Feeling Like it’s still Christmas

So our white Christmas was 29 days late, but the snow came nonetheless. I think this is the very first snow storm that I’ve looked forward to. In the height of the snow storm at 2:30 pm on Saturday, this little Jamaican butterfly wandered out into the streets of the Upper East Side. I felt like I was reliving the very last scene in Gangs of New York. The streets were like an endless fluffy blanket, making giant knee-high craters with every step you take. Obviously, these pictures were not taken during a snow storm. I shot this look on an indian summer night right before leaving for my winter vacation to St. Barths. All this snow on the ground in the city brought me back to reminiscing about Christmas 2015.


One of my favorite things about this past Christmas were the windows at Bergdorf Goodman. They looked whimsical and magical, glam and glitzy and ultraviolet-ly fashionable. You know you love something when you begin to coin your own words and phrases to capture it.




IMG_8324Now lets talk about my look. In case the windows at Berdorf Goodman did not provide enough fashion foreshadowing, we are finally out of the era of minimalist style. FINALLY! BUH-BYE normcore Welcome to the celebration of maximalist style. Where designers are free to play with as much color, texture and pattern into a single look as they see fit. I’m in love with this idea because it allows for maximum expression not only on behalf of the designers but also the maximum interpretation and eccentric freedom for fashion enthusiasts.

IMG_8352My outfitinspiration came from the Gucci Resort 2016 collection. Gucci has mastered the maximalist look and given birth to the term eccentric aristocratic. Alessandro Michele , the creative director of Gucci, combined, embellished lace, lamé, chiffon, printed silks, embroidery, ruffles, florals, bow ties and even dragon flies all together creating an extraordinarily eclectic and colorful yet cohesive collection. With so many different elements it’s hard not to find something that you love.



Who needs a man this winter when you can have the Gucci Resort 2016 Collection? Don’t trade in those boyfriends just yet until you’ve checked out the prices of the coveted collection in your cystal ball.    We may need those boyfriends yet! LOL!

IMG_8386I hope you guys enjoyed my affordable spin on the eccentric aristocrat. Try to enjoy the snow before it gets all mushy and dirty.   xoxoSB




Topshop pleated skirt

Gucci belt

Zara printed blouse ( December 2015)

Zara platforms ( old)

Chanel Boy bag

Photographer : Ramone Henry