My Heart Belongs to Daddy

On February 14th enamoured girls all over the world peruse their address books and text messages hoping to find at the very least a dinner date to celebrate the occasion. Are you one of these flutter filled gals or are you one of the few single ladies who already have reservations booked for two at some smug Michelin Star restaurant? You lucky devil you!

For me today is not about the teddy bears, the candy or Instagram worthy gifts from romantic suitors. Today marks the 3rd birthday of my baby, The Look By Sherece and 16 days since my father had a successful surgery with no complications. This Valentine’s Day, the flutter filled feeling inside me is gratitude and deep appreciation to be able to call him and talk to him when he runs across my mind like I always do.


It’s true that you never really value what you have until you feel threatened. My father and I share an intense bond. One where if I’m hurt, depressed or just welling with tears, I’m able to pick up the phone and just cry my heart out or sit silently on the line until my trembling voice can utter a word or two.

IMG_7521My daddy knows when to sit in silence with me, when to cry with me, when to hold my hands and when to just listen to me unload everything that is wrong on his shoulders with no judgement.

The idea of anything happening to him or any of my loved ones for that matter is nothing short of heart-wrenching. Without my father, grandmother, mom and aunt I would be a tree without a trunk. My family is my core, and I’m thankful that they are my core because they let me know my inside is real and whole, without any additions, just me, by myself.



I think it’s important to show people you love that you love them when they are here to feel it, understand it and truly appreciate the depth of your affection and care.  I spent the last three and a half weeks in Jamaica with my father and my grandmother because he was preparing for surgery. It was the hardest and longest three weeks of my life. Hard because typically my life has routine and structure and for the first time in a long time, I was left feeling very uncertain of the outcome and also entirely out of control. Everything that would happen to my father was in the hands of someone else.

Since August of last year while in NYC my father complained of a pain in his mouth/throat that increased in intensity whenever he ate and swallowed. He saw a number of ENT specialists, GI specialists, had  MRI’s, CT Scans, an endoscopy, X-rays and every possible test known for probing and examining your nasal, oral and G. I. system. After doing all this, they found no answer for what was causing the problem.


When he returned to Jamaica at the end of December, he visited his primary care physician and explained to him all that was happening. In one office visit just by examining my father’s mouth using a penlight, he was able to diagnose him. My father had a salivary gland stone. Salivary gland stones can sometimes be removed without surgery, depending on the size. However, in my father’s case, the stone was about the size of a hard-boiled egg. It was a huge stone, largest the doctors who performed his surgery had seen. So in the removal of his stone, they had to cut under his jaw vs going in intraorally with smaller stones.
I’m not usually one to divulge my personal life on social media but I think it’s important to share this story for two reasons. One, to make other people aware that salivary gland stones exist and they can become a more serious problem if you do not find them in the early stages. Secondly, to highlight the gigantic holes in the standard of care in the healthcare system in the United States. My father suffered from this for so long that when he got to Jamaica, what started as a sharp pain that increased with swallowing had now turned into a massive infection.


Thankfully the worst is over, and I was able to be there for him. Every single day he spent in the hospital from his eyes opened in the am until nightfall and then every single day of his recovery until he was a brand new machine again.



So all this not to say that Cupid did not strike, and my love life isn’t buzzing and filled with romance. I may very well just be that lucky devil, strutting around today with glowing pride.  A lucky girl, whose heart is overflowing with gratitude and devotion to my God for showing me love and keeping my greatest love alive, and setting my heart ablaze!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovies. I hope you all get everything your heart desires to make it feel full and alive today.

Sneak peak of the REAL SHERECE! Took daddy for a little getaway to the countryside once he started to recover and feel like himself again. Even though he wasn’t able to swim because of his surgical sutures, it was super nice to just take him for a long ride to explore and get some fresh air.

Location: YS Falls St. Elizabeth



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Photographer : Michelle Ester