A Very Personal Adieu !

Hello lovies, have you missed me as much as I’ve missed writing for you?
I took a major hiatus since March. I guess you could say that I’ve been on a bit of a living spree. Doing everything that I love as often as I can, with the people I care for the most. This year I spent the least amount of money on designer fashion for myself but in retrospect, this year has been extremely rewarding with regards to saving more.

As a  fashion blogger, it’s almost expected for me to go out and splurge on luxy trends but I’ve had zero desire to do so. I’ve just scrolled through each trend monthly on my timeline, watching everyone keep up with the logo mania of 2018. #Fendiprints off !  I don’t know whether to call SHERECE2017 a retail monster or shopping enthusiast, but I was the girl who felt as though if I didn’t have my  $7000.00 Marie Antoinette runway Peekaboo my life was literally going to come to an end.
I buy luxury items that I know I will wear forever and be able to incorporate in my closet forever.  Fashion trends from the runways this year have not caused me to run rampant through Barneys and Bergdorf’s but has instead translated into a Zara It List each month. I love Zara because it’s such a great place to shop for fast fashion without having to think twice about a purchase.
Believe it or not, it has been 3 years since I started this blog. Feb 2019 my baby will be stepping into it’s fourth year. I’m happy to have created this space where I can play with looks and trends and literally play dress up for you guys. In doing so I’ve developed a strong sense of my personal style and aesthetic. Thank you all so much for all your love, likes and support!

I’ve always promised to share all the details of my vacations from travel to wardrobe but I’ve failed terribly at doing so.  My travel diaries have instead translated into Instagram posts and Instagram stories. This gave me a way to document interesting and amazing moments in my life while also sharing with you guys immediately, without having to think of the preparation that goes into organizing an actual travel blog post. I still get lots of DM’s and emails about the places I stayed and how I got there etc. from previous trips. So I will try to update the TRAVEL section of my blog with some useful details.


Since we’re on the topic of sharing I just wanted to address a recent decision to keep my blog strictly focused on fashion, beauty and current events. I know how much my followers love my stories on my travels and personal life. I’ve been blessed to have access to an above average lifestyle, so I was happy to share it with other women who want the same. The amount of DM’s and messages I receive from stories is unreal. I’m so grateful for all the positive engagement, comments and messages from other women who admire me and are inspired by the aspects of my personal and social life that I have shared on Instagram. However moving forward I’ve decided to KEEP MY PERSONAL LIFE PERSONAL.


I think of instgram as this awesome creative space. I’ve also used it as a place where I can document and share all the fun, happy and positive moments of my life with others. No one wants to scroll down your timeline to reflect on all your unhappy moments as they unwind throughout the year. Not exactly engaging content for our 2018 millennials.

IMG_0168Instagram is a microcosm where everyone is literally living their best life.  Even though it’s a large community, in relation to the real world, it’s just a place that exists within our cell phones on one app.


Unfortunately, not everyone comes to Instagram seeking inspiration or to be creative themselves. There are a million and one fake pages, trolls, and disingenuous people with more malicious intent than any normal person can fathom. I’m not sure whether to call them trolls or my very own personal catalog of unrequited cyber lovers who are fully vested in trying to dissect every aspect of who you are and your life based solely on what you share on the gram.



Social media can be good fun but it’s evolved into a breeding ground for toxicity simply due to the world we live in today. Everyone has an opinion on everything and people make other people’s lives their own personal vendetta. Everything needs to be ethically accurate or dissected for its deeper meaning to the extent of which cultural appropriation can be borne out of simple admiration of another culture. It’s very real and very disturbing.  I’m sorry to have to censor my content on instagram or fall into a bit of a recluse but it’s just a result of me trying to protect my most happy and precious moments as well as the people who make me the happiest. I have zero desire to have any aspect of my life analyzed by randoms with no affialiation or association to me, who feel like they know me, solely based on the few personal details I share.


I love love, I love feeling loved, I love being in love. “I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”  This is one of my all time favorite quotes on love by Carrie Bradshaw, because it just resonates with my personal experience as well as the intensity with which I love as a person. This being said, what kind of Carrie would I be if I did not protect my Mr. Big.


Love comes with responsibility.  It’s my job to protect the people I love and cherish all the things that mean the most to me. I sincerely do hope that all my genuine followers understand. Do not be too disheartened because I do believe this decision will force me to be more consistent with creating content for The Look By Sherece. You guys may be in for outfit overload come 2019.




The Look By Sherece is a fun, creative space where I can interact with and learn from other intelligent, stylish, eclectic,  women who may very well be self diagnosed with a little bit of wanderlust  and a strong desire for vivre la grande vie.  Thank you all for following me on this amazing journey I get to call My Life. I look forward to sharing my fashion diaries with you in 2019.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post as well as this look so don’t hesitate to drop me a line in my comment section below. I’m happy and eager to hear from you all.

Merry Christmas lovies. xoxoSB



Alexandre Vauthier tulle detail mini dress

Alaia mini tote bag

Jeremy Scott Itchy & Scratchy cowgirl boots ( Fall 2016 Cowboys & Poodles Collection )

Moschino x H&M  logo choker

Moschino x H&M bracelet

Photographer : Michelle Ester