Sunday Funday

Happy Memorial Weekend my lovies.

I hope you all are having a great time. We’ve managed to avoid the rain this weekend, but the temperature readings could be a little higher today. One of my favorite things about late spring is the opening of the roof lounges for the summer season. As a Jamaican, you live for outdoor parties. Living in New York City, rooftop lounges are the closest you get to that.  Last Sunday my friend was hosting the opening of STK roof, so I got dressed and ready for a super warm #SundayFunday in meatpacking.


The secret to dressing for a #SundayFunday is what I call DAYTIME GLAM! You want to look dressed up but in an understated kind of way. I love color, beading and embellished stuff for day time. However, say NO to that shiny sequin dress.  Sundays are usually a more relaxed day in Manhattan. I’ve been raving about the tie-neck-blouse all season, and this is the perfect opportunity to get in on the trend. This style is absolutely great paired with your favorite distressed jeans and high-heels. I absolutely love destroyed denim shorts, I’ll take them in all lengths, colors and brands, THANK YOU



These shorts are from Urban Outfitters , and it is my go-to place to shop for affordable denim shorts. They have a brand called Urban Renewal that revamps vintage Levi’s into all different styles. They have short ones, boyfriend style, high waisted and low- rise options. Click  here to see more options from this brand.

I love the wash of these jeans as well as how perfectly distressed they look. They have that worn look that I love. I hate buying distressed jeans and it looks like someone just got busy with a pair of scissors yesterday. I hate anything UNauthentic!

Buy them! If for no other reason, they make your ASS  look A-MA-ZING!


IMG_3814  IMG_3831



The biggest challenge of hanging out in The Meatpacking District is walking in high heels. That cobblestone paved road is a shoe killer….lol. You have to be particularly careful! Strategically walking on the tips of your toes instead of your heels helps.  I did not want to risk getting a nasty tear or jab in the suede of these Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals. They are just TOO PRETTY  

Have you ever had something, that because you loved it too much, you almost didn’t want to wear it? I got these last year and this is their second time in the streets…

Strategically walking on the tips of your toes instead of your heels helps. 




To shoot this look, I did the walking in intervals


Walked a little…..



Talked a little ……


Then walked around a little more!



It was really nice out. All the restaurants were buzzing with people and the streets filled with people walking around. We made it all the  way up to 83 degrees, so it was a great day to sit out in the sun and sip on some ice cold rose.


The best thing about having brunch at STK Roof is your undisturbed views of the  High Line. Good music, great food, fantastic views and great shoes What more could a New York City girl ask for on a Sunday?  Oh yea….great company and that was defnitely a CHECK PLUS xoxoSB






Beaded Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals ( old, Summer 2014)

SHOES : For a similar look but affordable option, try these sandals or this beaded option both from Schutz

Urban Renewal high – waited distressed denim shorts (old , similar here)

Topshop printed tie-neck blouse

Chanel medium boy bag

Topshop wooden red earrings

BCBG beaded bracelet (old)

BCBG beaded belt

Zara  gold bracelets

H&M midi rings ( similar here )


A Sunday Funday Mother’s Day

There are many things in my life that aren’t perfect and many things in my world that aren’t the way that I would want them to be. However, my mother is the only entity in my universe that is undoubtably flawless and absolutely perfect in my eyes.



As women, a mother’s love is something that is cherished. It’s the perfect example of one of those things that you can’t live with  and can’t live without. Mothers have smiles more powerful than their will, and eyes that will move mountains if they stand in your way.


My mother calls me her second mother and husband all combined into one.  This is because I treat her like she’s the daughter I haven’t had yet and spoil her as much as she spoiled me.



I have a very youthful mom –  both in appearance as well as in spirit. She is the perfect definition of forever young or a perfect example that, “black just don’t crack


In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to do a look for moms with my own mom. So, obviously, the look had to be flirty and sexy, yet classy and elegant all in one. I loved the idea of putting her in a lacey crop top, and this black one from Zara was perfect! There is something about a midi skirt that just screams classy with an understated elegance. Paired with a crop top it’s flirty and feminine and fun!




Feminine !



Fun !


I completed the look with the Christian Louboutin pigalle 100mm. I wear only 120mm and up, but for my mommy, these are a bit too steep. At our age we’re all about looking good and being #ONTREND. However, for more mature women I believe that comfort is a big factor that goes into creating a look. Look at my mom strut down streets in her Louboutin 100mm like she was about to RIP the Runway !

Yasss Mommy Work! 




As New York City girls, we’re always on the go and have so much to think about that we sometimes lose sight and take for granted the people in our lives that are most important. It happens. It’s normal. It’s okay to forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes. However, it’s important to water them, cherish them, and  make sure they bloom.


So my take-home message this Mother’s Day is make sure the people who matter the most to you know how much they matter to you while they are  alive and still in your life.


Whether you have a dad for a mom, a stepmom or just an unblieveable mother-in-law or mother-like friend, take the time to say, “I love more than you probably know,” and “Thank You!”  for everything that you are and all that you’ve done. Keeping it in your mind doesn’t count, but saying  it  and showing it does. Happy Mother’s Day to all and most importantly Happy Mother’s Day, Lavern xoxoSB

Happy Mother’s Day, Lavern!



Zara  black lace crop top

Zara floral print pleated skirt

Christian Louboutin pigalle 100mm pumps

Photographer : Yours Truly SB

Mellow Yellow

80 degrees in NYC…… in the words of one of my Swiss friends, YIPPIEE!!!! This is one Monday I was looking forward to. Naturally, on the warmest day of the year thus far, I wanted to feel like a flower in full bloom.


My plans for the day were extra mimosas, extra high heels and to look extra beautiful for a super long and super fun brunch date in Soho. This yellow jumpsuit from Topshop was the extra special fit that made the cut

IMG_3098IMG_3125IMG_3140The color is amazing, spot on for spring and perfect for the weather now. It’s a bold choice for a very stylish girl. Everything from the cut to the color exudes chic confidence. Jumpsuits are a huge trend this season and the culotte is an even bigger trend. This is a way to effortlessly get in on what’s trending now.

It’s a bold choice for a very stylish girl!

IMG_2997IMG_3061IMG_3007I wanted the focus to be on the jumpsuit so I opted for my go-to heels, the Christian Louboutin pigalle, in nude. No necklace, small studs and I piled on some arm candy. I love this lucite bag from Topshop because it’s not super tiny and it’s clear so it can be worn with almost anything. I’m not big on people seeing EVERYTHING in my purse so I put this hot pink makeup case I bought from Sephora inside. It originally came filled with travel size  L’Occitane products. Perfectly sized to keep my transparent purse personal.

IMG_3024 IMG_3030

I completed the look with my favorite lip color in the world, MAC Ruby Woo. I love a bold matte lip! To add a little depth to your lip color, try lining your lips with the MAC Currant lip pencil.

I love a bold matte lip!


It’s been too cold to shoot anything this colorful and fun. So before hoping in a cab down to my Soho cafe, I skipped over to Park Ave to shoot and showoff this look.

I’ve been dying to take advantage of the beautiful flowers that line Park Avenue this spring.



I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in Wonderland and Park Avenue was my playground.


I got so caught up in the shoot I sat next to the flowers well on my cardigan…..but close enough!


This entire look from Topshop is under $200!

Who ever thought you could be spoiled with affordable fashion? Well, my fellow It Girls, stay tuned. This is only the beginning, I’m going to spoil you rotten. Summer isn’t even here yet! xoxoSB

IMG_3204 IMG_3211


Topshop halter culotte jumpsuit

Topshop lucite clutch (no longer available)

Christian Louboutin nude pigalle

Tiffany T bracelet

Photography by: Tovah-Marie Bembride

The Little Brown Dress

Hello my spring belles and beaus, I hope you all had a fantastic week and a great weekend! Thursday is my absolute favorite day of the week, and this Thursday I got some friends together for a #GIRLSNIGHTOUT.


The Grand Salon Lounge at the newly opened Baccarat Hotel and Residences. There’s no point in having great style with no one to see it. So a girls night out anywhere that’s new and trending is always a great place to showcase your It Girl Style. I must say that I was extremely impressed

The lounge is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL;it’s shiny and decadent as though it was built for a princess.


What I wore:

This look is so affordable, yet so trendy and chic, I had to share it with you guys. (All of my photos are just iPhone pics because this post was totally unplanned).Earth tones are a big hit this season. All shades of brown, army green or clay corals are a YES! This brown H&M trend dress fits great and the texture of the fabric combined with the length gives it a very polished look.

All shades of brown, army green and clay corals are a YES!. 


Naturally , I had to add my touch  to make it a bit more glam for an evening out on the town with the ladies. I added this H&M shell necklace to give the appearance of an embellished neckline. Despite it’s size and bulkiness, it added an understated glam effect to my little brown dress. Loved that!

The shells + the brown earthy tone of this dress were a perfect pair.



And here you have it. A glammed up girls night out look all from H&M!

Yes these roses are real. Pretty amazing right!


These python print gold Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and purse gave the perfect accent to an already complete look. You guys may remember these sandals from my travel post Resort Style of a Bond Girl in St. Barth’s.I’m wearing them here in a much different setting with a very different look. They are comfortable and worth every penny. The matching purse is pretty cool too. I’m big on combining affordable clothing with high-end handbags and shoes. This way, you have the freedom of trying out as many new trends as you like and experimenting with fun outfits without breaking the bank.

20150502080325 20150502080337

Happy shopping, lovies, and be sure to check out this new lounge. Between sitting on coyote-haired chairs and dining on crystal, you are sure to become submerged in the decadent ambiance of this new lounge. Well done, Baccarat, and cheers ! xoxoSB



H&M fitted dress

H&M shell necklace

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed bag ( similar here )