Fifty Shades of Pink

New York City weather has been acting like a broke chick stunting on Instagram. One minute it looks great, then you sleep and wake up and outside looks not so great. You’re unable to decide between whether you need your long coat or you can get away with just wearing a cropped jacket.

In this post I’ve decided to share some helpful tips that I’ve used to make it through these ocassional winter relapse until spring arrives on steriods.


First let’s talk about my outfit, trends, and inspiration. 

First let’s talk about my outfit, trends, and inspiration. This look was inspired by Hedi Slimane’s Spring 2015 ready-to-wear. I was in love with the hat, the platform heels, and the eclectic mix of texture and prints, leather and silks, and of course my absolute fave, the mini skirt! 


The Saint Laurent hat alone retails for $990 so my goal was to get the look without breaking the bank.  Like I always tell you, you don’t have to copy an outfit to the T; it’s always best to incorporate themes from a look with your personal style, what you can afford, and also what’s available in stores that you love to shop in.



1) Go light on the bottom and heavier on the top.

Best way to embrace this moody spring weather: Aim for balance, temperature wise. Stay away from turtlenecks; winter has said its goodbyes. You can do light knits, button-down shirts, and cute blouses with a mini skirt or leather shorts.

When you go light on the bottom, wear thicker jackets or cropped coats on top. Bright colored chunky knits like this one can be worn solo, with your fave midi or mini skirt with just an undershirt underneath.  Black sheer stockings are a great option with mini skirts and leather shorts whenever you feel like it’s just to cold to go bare skinned.




The leather jacket is always a go-to option for spring, because it’s light and it easy and goes with pretty much anything. For those colder spring days when we get into the windy 40s, try doubling up on coats. I know the idea sounds wild, but it’s easy and makes your outfit really interesting while keeping you warm all at the same time.

With the big faux trend this past winter, I’m sure we all bought tons of stuff whether faux vests or some kind of acrylic wool blend coat that you could not wear independently because it was just too cold this winter.  Throw them on over your fave biker jacket or luxe leather coat. When doubling up on coats, I would wear light button down blouses underneath.

This season, the tie-neck blouse is a big trend or any button-down with bow at the neck, say yes, yes, and yes!



3) Nothing says spring like florals!

There are tons of them in stores now. Aim for darker hues like burgundy and wine colors or deep blues if you’re not ready to dip into the Alice in Wonderland pond just yet. Mix dark florals with lighter ones and play with different textures.

I fell in love with this tapestry A-line mini from Topshop for its burst of color and texture. It was like staring at fifty shades of pink unable to decide which one you love more.


You all know I’m the queen of socks and high heels. I don’t know why, don’t judge me, but I love the look. The leather platforms in the Saint Laurent show were amazing, with the deisgns and the colors, they were  high heeled drug over dose. I dug up these  4-year-old velvet platform sandals from Zara and decided to incorporate them in the look. They were platform and embellished so they were exactly what I was looking for. Trends go away and then they come back. Never feel pressured to go out and shop if you have something at home from WAY BACK that looks just the same. All you need to do is find a modern way to wear it. Best way to do that is to read magazines and blogs like mine for an up-to-date oufit inspiration.


The Hat! I’m usually not a hat girl but hats have been showing up everywhere. It was impossible to ignore the felt fedora this fall and now the wide brimmed hat has been showing up in every magazine this spring. I struggled to try to find an  affordable alternative to this Saint Laurent one, the best I could find was this little number in Urban Outfitters. I wished it was bigger and wider yet I refused to spend more than $200 so this was a bargain for me. WAAAAY under $200. So I made it work with a smile.



I think handbags and shoes are the perfect accessories to splurge on, because you get so much wear out of them. The Chanel Boy bag has become the new classic. It can be worn long or short strapped, carried by the hand or over your shoulders. Either way it’s something an It Girl must have in any size or color. You will have zero regrets and get tons of wear out of it.

The Chanel Boy bag has become the new classic. 




So what do you guys think? Do you love the look would you try it? 

I hope you at least got useful tips on you how to deal with this moody NYC spring weather. I really had a lot of fun with this outfit. Especially shooting it in my neighborhood.  No one else on the Upper East Side looks like me. I love that! Just a young black belle having fun with fashion. I took advantage of living next door to these gorgeous brown stones. Just because I cannot yet afford them does not mean I cannot appreciate and use them


Au revoir for now from this  uptown girl with a downtown attitude. xoxoSB



Urban Outfitters austen teardrop panama hat

Zara floral shirt with velvet bow similar here and here

If you want to go for the exact look from the Saint Laurent Collection try this or a cheaper splurge here

Topshop tapestry A-line mini alternate option a leather mini like this one or splurge for the exact Saint Laurent version

Zara velvet platforms – shop Saint Laurent platforms here similar here

Zara leather biker jacket

H&M wool knit

Chanel Boy Bag

Resort Style of a Bond Girl in St. Bart’s

Today is a really good day to Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)! It’s Good Friday for the Christian calendar, so Happy Good Friday to everyone celebrating!

How amazing was the weather in NYC yesterday?!  A balmy 62 degrees and finally feeling somewhat like New York City at springtime. It got me in the mood to share some more looks from St. Bart’s with you! This one in particular is my absolute fave because it just screamed RESORT STYLE!IMG_2486When I packed for vacation to St. Bart’s, this outfit really stood out, and the entire time I had this “I can’t wait to wear this!” feeling. I bought it from H&M two days before leaving—it’s from their Spring 2015 Studio Collection and it was love at first sight.  I literally got up and waited outside H&M on 86th street at 9:00am to guarantee that I would be one of the first people in the stores and also get my size. It was well worth it, because at my location there was only one size 4 set. Once I got my little Sherece paws on it, I heard the angels sing and the lights shine down on the iridescent pink sheer fabric. YES, LORD! A SISTAH LIVES! St. Bart’s was really calling my name. Clear skies, here I come!

Once I got my little Sherece paws on it, I heard the angels sing and the lights shine down on the iridescent pink sheer fabric. 


I’ve never actually worn a kaftan, primarily because I’m just not really a cover-up girl on vacation.  New York weather forces me to keep my body hidden under several layers most of the year, so when I’m on vacation, the Jamaican lady comes out, embracing all things tiny, “suck-on,” and see-through!


This kaftan had a personality of its own.


This kaftan had a personality of its own. The palm leaves and gold cactus print on the pink silk background was vacation perfection!  The outfit was  flowy and beautiful, which provided an extremely delicate and sexy look. I felt like I was wearing nothing but my bikini and high heels.


I loved the burgundy detail on the pants. It broke up the busyness of the print when worn together with the kaftan, yet it could still hold its own with a white tank top or shirt.


Some of you may be wondering, “What’s the deal with gold python heels on vacation?”


These pants had shiny gold cactus printed all over—that plus my new gold-rimmed Chloe sunnies was just screaming seventies. I went full on James Bond Girl at a resort in St. Bart’s.

I could not tame the glam factor with flat sandals. These Giuseppes took the outfit to another level in my eyes.  Remember, the key accessory for each look you create must be confidence. If you love it, own it!


A great way to update your woven bag is to tie a scarf on the handles. Choose a print that you love and watch it give all your vacation looks that resort flare they need. I’ve had this Michael Kors basket and the scarf for over 6 years. I buy scarves from all over from time to time. Each time  I change them, I feel like it’s a whole new bag with a whole new look.


Everyone on the island was in LOVE  with my look, from Point Milou to Gustavia. I was like the 007 girl on Mission #SLAY!


At the end of it all, who really cares about people liking what you wear? YOU’RE ON VACATION! Relax, enjoy, dress up, and create unforgettable memories!

Have an amazingly Happy Easter, my lovies! xoxoSB




H&M Studio Spring 2015 silk kaftan (sold out in stores, available here on ebay )

H&M Studio Spring 2015 silk pants

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed sandals

Michael Kors basket (similar here and here )

Topshop straw hat (similar here and here )

Chloe cartina  gold butterfly-frame glasses