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Feeling PINK + Red

Happy Sunday Lovies,
What a sun-filled and glorious day it is. It hasn’t been as warm as I would like these past few days but not having torrential rainfall is a plus today. Surprisingly I’m pretty productive on rainy days; it’s the snow days that put me in slow motion. Ok, I’m not your weather woman, so let’s move on to our fashion forecast.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s impossible to avoid PINK this season. There are pink shirts, pink pants, pink dresses, pink pumps, pink purses, pretty much pink everything and I love it! I’m totally a pink person. For me, pink is not just a colour but an attitude. It’s bright, upbeat, girly and fun. All things Sherece.

IMG_3608IMG_3620If you feel like a full on pink ensemble is just way too much for you, you can get in on the pink action by incorporating pink accessories into your look. A pink purse, pink velvet mules or pink pumps will instantly recharge any basic look from your closet and give it a very now appeal.

IMG_3542I’m a lean, mean, colour combining machine, so of course, a pink top with exaggerated sleeves and a bow is not enough for me. I went ahead and added, cherry red, asymmetrical flare pants and a Gucci Dionysus covered with beaded: birds, lightening bolts and strawberries (#FAVE )

IMG_3637IMG_3639I suppose when you type it all out like this, it sounds like a lot, but sometimes a lot is so good. I can think of plenty of things that I like A LOT OF! Can you?

movingI’m obsessed with these pants and how amazing they make my new derriere look (in my Patsy Stone voice) SO VERY SMASHING!

IMG_3653As if this wasn’t enough I topped it all off with a rose pink full-length coat. LOL! So I guess for me, it’s never enough! Haha !

IMG_3747IMG_3764IMG_3711After all, I’m a young single female from Jamaica, living on the Upper East Side. What’s the fun in looking like everyone else?

IMG_3737IMG_3742I typically dress how I feel, and these colours had me and everyone along Fifth Avenue feeling very happy.  Men, women and children, cheered me on in admiration while I shot this look.
Sometimes even if you feel like an outfit is A LOT, it might just be enough to garner the attention of that next special person in your life. A fun outfit is an excellent conversation starter. Just look how much I’ve had to say about pink and red today. xoxoSB



Pink wrap shirt (old) similar here

Zara asymmetrical flare pants

Zara gold sandals

Gucci beaded Dionysus bag (Spring/Summer 2016)

Celine sunnies (old)

Photographer: Ramone Reynoneikio

Feeling Springy

Finally, the weather angels have decided to bless women all over New York City with good weather. For a fashion savvy female, good weather is the equivalent of a shot of expresso in the morning for coffee enthusiasts; she’s on ootd overdose.

Untitled1I just got done watching Billions, “Golden Frog Time”, S2 E11. Is that a cool name for an episode or what? I love love LOVE this show. I don’t know if it’s because of my affection for the “Bobby Axel Rods” in my life or just the drive it gives me for wanting so much more! Unlike these finance wizards, I’m not one for numbers or analytics. Even though I took 9 CXC subjects in high school in Jamaica, additional Mathematics being one of them, I never took a finance course in my life. Unless I guess Economics 101 counts, which was to fulfill a GER requirement. Useful nonetheless because the law of supply and demand is one of the fundamentals of life in New York City.

IMG_3167 IMG_3205 IMG_3360

This show reminds me every Sunday to always have a plan and set out goals for myself. It doesn’t matter how small or large they are. I like to list things I’m good at other than the skill set I gained at university. Being creative is a passion for me. Whether I’m planning an event, doing wardrobe styling for a client’s upcoming vacation, choosing fabric for a custom design, or just working on my look for my next blog post, I feel deeply rewarded with the result. According to Taylor ( Axel’s new prodigy ) “action, purpose and the challenges that come along with these things” are what dictate our core or soul so to speak.

IMG_3342IMG_3349Ok, so what’s the point of my great big monologue on Billions?

My point is that I need to work on my core.

IMG_3236Sometimes I get so caught up with my responsibilities and my day to day routine that I give little attention to the things that I’m most passionate about. Case in point blogging more. Five of my readers have recently reached out via email and Instagram requesting more posts because they enjoy reading them and that sincerely warmed my heart and put a whole lot of pep in my step.

IMG_3286 IMG_3297Now let us get back to me feeling springy.

IMG_3237IMG_3368I’m eternally obsessed with colour, so colour blocking is always my go to palette when it comes to wearing my feelings on my sleeve. It was a 70 degree Sunday, so this was my look for brunch with a girlfriend who became my on the spot photographer  while we waited for our table at While We Were Young.

PRO : Extremely cute, stylish crowd, yummy instagram-ready food
CON: small, long wait for a table.

IMG_3103 IMG_3111IMG_3155
I guess the wait was worth it as she did a great job for a first-time photographer. Thanks again girl.

IMG_3222Trousers are my thing now. I’m a SERIOUS skirt girl; I probably own over 12 dozen different skirts, no really, I do. Now by the grace of good old age and my bad eating habits, I’ve somehow come to inherit a BUTT, naturally increasing my affinity to pants.

IMG_3417There is a huge variety of styles to choose from now in stores with the whole 70’s and 80’s trends. So this is just one of many more pants appearances to come. Stay Tuned and Happy Monday my lovies.


THANK YOU: A big thank you to my dear friend who got me this purse as a Christmas gift. Without my pretty pink pouch, I doubt that this look would have come together nearly as good as it has. You’re a great friend, and this was a GREAT gift, much better than the Swarovski crystal tree ornaments I gave you, lol. The best gifts are the unexpected ones; the best people are the ones who cherish you and your friendship as a gift in itself. xoxoSB

IMG_3390 IMG_3405


Zara yellow wool coat

Topshop green cigarette pants

H&M sweater

Gucci padlock signature shoulder bag

Topshop cherry necklace (old)

BCBG silver slingback pumps (old)

Photographer: Audit_Instyle


The V-Day Look on Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Fashion Week and most importantly, Happy Birthday to my blog. Today it’s three years old. Surprisingly older than any of my relationships in the past three years. I’m not exactly complaining because each relationship has taken me on an enlightening journey and left me with lifetime friends, to say the least.


It’s hard being a girl in New York City looking for love. Believe me, as much as I admire Carrie Bradshaw; the New York City dating scene is not nearly as exciting nor alluring. Meeting men on dating apps can feel like when I get sand in my vagina from one nice day at the beach. It goes home with you, and it’s terribly hard to get rid of.




In a city where Tinder,, Happen and Bumble are your tools to meet and date, it doesn’t lend much hope to an impatient, hopeless romantic like myself. I’m sorry but swiping right, or left doesn’t excite me, nor get my juices flowing. Not to mention the back and forth messaging, from app to text to WhatsApp. Like what ever happened to a good old-fashioned phone call?

I love that first phone conversation where the sound of his voice makes you tingly and the second call, where you get excited because he’s actually calling back!


Yes, texting is more convenient in this day and age, and I do love me a good text filled with some emojis. However, I feel like convenience and practicality suck the romance out of everything these days.

A perfect example: Man sends roses to love interest even though he lives in NYC and could hand pick them, see them carefully wrapped and delivered in person.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very sweet and thoughtful gesture to send someone flowers. Especially with everyone’s schedule these days. I just think if Man lives in NYC, he’s missing out on the look on your face when you get them, plus that big juicy kiss that comes with two dozen roses delivered personally. Two dozen please, not one! It just looks plush, elegant, and far more beautiful.


I’m that gal who likes to go out and get approached by some brave man who’s confident enough to walk up to a girl dressed as well as I am in the midst of my pride of lionesses. “Roar!”
Although….. I think I’m more of a tiger; like the type Al Pacino described. #IntimidatingMuch lol!

IMG_2416Ok ok, enough with the man bashing, it is Valentine’s Day, and I am supposed to be writing about love. I can’t help but feel a little disheartened that Prince Charming is taking so long. I think the important lesson I’ve learned from dating is not to undervalue myself and my feelings because of a desire to make things work.

Self-love is huge, and there is a thin line between love and getting caught up in someone else’s world. Sadly for me sometimes, I mistake a man’s desire for me and their neediness and willingness to have me close for genuine adoration.


By definition, adoration means “deep love and respect.” One can’t exist without the other. I’m an outstandingly generous woman in every way you can think of. I thought I found The One because he made every day feel exciting, even when we did nothing. Gazing at each other was equally as stimulating as touching each other, on the hands, the back of the neck or on the cheek was explosive.

IMG_2486I’m a sucker for a man who can make me smile by just looking at him and populate joy throughout my body and soul on a daily basis. However, the minute that this joy is gone, He has got to go!


So, in conclusion, Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovers and all the people out there who have managed to find genuine love. You are truly blessed. Treasure it and guard it with all that you have and all that you are. I love seeing others in love because they give me hope that it’s still out there.
To the girls like me who are still looking for Mr BIG, just think of how many more fabulous outfits you get to conjure up for the next hot date or GNO.

I put together this outfit for a fun-tab-u-lous night on the town with friends, and now my date book is filled for the next month at least.

IMG_2354See…..single life ain’t all bad. You get to look good and be a bad girl at the same dam time. 

IMG_2448Embrace your inner Riri we don’t all have to be Beyonce (independent of how much I love her)
They say money can’t buy you love, but Lord knows my wallet keeps me busy when my heart is not nearly as full as it could be #ClosetExpansion




Topshop embroidered bead Maxi Dress

Gucci Belt

Christian Louboutin Hot Chic

Prada Cahier Bag

Photographer : Nicola Vernon

The Eve of New Years Eve

Some of our life’s most unexpected moments are the ones most memorable, yet I spend a lot of time making plans for what’s next. As we approach the ending of 2016, everyone is brimming with anticipation of what’s to come. I’ve never been one to make new year resolutions, but I’m absolutely elated at the thought of starting a new chapter.

2016 was a year for the history books, great achievements and powerful moments for black women nationwide, as well as great sorrows like the #BalckLivesMatter hashtag and the events leading up to Brexit worldwide.
Personally, 2016 was a year of lessons for me. Most important of them all is to accept things that I cannot change. I’m a “tincy” bit stubborn and impatient. I’ve become so accustomed to living in a world where “Sherece gets what she wants, always” that anything other than this is almost unbearable.


This isn’t to say that I’m spoilt, but rather I’ve just grown super accustomed to planning everything and controlling the outcome of most situations. It’s not very easy for me to sit back and just let things happen. Something so very natural, yet it feels so inorganic for me.




Everyone’s life has its built-in clock. The way things are supposed to happen for them, the when and with who. If you spend your time consumed with trying to get things to happen a specific way all the time, you often get hung up and stuck in one particular moment, stopping your life clock from moving forward and getting you to a better solution or resolution. I know I sound like Philosophical Barbie here… but I’m trying my best to describe my personal experiences for 2016.

We all have to keep working hard for all the things we want to accomplish and achieve. If you hit some rough patches along the way, dust yourself off, walk away and revisit it later. It will work out. That’s my quote for 2016 “It will work out.”

I don’t believe in bad luck or being jinxed or silly things like these. I do believe we get back from the universe what we put out there, and I believe in the power of positivity and prayer. Things will work out for a better outcome if you loosen the reins, relax and allow them to happen naturally
Wishing all my readers, followers, friends, family and loved ones a truly fantastic start to 2017. xoxoSB



Zara dress

Christian Louboutin Louise Xi boots

Topshop necklace ( old)

Disco ball purse ( A STEAL from 165 Jamaica Ave, Queens. $50 LOVE )

Fox fur headband (custom )

Photographer: Ramone Reynoneikio

From BBQing to Boating in the Hamptons

Hey my lovies,
I cannot believe that we’ve raced through an entire season, and we’re now preparing for fall. This summer was magnificent. However, I feel like I’m still craving little bullets of sweat running down my neck and back, with this fall chill in the air every evening. Lots to do in New York City this weekend. Both the U.S. Open finals and beginning of Fashion Week all packed into one fantastic weekend. But first, lets backtrack for a second to 2 of my favourite looks this summer.

IMG_0645aAs much as I crave the heat, the streets of Manhattan was not the place to enjoy it. I spent most weekends in South Hamptons this summer. It’s tricky packing for the Hamps because you never quite know what you’re going to end up doing each day. One of my favourites was the cold shoulder top. I bought a variety. Long sleeved, crop tops, shirts and managed to work them into every occasion out East.



IMG_0498Apart from the heat during the summer, fashion enthusiasts look forward to summer sale season. Intermix was a fave for me this summer.  I found all my coveted Spring items slashed to below 50% of the original price. Everything from Zimmerman to Missoni….YAAAY! I was beyond excited when I scored these Self-Portrait shorts on sale. That little frill/flounce at the bottom had me written all over it.

IMG_0495 IMG_0388In the Hamptons you’re never quite sure if you’re going to end up lunching and brunching around town, popping into a BBQ or boating and swimming at the beach. Layering a belted shirt or dress over your bathing suit is a chic and easy way to be ready for everything.

IMG_0592a IMG_0606aIMG_0586aI was obsessed with scarves this season. They made for a chic replacement to my necklaces and added the perfect pop of colour to my outfits. I added cute pins and bejewelled charms I found at Zara, just for a little extra fun on my neck. This look was a huge hit at Sunset Beach. Reminding me that if you love and own your look, it will always work. Confidence is always sexy.IMG_0584


On that note. I’m going to get ready for a little weekend fun myself. Happy Friday my fashion dolls, get out and make the most of your weekend. xoxoSB



Topshop striped cold shoulder top

Self-Portrait flounced denim shorts

Alice + Olivia red wedges ( old )

Charlotte Olympia watermelon  basket bag

Photographer : Nicole Lyons

Zara striped pocket square

Zara off the shoulder dress

Zara Jewel pins

Gucci leather belt

Vince Camuto wedges (old)

Photographer : CameshePowell

Fashion from the Côte d’Azur

Hello my lovelies we are finally truly in the middle of summer.
I’m not quite sure if I’m more excited about the warm weather or the fact that I can go outside without knits or layers. #Happygirl
This year I decided I did not want to spend Memorial Weekend in the Hamptons, so my destination of choice was the French Riviera.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring my travels to St. Barth’s I met so many people and made so many friends who have homes in Cannes, Monaco and St. Tropez. I’ve always had to reject invitations to visit because the timing was never right for me work wise. Working in fashion, you learn quickly never to leave money laying on the table. Traveling 9 hours outside of the U.S. requires a few days and not just a weekend. So this is a trip I had to set aside time for.

Travel Tip: When planning luxe vacations always plan with a girlfriend. This afford’s you one of life’s cheapest luxuries, and that’s “splitting the bill.”
I’ll make another blogpost dishing all the details on how to plan a trip to the French Riviera, what to do, where to stay, where to eat, party and shop.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABelieve me, when I tell you the Côte d’Azur is as beautiful and fancy and fantastic as it sounds. In the midst of all the glitz and opulence, it’s quite charming. Monaco especially because of the picturesque and detailed architecture and tiny streets overlooking the ocean. The people are friendly, and you’ll find that they come from all over Europe. You can get as dressed up or down as you want but wear shoes that you can walk in. There is literally one taxi company, with one telephone number, with not enough cars for everyone. They will tell you everything is 10-15mins walk away. For New York City girls this is more like 20- 30min walk. Sorry girls, this is not a stiletto friendly city.  No Uber! There’s Uber in Cannes; that’s it!  I really love walking around and exploring new cities, so walking in Monaco was no problem for me when everywhere is so pretty.


New trend and style tip: Try replacing the white blouse or shirt with a baby blue one. It’s a quick and easy way to update your look and wear florals and prints you’ve grown bored of in a fresh summery on trend kind of way. I’ve had these trousers for over two years, and I’m finally wearing them 10pounds later….lol at the  Quai Antoine 1er (Monaco Marina).



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m obsessed with the cold shoulder trend this summer. Give me cold shoulder everything. Jumpsuits, dresses, blouses, rompers you name it I want it. Zara is the perfect place to shop to get in on this trend without breaking the bank. They have some super adorable styles at extremely affordable prices. Check them out! #ZaraWorldWide

Happy Sunday everyone and kisses from Monte Carlo. xoxoSB


Zara of the shoulder croptop

J. Crew Collection trousers ( 2013)

Chanel patent leather medium classic in tangerine

Dior so real with leather trim glasses

Photographer : Laura Giusta

Afro Chíc

Latest obsession : retro and bohemian style.

In a world where I’m used to deeming coiffed cuts or perfectly curled silky tresses as elegant,  my hair has become a dictionary definition for the term afro chic. I’m having the time of my life figuring out what to wear each day and how to make my soft, Jamaican, curly, locks translate to NYC glamazon.


I honestly feel like I have to put more thought into my outfits because of my hair, but they always end up more fun. Like my wild carefree hair is an easy pass to treating my body like a blank canvas and splattering prints, patterns and textures all over.



The result? – A personal piece of black girl art left for the interpretation of the pedestrians of NYC.


image1My inspiration for this outfit came from a look at the Vivienne Tam Fall 2016 fashion show this February. This look opened the show and stole my heart at hello.

I caught up with Tam backstage and spoke with her about her inspiration for the show. From season to season she never fails to create an entirely different style concept for you to fall in love with.

IMG_9794Vivienne describes the collection as a “cultural dreamland – like a cultural collage with influences from Turkey to China.” Perfect for girls like me who like to treat their bodies like a drawing board for embracing other cultures or emphasizing their own.



Side note – how #amazeballs is this bag I haven’t been this excited about a new addition to my closet in years!  #GodBlessGucci and the men that can afford pretty little toys like these Thank you so much for the incredible gift!  XoxoSB


Topshop sequin sweater ( sold out)

Topshop pleated skirt ( similar here and here )

Gucci double G leather belt  (color – cerise)

Gucci platform pumps

Gucci Dionysus GG supreme embroidered bag

Photographer : Liubov Vell

Shop the Vivienne Tam Collection :  40 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013

NYFW Day 4 – How to dress for a Rachecl Zoe Fashion show on the coldest day in decades

I suppose I should start by asking everyone, how was your Valentine’s Day? Regardless of whether or not you had a Valentine, there was so much happening on Sunday, Feb. 14th. The hard part was getting the balls to go outside and face the brutal cold. I’m not exaggerating because I’m Jamaican. It really was the most frigid temperatures NYC has seen since January 15th, 1957. Temperatures fell to as low as 4 degrees. Brrr!


As the old saying goes, “the show must go on” and “ON” it did. Freakishly cold temperatures did not stop celebrities like actress Olivia Culpo and socialite Olivia Palermo from showing up at this chic fest. I was happy that I didn’t allow the cold to stop me from being fashionable because everyone in attendance looked super stylish.




As usual Rachel Zoe’s Collection never disappoints. There was something for every moment this coming fall. The collection had Looks that ranged from shiny metallic jumpsuits, fringed skirts and embellished dresses for those fun party nights, to oversized cable knit sweaters sprinkled with giant pearls all over and leather pantsuits for that eternally glam fashion girl.





Every piece had a personalized detail to make you want to look twice at the person wearing it. At first glance, you may just see a beautiful lace dress but with the second glance, you’ll notice black beads and embellished sequins trailing down the seams of her legs. If you guys love detailed and decorated pieces as much as I do, you will truly find something to appreciate in every piece from the show. This collection is for the girl who wants to get dressed and get noticed. Our modern day glamazon, not the girl next door.




My little secret for braving these arctic temperatures is layers, layers, layers. I had four layers on under this coat. With my giant cable knit scarf and gloves I was ready to take on the cold. Because of my love for all things beaded and embellished this Alice and Olivia sequin coat was a must-have for my closet. They made this jacket last season in silver, but the turquoise hues in combination with the red jewel tones made this a worthwhile splurge in my eyes this season. It was one of those pieces that had everyone asking me, where did you get that jacket? Which makes it perfect for profiling at any NYFW event despite the wicked temperatures outside.


Happy Shopping Lovies. xoxoSB


Alice + Olivia Rory sequin coat

Giambattista Valli for Seven Jeans

BCBG peplum cable knit sweater

Dior So Real with leather trim glasses

Photographer : Ramone Henry

Valentine 2016 – How commercialized is your love ?

Valentine, a word denoted by a lot of giving and receiving. Depending on which end of this double-headed arrow strikes, you can either be the happiest girl in the world or the girl at the other end of the phone line who’s seemingly sucking the happiness out of everyone else’s holiday.


Personally, I believe that Valentine’s Day is equivalent to Vagina day.  So much work goes into stroking a woman’s ego in hopes of ending up with a nice piece of the pie. Let’s face it; there just aren’t that many Romeo’s running around out there but a heck of a lot more “Crouching tiger hidden dragons,” if you ask me.

IMG_9274How can we summarize the likelihood of getting laid on Valentine’s day into a simple equation?

Panties dropping = (How many roses my Amex can charge)
(My ability to get a dinner reservation at a Michelin star restaurant for the week of Feb 14th)
(Whether or not I’m able to decipher if our relationship is at the La Perla lingerie stage or Louboutin Stage to stride deep into my Valentine’s heart, soul, and possibly other tiny places.)



If this equation sounds about right to you, it highlights my impetus to this post. Like everything else in NYC, Valentine’s Day is immersed in an enormous commercial cloud. It’s easy to lose the actual meaning of the holiday and become a cheap over-commercialized consequence yourself. Being a Valentine and becoming a victim of Valentine’s Day is easily blurred when you decide to celebrate the things we love as women instead of the reason we love.



I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say that the gifts and the fluff don’t matter. Of course it does! If you suck all the preparation out of anything, it’s equivalent to taking all the magic and romance out of it. I do care that my roses came from Landeau and not from  Gristedes. That isn’t to say that if I got grocery store roses from my beau, I wouldn’t be ok.



The 2016 woman is constantly being invited to question what’s social-media-acceptable and what’s ok for her. Scrolling through your timeline on Vday you’re bound to see a perfectly poised Instagram model toting a bouquet that looks like it’s her entire weight in roses. It’s probably not so easy to look over at a dozen red roses filled with baby’s breath and feel like you’re the best thing that ever happened to your Valentine after seeing that.




Do not feel guilty for these thoughts, it’s entirely human to have them. Just keep scrolling, you can do it. There you go  It’s gone!
Try to feel happy for what you do have independent of how small it is or how inconsequential it may seem, it’s your story, your timeline, and you have the power to modify it if you feel like a bigger bouquet would make you a happier person. Decide what it is that you desire the most this Valentine’s and hopefully, there is someone else out there with desires that complement your own. You have nothing to loose. If you put it out there it will come. Even if you’re separated by the widest ocean, it will find you.

IMG_9427 IMG_9440

I’m a super sappy helpless romantic. ” I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” I do not exactly have the closet of Carrie Bradshaw from the movie just yet, but this is me, and I am this!


A huge part of being in love and learning how to give love starts with loving yourself. I know it sounds very elementary but how many of us wake up feeling beautiful every morning? When we’re not battling skin issues, it’s bloating issues, people talking bad things about my look issues, diet issues, boob issues, hair issues, just overall I’m-not-happy-with-the-way-I-look issues. Now let’s add finding love to this conundrum. Doesn’t exactly make things easier for anyone on Valentine’s Day now does it.


My hands, my knees and my elbows are pitch black.  I honestly look like someone took a paint brush and painted over all my joints. I find loads of reassurance in my baby smooth skin. I’ve grown to love my black arms, knees, and elbows so much so that a picture of me in this peony lace blouse would not look the same unless my chocolatey-plum elbows peeked through at both joints.

Self-love checklist complete, I’m able to get dolled up in Zimmerman like Beyonce in Reformation, and enjoy a Valentine’s Day cloaked in love and feeling myself at the same dam time.


Happy Valentine’s Day my lovies XoxoSB


In loving memory of my dear friend Jay 


Zimmerman Peony lace blouse

Zimmerman Tuck skirt

Versace Greek platform sandals

Tiffany & Co. T bracelets

Photographer : Ramone Henry

Feeling Like it’s still Christmas

So our white Christmas was 29 days late, but the snow came nonetheless. I think this is the very first snow storm that I’ve looked forward to. In the height of the snow storm at 2:30 pm on Saturday, this little Jamaican butterfly wandered out into the streets of the Upper East Side. I felt like I was reliving the very last scene in Gangs of New York. The streets were like an endless fluffy blanket, making giant knee-high craters with every step you take. Obviously, these pictures were not taken during a snow storm. I shot this look on an indian summer night right before leaving for my winter vacation to St. Barths. All this snow on the ground in the city brought me back to reminiscing about Christmas 2015.


One of my favorite things about this past Christmas were the windows at Bergdorf Goodman. They looked whimsical and magical, glam and glitzy and ultraviolet-ly fashionable. You know you love something when you begin to coin your own words and phrases to capture it.




IMG_8324Now lets talk about my look. In case the windows at Berdorf Goodman did not provide enough fashion foreshadowing, we are finally out of the era of minimalist style. FINALLY! BUH-BYE normcore Welcome to the celebration of maximalist style. Where designers are free to play with as much color, texture and pattern into a single look as they see fit. I’m in love with this idea because it allows for maximum expression not only on behalf of the designers but also the maximum interpretation and eccentric freedom for fashion enthusiasts.

IMG_8352My outfitinspiration came from the Gucci Resort 2016 collection. Gucci has mastered the maximalist look and given birth to the term eccentric aristocratic. Alessandro Michele , the creative director of Gucci, combined, embellished lace, lamé, chiffon, printed silks, embroidery, ruffles, florals, bow ties and even dragon flies all together creating an extraordinarily eclectic and colorful yet cohesive collection. With so many different elements it’s hard not to find something that you love.



Who needs a man this winter when you can have the Gucci Resort 2016 Collection? Don’t trade in those boyfriends just yet until you’ve checked out the prices of the coveted collection in your cystal ball.    We may need those boyfriends yet! LOL!

IMG_8386I hope you guys enjoyed my affordable spin on the eccentric aristocrat. Try to enjoy the snow before it gets all mushy and dirty.   xoxoSB




Topshop pleated skirt

Gucci belt

Zara printed blouse ( December 2015)

Zara platforms ( old)

Chanel Boy bag

Photographer : Ramone Henry