmed with embroidered beads and tiny crystals. It just gives the outfit a extra life or glam if you will, without being flashy.



IMG_2642If you have any interests in placing an order, please email me for details.
The other popular question was about my heels. How do I walk in them on the grass? Answer: Unicorn Magic!   No, really the secret is that the heels are wide, they are actually about an inch thick at the base, so it prevents you from sinking into the grass. Also, they are platforms, so there was no struggle for my in-step.

IMG_2674I’m definitely attending next year unless I’m pregnant and married to someone in a foreign country.  Then and only then will a luxy event for day drinking not be on my summer event list.


Three of my photos have been entered in the Veuve Clicquot Style Contest. All you have to do is click on the links below to vote. The voting is done through your Facebook page. This is just to verify that you are a real person and not a bot.

All you have to do is click each link below then click VOTE! Nothing to fill out. Just 2 clicks!

It’s takes less than a minute and it would mean so much to have your support since I designed the outfit myself. Thanks so much for your time and be sure to let me know if you vote! xoxoSB

Entry 1


Entry 2


Entry 3



Ruffle Crop Top and Shorts : Custom designed for my Collection

Fendi Can Eye sunglasses

Fendi medium embellished Peekaboo handbag ( Runway S/S 17)

Gucci leather stacked heel platform pumps