Hello my lovies. It’s fashion week season ! All the department stores and boutiques have already started the turn-over from summer to fall. What’s your favorite trend for the fall season?  Right now there is a huge 70’s trend and army green shades are also on the rise. As usual, don’t ever go trend crazy and buy a bunch of stuff that you won’t ever wear next season. Instead, buy pieces that you love and you’ll be able to combine with all of your other favorites and closet essentials. Like this delightful little army green jumpsuit from Topshop.IMG_6503

Honestly when I bought it, I didn’t expect it to fit like this. It just looked like a cute green jumpsuit on the rack. Once I put it on, it took me and my body to a whole other level




This entire look, from my sunglasses to my sandals, are from Topshop. The amazing part is that every single item is UNDER a hundred dollars. These sandals are pretty old. I’ve had them for a few years, but there are tons of fun tan sandals out now, with fringe and feathers, so it should not be too hard to find similar or better. I would even wear this with a nude pump or ditch the heels altogether and wear some haute sneakers. Check out Schutz shoes for some affordable and similar options.




The rest of this look pretty much boiled down to accessories and attitude. When you feel confident in what you wear, it adds an entire other element to your look. This is why I’m always an advocate for shopping looks that you love and never force yourself into an outfit simply because it’s a new trend.



IMG_6494 Hope you guys all love this Topshop look. It’s chic, hot, and affordable!  As usual, all the items are listed below. I was unable to find a direct link to shop the sunglasses online, but I bought them this week and there were lots more in store. Happy shopping, lovies! xoxoSB



Topshop zip front jumpsuit

Topshop sunglasses

Topshop rope sandals (old)

Zara geometric earrings

Palm Leaves and Pink with No Sleeves

Today is the 2nd of the five Sunday Fundays left in the summer. I’m still not ready to say goodbye to my rooftop lifestyle nor outdoor dining.  #SayitAintSo. I feel like I’m living in Game of Thrones and, “Winter is Coming.” That’s how much I don’t look forward to it. The only happy part about the cold season for me is that we get to dress in layers and have so much fun with clothes.  Which brings me to today’s post on the sleeveless vest…


I’m sure you’ve been seeing them pop up in every store from Zara to Bergdorf’s and every brand from H&M to Helmut Lang since the spring. It’s definitely #trending. This pretty pink piece is from Topshop. Originally $75 but now on sale for $40! Hit the sale racks girls!

Now that it’s August, the evenings are a little cooler, so it’s the perfect time to play with light layers that are probably too thin for the winter and maybe even for the Fall. Am I the only one who feels like we BARELY got a summer?

It’s the perfect time to play with light layers that are too thin for the winter !IMG_6383

My plan for this outfit was to put pieces together that were all very different but together made a hell of a summer statement. I don’t know if I’m a bigger shopaholic or clothes hoarder…! I’ve  been itching to wear this patchwork Chanel bag since I got it in May! #Love  So I finally gave it it’s debut.

IMG_6348This H&M romper is super cute, but a message to the busty……definitely TRY ON FOR FIT. I’m usually a size 2 but ended up in a size 6 because of my #BoobSituation. If you’re a B cup or smaller, this fun little baby will probably fit true to size. If you see it and like it, just grab it. At just $39.99 it’s such a steal!

I adored the ruby stone detail in these earrings and these super cute gold midi rings.

I got them all from ROCKSBOX! 

  Did you guys sign up? How exciting has  it been to receive your gift boxes filled with jeweled treats each week?! If you’re not yet a #RBItgirl click here for details on how to subscribe to receive your FREE giftbox today!


IMG_6309So how do you guys feel about this new trend? Have you all tried it? Do you love it?  Looking forward to hearing feedback on the sleeveless vest. Happy shopping, and happy summer my lovies xoxoSB



Topshop Pink Sleeveless vest

H&M Conscious romper

Ray Ban reflective sunglasses

H&M colored midi rings

Rocksbox gold midi rings

Rocksbox gold earrings

Chanel denim patchwork bag (Spring 2015)

Cwonder gold bracelets

Henri Bendel signature compact mirror

Photographer : Ramone Henry