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Fashion from the Côte d’Azur

Hello my lovelies we are finally truly in the middle of summer.
I’m not quite sure if I’m more excited about the warm weather or the fact that I can go outside without knits or layers. #Happygirl
This year I decided I did not want to spend Memorial Weekend in the Hamptons, so my destination of choice was the French Riviera.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring my travels to St. Barth’s I met so many people and made so many friends who have homes in Cannes, Monaco and St. Tropez. I’ve always had to reject invitations to visit because the timing was never right for me work wise. Working in fashion, you learn quickly never to leave money laying on the table. Traveling 9 hours outside of the U.S. requires a few days and not just a weekend. So this is a trip I had to set aside time for.

Travel Tip: When planning luxe vacations always plan with a girlfriend. This afford’s you one of life’s cheapest luxuries, and that’s “splitting the bill.”
I’ll make another blogpost dishing all the details on how to plan a trip to the French Riviera, what to do, where to stay, where to eat, party and shop.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelieve me, when I tell you the Côte d’Azur is as beautiful and fancy and fantastic as it sounds. In the midst of all the glitz and opulence, it’s quite charming. Monaco especially because of the picturesque and detailed architecture and tiny streets overlooking the ocean. The people are friendly, and you’ll find that they come from all over Europe. You can get as dressed up or down as you want but wear shoes that you can walk in. There is literally one taxi company, with one telephone number, with not enough cars for everyone. They will tell you everything is 10-15mins walk away. For New York City girls this is more like 20- 30min walk. Sorry girls, this is not a stiletto friendly city.  No Uber! There’s Uber in Cannes; that’s it!  I really love walking around and exploring new cities, so walking in Monaco was no problem for me when everywhere is so pretty.


New trend and style tip: Try replacing the white blouse or shirt with a baby blue one. It’s a quick and easy way to update your look and wear florals and prints you’ve grown bored of in a fresh summery on trend kind of way. I’ve had these trousers for over two years, and I’m finally wearing them 10pounds later….lol at the  Quai Antoine 1er (Monaco Marina).



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m obsessed with the cold shoulder trend this summer. Give me cold shoulder everything. Jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, rompers you name it I want it. Zara is the perfect place to shop to get in on this trend without breaking the bank. They have some super adorable styles at extremely affordable prices. Check them out! #ZaraWorldWide

Happy Sunday everyone and kisses from Monte Carlo. xoxoSB


Zara of the shoulder croptop

J. Crew Collection trousers ( 2013)

Chanel patent leather medium classic in tangerine

Dior so real with leather trim glasses

Photographer : Laura Giusta

Resort Style of a Bond Girl in St. Bart’s

Today is a really good day to Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)! It’s Good Friday for the Christian calendar, so Happy Good Friday to everyone celebrating!

How amazing was the weather in NYC yesterday?!  A balmy 62 degrees and finally feeling somewhat like New York City at springtime. It got me in the mood to share some more looks from St. Bart’s with you! This one in particular is my absolute fave because it just screamed RESORT STYLE!IMG_2486When I packed for vacation to St. Bart’s, this outfit really stood out, and the entire time I had this “I can’t wait to wear this!” feeling. I bought it from H&M two days before leaving—it’s from their Spring 2015 Studio Collection and it was love at first sight.  I literally got up and waited outside H&M on 86th street at 9:00am to guarantee that I would be one of the first people in the stores and also get my size. It was well worth it, because at my location there was only one size 4 set. Once I got my little Sherece paws on it, I heard the angels sing and the lights shine down on the iridescent pink sheer fabric. YES, LORD! A SISTAH LIVES! St. Bart’s was really calling my name. Clear skies, here I come!

Once I got my little Sherece paws on it, I heard the angels sing and the lights shine down on the iridescent pink sheer fabric. 


I’ve never actually worn a kaftan, primarily because I’m just not really a cover-up girl on vacation.  New York weather forces me to keep my body hidden under several layers most of the year, so when I’m on vacation, the Jamaican lady comes out, embracing all things tiny, “suck-on,” and see-through!


This kaftan had a personality of its own.


This kaftan had a personality of its own. The palm leaves and gold cactus print on the pink silk background was vacation perfection!  The outfit was  flowy and beautiful, which provided an extremely delicate and sexy look. I felt like I was wearing nothing but my bikini and high heels.


I loved the burgundy detail on the pants. It broke up the busyness of the print when worn together with the kaftan, yet it could still hold its own with a white tank top or shirt.


Some of you may be wondering, “What’s the deal with gold python heels on vacation?”


These pants had shiny gold cactus printed all over—that plus my new gold-rimmed Chloe sunnies was just screaming seventies. I went full on James Bond Girl at a resort in St. Bart’s.

I could not tame the glam factor with flat sandals. These Giuseppes took the outfit to another level in my eyes.  Remember, the key accessory for each look you create must be confidence. If you love it, own it!


A great way to update your woven bag is to tie a scarf on the handles. Choose a print that you love and watch it give all your vacation looks that resort flare they need. I’ve had this Michael Kors basket and the scarf for over 6 years. I buy scarves from all over from time to time. Each time  I change them, I feel like it’s a whole new bag with a whole new look.


Everyone on the island was in LOVE  with my look, from Point Milou to Gustavia. I was like the 007 girl on Mission #SLAY!


At the end of it all, who really cares about people liking what you wear? YOU’RE ON VACATION! Relax, enjoy, dress up, and create unforgettable memories!

Have an amazingly Happy Easter, my lovies! xoxoSB




H&M Studio Spring 2015 silk kaftan (sold out in stores, available here on ebay )

H&M Studio Spring 2015 silk pants

Giuseppe Zanotti gold python printed sandals

Michael Kors basket (similar here and here )

Topshop straw hat (similar here and here )

Chloe cartina  gold butterfly-frame glasses

Sunkissed in St. Bart’s

Hello, my lovies! I know it’s been a while, but posting while away on vacation was a struggle. I found it impossible to detach myself from the magnetism of being in St. Bart’s to stop and text on my phone, much less type on my laptop.

For an island that has only an eight mile radius, there was sooooooo much beauty to fall in love with. Normally in New York City you will not see me waking up at 6am to capture the sunrise, but in St. Bart’s you most definitely did. This sunrise gave me a whole new meaning to Beyonce’s flawless “I woke up like this” . . . REALLY!

This sunrise gave me a whole new meaning to Beyonce’s flawless “I woke up like this” . . . REALLY!


There was nothing to interrupt me but the crash of a wave on the shore. Tranqulity at its best! While running around the island , dining, sailing, exploring, and guzzling champagne at Nikki Beach, I hardly had the opportunity to just sit and really enjoy the tangerine glow of an island sunrise. Lord knows New York City has no tangerine glow . . . more like crisp, chalky, busy and cold  when I have to get up for work in the morning. So this was a real treat for my skin and eyes.


Being born on an island myself and loving the beach as much I do, you would think I was a water baby . . . however, I’m quite the opposite. I’m like a cat in water—I’ll swim to save my life but there’s no snorkling, surfing, or deep sea diving for this island belle. Sad to say I’m not a strong swimmer, but this is something I want to improve on before the summer—I’m always on a boat or staying at a beach house in the summertime and I would  really like to enjoy the water more.

I’ll swim to save my life but there’s no snorkling, surfing, or deep sea diving for this island belle.


I feel like I’m just a little too shy to join a big adult swim class. Sherece + colored floaties on her arms?

NOPE . . . not The Look! I more enjoy the relaxation part of it all. Laying on a floatie in the pool or if I’m feeling adventurous I may go on a jet ski.  Yep, no real swimming happening here!  I’m like a poolside ballerina, just dancing around the water. 


Now let’s talk about The Swim Look!

I glimpsed this print in an ad for  Victoria Secret Swim Special and fell in SWIM LVE! For me, the tinier the bikini,  the better . . . but then you add fringe and color on top of making it teeny-tiny . . . GET OUT!  This is not the matching top, but as you already know  I’ll mix polka dots with stripes in a heartbeat. Same goes for vibrant hues and tribal prints. For swim, I think it just makes your look far more fun and interesting.


Dare to deviate from the  safe black bikini and be the colorful, sexy, and fun girl.


Dare to deviate from the  safe black bikini and be the colorful, sexy, and fun girl. You know she is in there somewhere . . . don’t be shy! Why miss out on the safest place to try mixing prints? When you’re  poolside  or on the beach, virtually anything goes. Another trend you should not miss out on this summer is beach-body-jewelry.  Give new meaning to the term beach goddess and pile on the jewellery to go with the crown.  Don’t ask me what happens when you wear it in water. #StraightPoser

If anyone knows of any waterproof beaded body jewelery or gold plated stuff that won’t rust, let me know. This tribal beaded belly chain was just the accessory I needed to tie the look together. I LIVE for accessories like these. I think I was some kind of indigenous African Indian in my former life—addicted to all things beaded-colorful-tribal-looking!


One of the things I love about shopping on Victoria Secret for swimsuits is that you have so many options for swim tops in order to find the right look, fit, and support for your twins.  Somehow when I  put the top on I didn’t tighten the neck enough so my girls were just enjoying “hang-time” and missing out on the push up activity this top offered, but it’s okay. Totally having a Baywatch moment.


There are no real takeaway style notes to being a poolside beauty. The key is knowing your body and shopping for a bathing suit that’s flattering for your body type. This way you are cool, confident, sexy and just having fun in the sun.

The key is knowing your body and shopping for a bathing suit that’s flattering for your body type.


Dear St. Bart’s, you are too amazing!




Victoria Secret fringe brazilian bottom (color: chartreuse dot , yellow with tiny sapphire polka dots )

Victoria Secret bomshell halter ( color: Byron geo )

BCBG beaded rope waist belt